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MIX DUO: Preview

MIX DUO are PUMP Audio’s brand new Wireless or Wired In-Ear headphone design, launching next week.

Keep On Listening™

When you want to convert your Bluetooth earphones to wired, just plug in the audio cable and your wireless earphones instantly become wired!

What about the Sound?

They sound incredible.

The sound quality of DUO is just like MIX and MIX Wireless, only they are significantly louder at maximum volume than MIX Wireless, thanks to the brand new larger battery.

Increased Battery Life

Thanks to the brand new battery pod, MIX DUO lasts for up to 12 hours, 25 minutes at 80% volume (which is higher than most users will want to use), and significantly longer at lower volumes*

* this will vary slightly depending on the type of music being played.

Increased Volume

The brand new battery pod has allowed us to increase the maximum volume of MIX DUO by more than 25% compared with MIX Wireless.

Will there be a Launch Discount?

Yes, once we’ve fulfilled all Kickstarter and distribution pre-orders, we’ll be making a VERY limited number of DUO available to our Friends with a very special discount.

To be fair to all our Friends and users around the World we’ll be releasing DUO in batches over a few days at different times so as not to exclude our Friends in different timezones around the World.

What kind of Guarantee/Trial will there be?

We’re making it as much of a “no brainer” to try DUO out as we can by offering the usual Friends of PUMP 90 Day no quibble trial, as well as a 2 year Manufacturers Warranty and 5 year PUMPreplace Guarantee.

When are they Available?

North America: Tuesday 17th April

Europe/Rest of World: TBC (very soon)