Slowly, but Surely…

Adam Blair   •   December 04, 2016   •   8 Comments

We were exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show Christmas in London (England) last week.

It’s become sort of an annual tradition for PUMP, with this being our third time attending the show.

The show gives us the chance to let a wide cross section of people try PUMP out.

By sheer co-incidence, one of the people working on the stand next to us (for Orbit sound) — Henry — came rushing up to me on the first day, beaming;

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re here! I literally just bought a set of your in-ears last week. They are absolutely amazing!”

pump-audio-ideal-home-2016-2Thinking that this was just a (pleasant) co-incidence, we continued with the show, along with the obligatory drinking sessions that always seem to accompany these shows in the evenings…

But after the second day, I started to notice a pattern.

Whereas in previous years, the comments from people were along the lines of “whats PUMP then?” or “are they any good?”

…now, they had moved much more towards “oh, I’ve heard of PUMP. They’re supposed to be really good aren’t they?” and “I already own a set of your in-ears and I love them. What else have you got?”.

Of course I’m not suggesting that everyone at the show was familiar with PUMP, but it was a seriously noticeable jump from last year (which in itself was a jump from the year before, when we’d just started out).

It makes me so happy to hear comments like this from the people that matter; PUMP Users.

And I’m glad that slowly, but surely, we are making headway in to the mainstream…


P.S. Have you backed the PUMP MIX Wireless launch campaign yet?

There are just 14 days to go at the time of writing…

pump-audio-ideal-home-2016-3(if you have any questions about the campaign, email us :-)

All the best,



  1. Emma p   •   04/12/2016   •   

    Your in ear headphones are brilliant!! It’s great watching your business going from strength to strength!

  2. Steve   •   04/12/2016   •   

    Super happy for you guys! After reading all about what people have be saying about your products I can NOT wait to get a pair of the MIX Wireless’ in my EDM mother lovin’ ears!!!

    Slightly gutted that I’ll be out of town when the arrive but hay, can’t win them all and I’ll be a bonus treat for right after Christmas!

    Have a very merry Christmas team!

    All the best,
    English Steve in the good old US of A.

  3. Dave Cater   •   04/12/2016   •   

    When, roughly, will I receive my in ear Bluetooth headphones, many thanks

    1. admin   •   04/12/2016   •   

      Hi Dave, neck on the line here but 15th December (definitely by a Christmas). Adam

  4. Ron Clayton   •   04/12/2016   •   

    Hoping get to get my Bluetooth headphones I ordered before Xmas…is this realistic ?

    1. admin   •   04/12/2016   •   

      It is indeed :-)

  5. Gepffrey Lambert   •   04/12/2016   •   

    Hi can i still get the in ear Bluetooth mix is the discount
    Still going i like to get a set

    1. admin   •   04/12/2016   •   

      Hi Gepffrey, sure thing:


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