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by peter on Pump Audio
pump up your tyres
Product: 844

pump does it again just would you thought earphones couldn"t get any better, pump give us the best sound you have ever experienced, pump up your tyres and get the lastest earphones from pump

by Sake on Pump Audio
Best earphones ever
Product: 177

Just 1 word... Perfect
I have beats but they are stuck and i would buy somting different.
Best earphones ever. BASS is ridiculous and yes iam a bassjunkie ;)

by Pete on Pump Audio
Cracking good idea and sound
Product: 844

What a cracking good idea to make earphones that can be both wired and wireless. I had to try them out and was very pleased I did. Orange of course for the more flamboyant user !! Awesome sound with my dance music playlists and darned good with everything else too. If you prefer top quality sound plus great features instead of sticking to a me too brand, the Mix Duo should be your first choice.

by Shannon on Pump Audio
Bloody love Pump Audio!
Product: 844

So having been a Pump Audio user for around 2/3 years since the release off the Harry Shotta & Jack Frost earphones came out I’ve not once been disappointed. I feel in love with these headphones when the bass just sounded so good... I knew I had to buy them with 2 drum and bass legends where promoting them and these headphones are made for my love of Drum & Bass! I’ve been through my harry Shotta headphones unfortunately they broke but being registered for my 5 year replacement guarante I was sent a new pair. unfortunately the Harry Shotta ones where discontinued and no longer made so I was sent their next in ear product which are just as great. Now moving on to my New Pump Mix Duo I’ve just received as unfortunately I’ve had to step into the WIRELESS headphone club due to Apple Audio adapters being so crappy and breaking all the time when using daily, I took advantage of checking out the Pump Audio website before buying any other wireless headphones out there I didn’t know and trust to be as good as Pump for delivering the bass I’m after. And to my supprise the mix Duo was slowly in the launch process and I’ve now had mine for 24 hours and I’m once again a very happy customer! I love the fact I’ve the battery dies I can then make my earphones wired, no bass is lost due to them not having a wire and being connected through Bluetooth. They are very loud just like the rest off the earphones I’ve had from Pump. I can’t fault Pump Audio headphones at all honestly the bass response is so perfect for the music I listen to and if your anything like me and love drum & Bass or any other dance music TRUST THESE GUYS because these earphones are so worth it!

by MIX DUO Review on Pump Audio
Product: 844

Hi,I received my headphones in the post yesterday. Put them eagerly on charge for a couple of hours.The charging light went blue... I connected them to my TV.I forgot that you had to hold down the pairing button for a few seconds, I was so eager to check them out.After a couple of attempts in trying to connect, I remembered how to pair (my order was missing the packaging so there was no manual to remind me).I navigated over to one of my favourite dance tunes on the Youtube app: Britney Spears - Gimme More (Stonebridge remix).Laid back on my bed and listened in to the bliss.These headphones are amazing! Even better sound quality than the original Pump Mix wireless. The sound quality on that YouuTube video is by no means even CD quality but I still heard beats and tones that made me want to listen to all 7+ minutes of that track. I later checked out the sound quality on a movie on the TV. Sound quality just as impressive.By far, these are the best headphones that I've ever used. And I'm happy to have this review posted anywhere.Sam

by Rob H on Pump Audio
Mix Duo Cordless Magic!
Product: 844

BLIMEY! How can anyone not give these 5 stars! Build quality, presentation, support, etc. is A1 as anticipated from Pump, so little more need be said there. But then there's that sound...! Heck - they have all the punch, depth and more of my older, corded V2s but with a kick especially when you go cordless. They become even crisper via Bluetooth, while retaining the bass. And as for the volume - don't forget to turn it down! We waited a while for these but boy was it worth it. Great effort guys. I'll be ordering some more shortly.

by Mx Love on Pump Audio
Best headphones I ever bought
Product: 177

I normally buy cheap headphones normally around £15 but I decided to push the boat out and I am glad I did. These are by far the best in-ear headphones I ever bought. I'm no audiophile but the sound is incrediably especially after investing in some memory foam tips. I honestly can't tell the difference between them and my studio headset I have on my computer, It's incredible.

by Keiran on Pump Audio
One satisfied customer
Product: 177

I purchased these earphones not knowing much about the company/brand. After waiting a few days for the package, reading up reviews and hoping that the claims stated about the quality of sound and bass were true. I was blown away by the responsiveness and range of the bass, hitting some mad lows that many headphones would struggle to reproduce. The mids are perfect, and the treble just as succulent. My interest in wireless earphones sparked, after trying a pair of Apple EarPods. I was amazed at how small yet bassy these were. Obviously the price tag wasn't as tempting. However after a little research I found these gems, which in my opinion not only equal the sound quality of the EarPods, but in terms of clarity and bas response. Id chose Pump Audio. As far as sound quality goes there is no issue. Comfortable to wear, and doesn't interfere or impact movement once set in place. Great company with a great attitude towards audio. I look forward to seeing how the products evolve, and hope that anyone who is unsure about getting these earphones now has full reason to do so!

by Russell Elliott on Pump Audio
Pump Boom Review
Product: 177

Only had them for a few days and the sound is amazing. The only downside is that they only came with silicon earbuds. The last set I purchased had the memory foam earbuds as well which I find a much better fit. Still amazing though.

by Carson Erdman on Pump Audio
Product: 178

I had to return my Mix headphones and asked that I receive a replacement as quickly as possible. Pump Customer Service helped me out very quickly and I had a new pair of Mix headphones within two weeks :)I love these headphones!

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