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Our “Reaction” to new iPhone 7…

Adam Blair   •   September 09, 2016   •   6 Comments

Hi All,

We’ve had a lot of emails in from our Friends over the last day or two about the new iPhone 7 not having a 3.5mm headphone socket.

A lot of people have asked what our reaction is.


We’ve been expecting Apple to remove the 3.5mm socket from their latest phones for quite a while now.

The new iPhone will likely come with a converter, so that users will be able to use their favourite headphones they already own.

Alternatively, Apple will sell a converter for around $9.

We’ve also been working with our manufacturing partners in the background on a Lightning to 3.5mm converter in anticipation of this announcement and we expect it to be ready soon, so you will definitely be able to use your PUMPs (or other brand of headphones) with iPhone 7.

We’ve also been refining and perfecting the upcoming PUMP Bluetooth In-Ear model (name announced soon) which we’ve been working on for over a year, and will be our next release.


PUMP Bluetooth In-Ear will work perfectly with iPhone 7, just as with all other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Apple make a lot of claims about their new AirPods, including the statement that they have an “incredible audio experience”.

I have a lot of respect for Apple’s engineering and design (not to mention their marketing!), but I’m a little suspect on this statement personally.

I expect that AirPods will be technically excellent in the same way that an iPhone is, but Apple have never been very good — or seemingly interested — in sound in my opinion.

Regardless, I’ll be fascinated to hear the inevitable reviews of the new AirPods compared with the Bluetooth headphones from their more specialist audio rivals…

Keep it PUMPed!



  1. Peter   •   09/09/2016   •   


  2. Charles   •   09/09/2016   •   

    Pleased to see there is going to be a Bluetooth option to the in-ears, but I hope this image is just an idea. Where is that block supposed to go? Dangling in front of you? Or uncomfortable and unreachable behind your neck…?

  3. Peter   •   09/09/2016   •   

    just from a design standpoint, the airpods seem “clunky” – I would guess if one tilts their head those extensions might cause them to pop out, and we all know beats phones are bass laden. Of course Apple is trying to push the extra innovations that the phones will aquire over time. I’ve never liked their eairbuds but am a devout IPhone user

  4. Jeremy   •   09/09/2016   •   

    Any reason why you can’t just plug your headphones into a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver to link to a device with no audio jack. Assuming, that is that it still has Bluetooth.

  5. Deborah   •   09/09/2016   •   

    What is the last scoop on what the iPhone 7 offers that a user doesn’t already have in current iPhone 6 & 6+ cell phones…

  6. ED   •   09/09/2016   •   

    I’m sure hoping this design is prototypical. The control module as is will be cumbersome.
    I ride a Harley, a lot. These in-ear buds have been the best I’ve found and most importantly, could afford.
    Retired guy here, lol. I’ve bought Bose and Shure brands. Love the Shures too.
    But I have always hated having a cable/leash to either my phone, or to an interface cable to plug into my Garmin/XM unit.
    So bluetooth, even with it’s compression loss is the way to go.
    I’m hoping you’ll offer a model that I can wear like a headset half halo (something like the Motorola thing; yeah, I have one, terrible on the bike) and control it with an app on my phone. I think that would definitely be the “schizz”, lol!

    But whatever you’re going to do, giddy up! Riding season is coming to an end in my zipcode.
    I’ve been waiting for these for a quite a while. Hell, I’m old enough that I could kick the damn bucket, while waiting for you guys to get these to market! Lol!

    So like I said… Giddyup!
    Thanks, ED

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