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by Karen on Pump Audio
Product: 181

Never heard of Pump before but read the reviews and bought a Boom pair have not been disappointed sound great and they pretty tough as they lay in my backpack until my case arrived would get again

by Mark Rayner on Pump Audio
Pump Audio V2
Product: 181

I have owned multiple sets of in-ear earbuds for many years, and I have always been on the look out for the perfect sound, fit and design and up to now I haven't quite achieved all three. That was until I discovered the Pump Audio V2's . I think without doubt these are the best in ear earbuds I have ever owned. Sound is amazing, the design is fantastic and they actually stay in my ears no matter what! Good work Pump Audio!

by Michele Kelly on Pump Audio
converted headphone newbie
Product: 179

I've never been a head phone person. I have always bumbled along with *those* in earphones and thought, nah why bother with those other things.However for some reason when the Pump email popped up in my inbox, I thought 'why not?' - never having heard of the brand beforeI'm glad I took the punt! They really arrived quickly and I've used them everyday. I've gone from 'in earphone these will do' philistine to Pump Decks addict. :-)

by Josh on Pump Audio
Product: 177

Ive been an avid Pump follower since they first came about with the Harry Shotta ear phones and v1 & v2 ear phones. Then i decided to get Pump's in ear headphones "Pure" - i was not disappointed one bit! The sound quality is outstanding.So after i saw the kickstarter campaign for your new consumer entry level ear phones, i had to have a piece of the action. I went for the lower cost versions, "Boom" - again, the sound quality is superb!! 5* for price, aesthetics, sound quality and overall just a decent pair of ear phones! Thanks!

by Floris on Pump Audio
Great service
Product: 181

When I get my V2 in-ears I was blown away by the sound quality and the quality of the product.Unfortunately my V2 in-ears dead after some heavy use!.When I took contact to the customer service I get within 2 hours a reply.They send me new V2 in-ears tomorrow!Great service and a great product!

by Shane packer on Pump Audio
Dam awesome
Product: 181

I've bin using the pump air levitating Bluetooth speaker it looks cool the sound quality is out of this world is really must get me some of there earphones if you get the chance to buy a pump air do so they are the coolest speakers on the planet by far

by John Kieser on Pump Audio
Real Bass Drum!!

I make my living in the classical music world and it is all about sound. I know PUMP prides themselves on being great for more popular music but these are great for the tricky world of classical. Nothing against popular music but it cannot compare to classical for dynamic range and complexity. We need a wide frequency spectrum, color free tonal quality and true representation of the hundred or so instruments that are playing in an orchestra. PUMP Zeus totally delivers and is the first headphone to accurately portray the bass drum which you should almost subtlety feel more than hear. With that first bass drum shot, I knew I had made the right choice!

by Adamsky on Pump Audio
PumpAudio is not just a HYPE, it's REAL

I supported Pump Audio via their Kickstarter Campaign for MIX wireless earphones.First of all, I was sceptical about that, as the whole campaign and advertisement seems too good to be true but I gave it a shot as I had really nothing to lose with their *90 days Trial for all the backers*. Boy, they shipped them really fast and guess what, the box is even bigger I have expected and it's awesome. The box itself is awesome, high quality, I mean, This is what would you expect for the price, no ripoff. High quality cardboard, printing, damn, you can even use the box to store your stuff in there, it's so fancy and practical. After opening the box, I found the earphones, so shiny. I put them out and they qre soooo lightweight, foam tips, sweet. HARD Storage box , TINY, yet big. High quality manuals, no ordinary paper, those manuals are the same quality as those expensive magazines. Alright let's get to the earphones. Yumm perfect fit in ears, you can chose between three sizes of silivone tips and three sizes of foam tips. Okay lets turn them on, sweet the even come with a light indicator on the control unit. Let's pair them, flawless. Let's turn up some NCS music, I am melting, these earphones are exactly I want my music to sound in my ears.Everything about these earphones is true. Really!I am giving these earphones to my sister as I travel a lot by car and she will use them more frequently. There are only two things I cannot comment on yet, durability and battery life.The only thing I would change is to include custom designed USB cable instead of generic one *****

by Yannick. on Pump Audio

I had a lot of different in ear phones in the last couple of years. but the PUMP V2 are the best so far. Clear hights and woofering basses. Perfect for me! I highly recomend. keep it up & best wishes from switzerland :)

by Geoffrey on Pump Audio

Excellent sound system clear sounding music makes you want to listen to more and more

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