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Sitting In a Traffic Jam…

Adam Blair   •   November 21, 2016   •   3 Comments

Hi All,

I received a set of headphones out of the blue on Saturday.

They’re a Bluetooth over ear model that would technically be a rival to PUMP Zeus in terms of size and features.

I actually saw them a couple of years back at a trade show in Germany when they were in the final prototype stage, and I met with the founders of the brand for a chat.

I was pretty impressed with them as they seemed to be making moves, and said that they had concluded a deal with a major retailer.

The model I received on Saturday was the flagship “pro” model for the brand.

The reason I’m referring to them as “the brand” and not by name is that they’ve recently by all accounts gone out of business, with their website and social media having been down for months, and a few weeks ago we received an offer to buy the brand, which was something we decided wasn’t in keeping with our plans.

Anyhow, I was sitting in a traffic jam in Maidstone (UK) on the way back from the DHL depot where I picked them up and I couldn’t wait to hear them.

So I pulled them out of the bubble wrap, connected by Bluetooth and pulled up one of the reference tracks I use on my phone.

My immediate thought was “oh, they’re not very comfortable”

…but then many brands aren’t.

Then I pressed play.

I was honestly shocked when the track started playing.

The sound was just…rubbish!

I could go in to detail about why but if I did I suspect most readers would leave and never return! :-)

My immediate thought was: Could the reason they went out of business be because they didn’t make sound their absolute priority?

Perhaps this brand was more about; Style. Above All Else?

Of course, there’s no way to know whether that’s the reason or not…

But I felt surer than ever before sitting in that traffic jam that the ONLY way a new headphone brand – at least a premium one — will really succeed is if they sound better than better known brands.

And not just better but incredible.

I guess the facts show that established brands can rest on their laurels and produce average sounding headphones, while still making huge sales.

But a new premium brand? Surely not.

This experience gave me the thought:

I’d really like to give Indiegogo Backers the opportunity to experience Zeus as well as MIX Wireless.

For that reason, I’ve decided to create a Orange Thursday (our version of Black Friday) Secret Perk on Indiegogo, just for Friends of PUMP!

It lets you get a set of PUMP Zeus for *HALF PRICE* but there are only 40 available.

The public won’t be able to see this perk, so the only way to get it is to use this link:

PUMP Zeus with £100 off (“Orange Thursday” Secret Perk)

All the best,


PUMP Zeus with £100 off (“Orange Thursday” Secret Perk)

P.S. If you want to check out Zeus first, here’s the link.

P.P.S. Just yesterday we had an unsolicited testimonial for Zeus posted on the PUMP site from Sam:


***** 5/5
I been going to the gym for years and been trying to find headphones to be loud enough to over power the rubbish gym Music they play! Well I can tell you something when these Zeus pump headphones are on you can hear nothing but the bass is crazy how loud these are!! Best headphones I have ever had 👍🏽 Well Worth getting for the gym and comfortable

PUMP Zeus with £100 off (“Orange Thursday” Secret Perk)



  1. Drew Fleisher   •   21/11/2016   •   

    The link isn’t working. I have already contributed with the backerclub secret perk but wanted to take a look at Zeus instead of the wired Mix. The orange Thursday link from the blog post just takes me to the main Indiegogo page.

    1. admin   •   21/11/2016   •   

      Hi Drew, that’s strange, try pasting this link in to browser:


  2. Len   •   21/11/2016   •   

    Bought a set of Zeus headphones less than a year ago and yes they’re great. But all good things come to an end even in the warranty period. PITY admin can’t come back via email in a timely fashion. But on a positive note I am not too concerned as paid by credit card and the bank is liable to give me a refund if we get no joy from the pump team. How’s that for positivity!

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