The PUMP Audio
Headphone Exchange Program

We know from experience that there are many people who would love a set of PUMP Audio headphones, but don’t feel they can justify the cost of buying them if they already own a high-end set of headphones.

The PUMP Audio Headphone Exchange Program offers you the chance to swap your current set of headphones for a set of PUMPs, risk free!

Here’s how it works:

1- You tell us what you’ve currently got;

2- We offer you a part exchange price. In the case of expensive headphones in good condition this might be completely free!;

3- You send us your current headphones, along with any part exchange payment;

4- We hold your headphones securely for 30 days;

5- If you decide that you prefer your new PUMPs (we’re extremely confident of this) then just do nothing;

6- If you decide you prefer your old headphones then we will return your old set to you.

It’s as simple as that!

Why would we offer such a seemingly
“too good to be true” deal?

We’re extremely motivated to get as many people as possible to hear the revolutionary PUMP sound, to continue to get the word out.

The benefit to you is an incredible deal to swap you’re old headphones for a new set of PUMPs!

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