PUMP Audio Pure Headphones
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PUMP Audio Pure Headphones


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Product Description

PUMP Pure On Ear Wired Headphones

Specially (but not exclusively) designed for people who love electronic and dance music.

Used my many professional DJs, as well as consumers.

PUMP 30 day no quibble guarantee. Try PUMP Pure, make up your mind, and simply return if you’re not 100% satisfied within 30 days for whatever reason (or no reason at all) for a full refund.

– Frequency Response: 16 hz – 24000 hz
– Driver Size: 40mm
– 3.5mm Gold Connector Jack
– Jack Converter: 6.3mm Gold plated
– Cord Length: 1.2M
– In Line Microphone
– 2 year Warranty

5 year PUMPreplace Warranty (what’s this?)

Additional Information

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  1. (verified owner):

    The Pump PURE is most definitely a sound product I’m gonna like to have. The bass is well balanced and feels great, the PURE just goes where needed without doing too much out of the bass buzz, and, where some other brands would push it hard, PURE leaves room for more.
    There are truly sounds I would have never picked in some songs or musical piece. The sound is clean, its definition works great, especially with electronic music genres. Don’t get me wrong it does great with rock, indie too, and that, I like! I only tried on one piece of classical style (game soundtrack from youtube, HQ) and I want to give it a proper run on more appropriate devices and support, but it still defines sounds brilliantly.
    One thing I like, you can push them into high volumes without increased noise, the quality is still strong in my opinion.

    I’m not usually the type of On-Ear headphones and would usually go for Over-the-ear headphones or In-Ear to avoid the burning effect after long listen sessions, but the PURE is a comfy piece of work, and – for me and my ears – had the earcups swivel it would have been the perfect match.

    Overall, not regretting the purchase, great stuff there! :)

  2. :

    As a DJ Radio Presenter and Producer for PUMP FM i have to say the headphones are amazing not because I support Pump Audio but because I have sensitivity to my ear drums, over the years I have been very careful what I purchase because I burst my High Tones in my ears so I can’t just take anything but it has been a pleasure using Zeus & Pump Pure for our Shows and Productions, I do agree with some of the reviews we could deal with volume controls it will help a lot.

  3. :

    It is quite challenging to properly convey the way head(ear)phones feel without actually trying them out but I couldn’t bring myself to not writing the review, I was so overjoyed.Quite simply put, through those, music feels like a unicorn finishing in your ears with a rainbow which gently flows through your brain, down the body, with a tingling sensation filling you up, elevating your body and making you glow from inside as you storm through the cosmos of sounds in epileptic convulsion of pink, orange and green happiness.Bass is so damn deep, I can literally feel my temporal bone shaking, causing braingasms. It actually concerns me quite a bit, with every bass punch I jerk in fear of those brutal quakes waking up the Cthulhu.So if one day you’ll wake up in a reanimation unit, covered in confetti and looking like a survivor of clown-the-suicidal-bomber attack, don’t forget to thank your pals in Pump Audio since you probably was so hyped on sound that bloody NHS had to come pull you out of coma.Just get them.

  4. :

    These are great value for money cans.They know their place in the market, and do a great job at it. they don’t pretend to be something they are not. these are for kicking bass lovers, and fairly suited to all round listening. They are great at blocking out the surrounding gym noise, but don’t try listening at high volumes, as sound gets super scratchy.While these are not Orpheuse’s they are rockingfor their price range

  5. :

    I love its design and its Specification. I wish i Got that.

  6. :

    Excellent quality product with sound reproduction to match. I’ve loaned them to my son to review as he is a DJ (Lofty) on D3EP.com and he played one of his WAV files and was seriously impressed – still waiting for them to come back…Highly recommended!

  7. :

    Bought a pair after using the in ear sets .Was amazed at the quality of sound after using Senhheiser cx 5.00 g,s Sony,Kos .If I could rate them 11 out of 10 I would.I use them for Scottish dance music and the sound is second to none ,fine deep bass to nice treble for the Accordian range .I also use them for recording purpose and am greatly impressed with the Clarity I get even in the same room .In all Pump Audio Headphones are the ones for me Peter

  8. :

    I picked these up at the Gadget Show in March for the reduced price. For that price, these are an absolute steal. They are worth double that, easily. The sound quality is fantastic, I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop/Rap and they really excel when it comes to clarity. The bass is strong but never distorts or takes away from the mids/highs. My previous headphones were the Sennheiser CX 5.00Gs and the pumps certainly beat them.The memory foam tips are a first for me, and I have to say they are excellent. I’ve always had trouble with ear tips not staying in my ears, no matter which sizes I choose, but the memory foam ones stay in!Couple of downsides, there’s no way to tell L and R in the dark as the inline remote isn’t attached to either side, it’s below the split of the wire. There’s also nothing included to attach the wire to clothing which I find annoying.Overall, if you are on the edge of purchasing these headphones, I’d say do it as you wont regret it!

  9. :

    I purchased a pair of these bad boys at the Gadget Show @NEC 31/03/16 and they got their first test run on the coach on the way back to London from Birmingham. The clarity of top notes and density of bass these earphones deliver is SWEET! I The non-tangle wire, love the orange (a colour I am not usually a fan of) but for some reason I feel proud to be showing off what pretty much identifies these as Pump Audio. I rely on good quality equipment and these do not disappoint! Blocked out all background noise (result! as it seemed like there was a family reunion going on on the coach). The earphones delivered music to my ears without distortion and for the first time when listening on my phone, I didn’t have to max out the volume as I was suitably satisfied on a lower volume. Two things on the downside, earbuds for the orange cables would be better in black and the carry case (although cute) is cumbersome and I can’t see many people like me who carries their headphones everywhere they go wanting to accommodate that in their pocket or having it swinging from it’s loop.But if you’re trying to make up your mind about whether you should buy some, let me make it simple for you, GET THESE!

  10. :

    My partner got me some last week, she must have done her homework because they are undoubtedly the best ive experienced the bass comes through perfectly and which ever volume you turn them up to the sound is so clear and crisp

  11. (verified owner):

    I traded in my Bose for these (Pump Pure) and I have no regrets. The soundspace and clarity on these are beyond their price point. I tested them across the entire spectrum of music from classical to heavy metal and they were impressive throughout.

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