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Product Description

The reviews received from both industry and more importantly users has been unprecedented in the history of any IEM that we can find, with consistent 5 star ratings and raving fans.

Sub-bass response like no other in-ear headphones on the market.

Specially (but not exclusively) designed for people who love electronic and dance music.

PUMP 30 day no quibble guarantee. Try PUMP Audio V2, make up your mind, and simply return if you’re not 100% satisfied within 30 days for whatever reason (or no reason at all) for a full refund.

– Frequency Response: 16 hz – 24000 hz
– Passive Noise Isolation
– 2 sizes of Silicone earbuds for small or regular/large ear canals
– 3 sizes of Memory Foam earbuds (S, M, L) Specially Custom Tuned Drivers
– Weight: <15g
– 3.5mm Gold Connector Jack In Line Microphone
– Water Resistant Aluminium Casing
– PUMP Clamshell Carry Case
– 2 year Warranty

5 year PUMPreplace Warranty (what’s this?)

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Additional Information

Weight 0.6 kg

Orange, Black, PUMP Shotta, PUMP Titans, Orange V2, Black V2


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    Using pump earphones at the gym and they are excellent, sound quality and product quality is both amazing!!

  2. :

    Over the years I have used a variety of in ear and over ear headphones. Bose being the most frequently used headphones of mine. Let me tell you, these shiny in ear headphones sound crisper, punchier and overall more well balanced than any over ear, or in ear Bose headphone I’ve used. I even for a time was surprised with the sound quality out of the Apple EarPods, and these definitely kill those. Aside from the amazing, clear, punchy, balanced sound, the noise isolation is straight up amazing! The first in ear headphones I’ve used that could isolate sound so well without spending half a thousand dollars on in ear monitors. They’re able to isolate the rumbling sound of my Harley, and the road/wind noise good enough that I can listen to a quiet audiobook while on the road. I was hoping for excellence, and man did Pump Audio deliver, you guys just made another happy loyal customer. Keep it up!

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    I could go on all day bigging up Pump Audio’s products but I’ll make it brief…The V2 Earphones…There is SO much depth and detail. I have no idea where this amount of clear undistorted bass comes from as the earpods are so light. The balance is perfect, when the bass is thumping you can here the high frequencies perfectly, clearer than you would have experienced before with ANY earphones. The earpods feel very light but also very high quality, the clever way the flat cables come out of the pods and jack ensure it doesn’t work loose like so many other brands do. I’ve had them since they were first on sale and they are like the day I first used them. Whatever music you listen to they sound amazing. And at the price they are amazing value, better sound than earphones that cost 3 times as much.The Pump Pure’s…These on-ear headphones oose comfort and sound quality. The bass is fantastic and high and midrange is so clear. After you’ve been wearing them for a bit they are so comfortable that they become part of you and you almost forget you’ve got them on! I have tested these against many other brands (Sony, bose, b&o) and it makes you appreciate them even more!Pump Zeus…Now for the big ones.. What can I say, there is NO BIGGER BETTER BANGING CLEARER POWERFUL sound as there is from these bad boys. They are extremely comfortable and sit very nicely round your neck. At 50-75% volume they are incredible, as clear and crisp a sound you’ll ever hear. Then when you turn them up they turn into a whole new monster. THIS is where they excel. THIS is what makes them WAY better than beats etc. I can’t help but smile as I go through my dance tunes to see what each one sounds like as I’ve NEVER heard them like this before, and I’ve owned a lot of over-ear headphones too. You really have to hear them to experience this. Pump have got it spot on and when they say they’ve made the best headphones in the world they REALLY have. See for yourself.I NEVER write reviews, but these products TOTALLY deserve it.

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    Bought these after Shure told me my warranty on a 3 month old pair of SE215 was not valid because Amazon are not a registered Shure dealer !. Anyway after some research decided on the Pump in ear orange. Could not be more happy with them. I listen to all genres of music and have yet to find anything that doesn’t sound amazing. Would highly recommend these to anyone. Excellent value and with a 5 year warranty !

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    Outstanding customer experience! The dispatch and delivery of my PUMP Audio In-Ear phones was extremely quick. The product had been securely packaged for safe courier delivery. The presentation box was carefully designed to show that this was a quality product. Everything needed is included including a generous selection of fittings for a variety of ear sizes. The carrying case included will keep the earphones safe and sound. The earphones look to be a product resulting from a lot of thought and care in the manufacturing and marketing processes. They look good. I am not a tech guy so my analysis can only be that of a layman. The earphones fit comfortably and the sound quality is perfect. These earphones represent quality and great value for money. Highly recommended.

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    Im an old metal guy and worn out many a set of earphones in the search for a brutal but balanced sound. I need search no more because Pump V2 earphones are the business, seriously! Whether its the massive Elecric Wizard bottom end, the crunch of Slayer’s mighty Reign In Blood or countless Boss HM2 worshippers I can find no fault! These are easily the best ‘phones pound for pound on the market and for that Pump Audio I thank you.

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    I’m not really a dance music guy, but I love bass. I got these in the mail today and searched for something cool to listen to (Started with Testament, Thrash metal, they handle bass well but its not their forte – too much noise) – switched on over to Kaytranada who i have never listened to before and it is like my head is filled with kickin bass. Pretty darn cool to have that much thump in your headphones. Sweet product pump.

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    I’ve been a Dj for 20 years and listening to music for many more and have been extremely selective with headphones so I always treat a new pair with some scepticism. When I got the PUMP Audio Earphones the first impressions were good, great packaging and selection of earbuds. Listening to them was when it all came alive, the clarity was amazing and the low end frequencies were like nothing I’d ever heard before. The sub was like being in a club, in fact for some tracks I actually had to eq out some of the bass!My only small gripe would be the cables which are a rubber grip style finish, great for an iPhone case to stop it sliding but for a headphone cable it can be a bit of a pain when rolling the cables up or feeding them through clothes/bags.Would I buy them again, yes!

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    This things ROCK!!! I have been looking for a pair of headphones to replace my Beats, which were actually really good. But they stopped making the model I had so I had to switch and I am glad I fournd out about ya’ll through my research!!!

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    These pump is truly sets the bar for quality. I’ve had a few sets of beats including: solo2, studios, and pros. I’ve listened to many different types of earphones but these truly set the bar. Other earphones need to really step up there game because Pump Audio is really showing what it means when it comes down to quality for the right price.

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