PUMP Audio BOOM: Wired In-Ear Earphones

– 90 Day Trial

– 2 Year Warranty

– 5 Year PUMPreplace Guarantee

– Immediate Shipping

– 1.2 Meter Flat cable

– “L” Shape jack plug

– Lapel clip

– In-line Mic and Media/Volume Control

– Microphone moved closer to your mouth for crystal clear conversations

– “L” and “R” Symbols now Orange for easy visibility

Additional Information

Weight 0.7 kg

Burnt Orange, Jet Black

by Josh on Pump Audio
Product: 177

Ive been an avid Pump follower since they first came about with the Harry Shotta ear phones and v1 & v2 ear phones. Then i decided to get Pump's in ear headphones "Pure" - i was not disappointed one bit! The sound quality is outstanding.So after i saw the kickstarter campaign for your new consumer entry level ear phones, i had to have a piece of the action. I went for the lower cost versions, "Boom" - again, the sound quality is superb!! 5* for price, aesthetics, sound quality and overall just a decent pair of ear phones! Thanks!

by Rich on Pump Audio
Things that make you go Boom.

Anyone who is solidly aging like myself that can think back to the days of C&C Music Factory (Things that make you go hmmmm) will get this reference. These headphones have the Boom, adding a level of bass I can't find anywhere else in simple, bluetooth, in-ear models. Can phones do the trick, but it's pretty foolish to mow the lawn in giant headphones. These are slick, sleek, and have not only bass but solid mids and crisp trebles. The major player this space (rhymes with Beets) brought bass to the front in headset sound, but the price and the overall package is highly lacking for the dollars spent. These pumps have a nice price, a nice round sound, and work on more levels than just electronica style music. Highly recommended, I have had nothing but good experiences with mine.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF2ayWcJfxoand if you are *really* old school, run them to this tune. If you get this reference, you *really* have the boom.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaeNelsAOGo