Virgin Media VOOM 2016

Adam Blair   •   May 09, 2016   •   6 Comments

On April 20th Virgin VOOM contacted us to invite us to be a part of their 2016 competition.

Apparently they’d seen PUMP at the Gadget Show Live, and then again on Seedrs…

It’s a competition for both starups and early stage businesses who want to grow, and apparently has a prize fund worth £1M!

At first I politely declined the offer.

The reason was that it was very last minute — with less than 3 weeks to enter — and we were really busy with the Seedrs campaign at the time.

With PUMP, I like to do everything as well as we possibly can, and I thought that there simply wasn’t time to do VOOM properly.

But they persisted, then persisted again …then again!

Until eventually on Saturday, I thought to myself “what’s the worst that could happen?”

…and decided to do a quick last minute entry, just two days before entries close (on Tuesday)!

Anyhow, if you’re a Friend of PUMP then would you mind voting for us?

Vote for PUMP Audio on Virgin VOOM!

Thanks in advance, and I’ll let you know how we get on!



  1. Anthony   •   09/05/2016   •   

    All the best your idea and products look and sound amazing so hopefully everything goes fantastic for you

  2. John Dodd   •   09/05/2016   •   

    Pump headphones are excellent, good response over the hole frequency range.

  3. Robert Carr   •   10/05/2016   •   

    I am loving my pump headphones! The sound is fantastic with nicely balanced and clear separation of instruments and a voices. Looking forward to trying your future products.

  4. Chris Yellop   •   13/05/2016   •   

    Very good quality ,the sound is exceptional

  5. Brian Bamford   •   13/05/2016   •   

    I have a set of everything that has been produced by Pump. Each item is well made and has great sound quality. I would recommend them to anyone. Shame about the Air being stopped, the floating speaker was a bit gimmicky but the speaker made a great pocket wireless unit.

  6. J Chan   •   14/05/2016   •   

    I like music, so always i would like to use good quality earphones and headphones to enjoy music. Before i like Sennheiser, beats or sms, BUT now i like PUMP.
    PUMP earphone and headphone with fashion design and good sound, i can soul into music without any bondage.

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