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PUMP Audio DECKS: Wired On-Ear Earphones

– 90 Day Trial

– 2 Year Warranty

– 5 Year PUMPreplace Guarantee

– 2 Cable Lengths: 1.2M for day to day & 2.4M for studio use

– In-line Mic and Media/Volume Control (on shorter cable)

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by John Kieser on Pump Audio
Real Bass Drum!!

I make my living in the classical music world and it is all about sound. I know PUMP prides themselves on being great for more popular music but these are great for the tricky world of classical. Nothing against popular music but it cannot compare to classical for dynamic range and complexity. We need a wide frequency spectrum, color free tonal quality and true representation of the hundred or so instruments that are playing in an orchestra. PUMP Zeus totally delivers and is the first headphone to accurately portray the bass drum which you should almost subtlety feel more than hear. With that first bass drum shot, I knew I had made the right choice!

by Piano on Pump Audio

I love these headphones and sound quality. They work perfectly with my iPhone 7 with the control buttons and microphone. I'd recommend these to any of my friends

by Anzelm Vencel on Pump Audio

NEVER listened to similar bass to my life! I can tell you as well, f**king finally! I bought a 400 euro Bluetooth speaker, I didn't mind, just quality, please... I tested the ALL Beats headphones, the Top-rated Sennheisers, the most expensive Bose headphones was compared by me to the Pioneer and Sony, but there is NOTHING to compare this. Even if I put on full power a song with much bass, after 5 minutes my ears gets tired, begin to pain. And exactly that is it, what I was looking for ... in hole of my life! THX PUMP

by Chris Wood on Pump Audio
Best overall bluetooth

Was initially not interested in purchasing these due to me already having 5 bluetooth headphones, but changed my mind, because of you guys creating your own custom bluechip and Darren's review of these headphones! Also my previous experiences with the v1 and v2 headphones which are my favorites along with these! These provide an enjoyable listening experience that's missing from all the other bluetooth headphones that I have now! They sound the way that we'd like to hear them and not the way that they're recorded,which is boring and clinical as far as listening to music goes!

by Abe Im on Pump Audio
Best in its class

Before Pump Audio I have owned and used two other Bluetooth headphones and this one blows them out the water. Mind you, those earphones cost at least $50 to $100 more than the Pump Audio earphones. With that in mind, I didn't think much of it when I first ordered the Pump Audio earphones on Indiegogo as their price point was a lot lower in comparison to all the Bluetooth earphones on the market. However, after about a week of usage I was blown away on how good they were!The Bluetooth pairs seamlessly and stays connected! Also, another amazing thing I have to say about the Bluetooth is that the signal has not ever dropped on me, not even once!The battery life is amazing! I have a long commute (~2 hours) and the previous Bluetooth earphones usually lasted just shy of the entire commute before shutting off, but with the Pump Audios I used my earphones for four hours without any issues! Now the only thing I would say is once your Pump Audios get low on battery, you will hear an aural beep warning you of the low battery...about every 30 seconds...I would move that time to every minute or a bit longer in the future as it can be distracting.Now on to the most important attribute of the earphones, the sound quality. I have to say that these earphones have the best sound quality out of all the Bluetooth headsets I have owned in the past. The bass response is deep and rich. The vocals are very clear. The auditory range on these earphones is very wide as I was not able to hear any sort of distortion on different genres of music I listened to. I must say these earphones are designed for electronic music listeners as advertised; it sounds amazing. Now pair this with the foam earplugs that are included and you have an excellent passive noise reducing set of earphones.The included foam earplugs are very similar to the Comply earplugs and they form a great seal between you and the external sounds. I commute via mass transportation and I can tell you that even during rush hours, I don't hear any ambient noise. It's just me and my music.Overall, the low price point, the rich sound quality, long battery life, and the awesome Bluetooth connectivity makes me wonder why I didn't purchase two earphones! I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a high quality pair of earphones at a reasonable price. You will not be disappointed!

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