Interviewing Kiss FM Presenter Charlie Hedges!

Adam Blair   •   December 16, 2016   •   0 Comment

Charlie Hedges

Hi Charlie, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do an interview with us!

Ahh thank you for having me, hope you’re all well x  

Is it true you first began working in the music industry when you were 13?

Yep that is true, I used to freelance for a magazine where I’d get in touch with and bug celeb’s PAs to interview them; I interviewed one of the DJs on Kiss FM and that’s how I got in with the guys at Kiss and started doing work experience up here.  

Who was your favourite DJ growing up and have you ever managed to hang out with them or play a set with them?

Fatboy Slim and yep I played just before him at Space Ibiza for Carl Cox’s night; he also asked me to play at the filming of his music video for Eat Sleep Rave Repeat which was amazing. 

If you could produce for one artist who would it be?

I’d make a house track with a garage edge for DJ EZ, he’s got to be one of the only DJs of his level who has never had to make a track to keep him fresh/out there, he’s amazing and I’d like to get him to make a track!  

What has been your favourite highlights of 2016?

Has to be releasing my first house track on Armada Deep – ‘Kaleidoscope’ which featured the vocals of Sonny Reeves, I have a new track coming early 2017 too ;)  

When can we look forward to some new music as we have loved some of your recent tunes with Armada?

Oopsss I’ve already answered that one above! It’s coming out early January though and I think you’ll be surprised when you hear it, it’s a proper club track.

Who is your favourite up and coming artist?

He’s not really new but his latest track has definitely pushed him into the more commercial world – Tom Zanetti 

How are you finding the PUMP headphones?

They’re amazinggg, I’m always listening to music on the way home for my Friday and Saturday night mix shows on Kiss – they’re perfect quality for listening to new promos, so thank you!

Do you prefer Wireless or Wired headphones?

If I’m totally honest I prefer wireless, only because I always get my wires tangled – I’m a nightmare for that

If you could make a headphone any colour what would it be?

Headphones that change colour depending on the style of music you’re listening to ;)  

Everyone has a little ritual they do for christmas and new years… what’s yours?

Sounds silly but when we put our Christmas tree up, mum, dad, brother and myself always had to hold hands putting the angel on top haha! Even though I’ve moved out from home I’ll still go round to put mum and dad’s tree up.

Last question before we leave you alone, can you give us one sentence with the word “PUMP” in it?

Errrmmm I’m Pump….ed for my NYE gig – find all the details on Twitter @charliehedges 

Thanks very much guys xx 



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