Snugs on Dragons’ Den last week…

Adam Blair   •   February 21, 2017   •   3 Comments

If you’re in the UK, you may have seen Snugs on Dragons’ Den on BBC2 last week.

In fact if you looked very closely you would have seen a set of PUMP V2s on the table behind the founder, Paul :-)

Snugs make custom moulded ear tips and PUMP are one of the select few brands they’ve chosen to integrate them with.

They share some core values with us in that they are obsessive about quality and user experience, so we were more than happy to supply the technical data so they could create a design to work with PUMP.

For eartips, they’re certainly not cheap but they are excellent if you like using in-ears while exercising.

I personally use my set when I ride my bike in the countryside in the summer.

We haven’t officially launched our collaboration yet, but Snugs are all set up and ready to go for anyone who wants a set molded to their ears for their PUMP V1, V2 or MIX Wireless.

So if you’d like a set before they officially go on sale you can order a set of PUMP in-ears online and then contact Snugs through their website to arrange an ear scan (you’ll need to contact them as the PUMP version isn’t yet publicly available for sale on their site).

Keep it PUMPed!




  1. David   •   21/02/2017   •   

    I’d like a set. How should I order?

    1. admin   •   21/02/2017   •   

      Hi David, you can order at http://pump-audio.com/products/

      Once done you can contact Snugs via snugsearphones.co.uk and they will organise your scan.

      Allison x

  2. Drw Cannon   •   21/02/2017   •   

    I really liked the look of them and ordered a set to go with my Mix Wireless. Having them fitted tomorrow so will let you know when they turn up and how I get on with them.

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