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by AB on Pump Audio
Product: 176

Decided to take the plunge after reading about Pump Audio and after trying multiple cheap and expensive earbuds. The sound quality is amazing with the right amount of bass. Still to try them in the gym but I am sure they would not disappoint me.The cable is pretty light and doesn't bother while dangling. The extended warranty and trial period seem to extend my confidence in the quality of the earphones. So far I have to say I am impressed.

by John Hutchins on Pump Audio
Product: 181

I don't claim to be an expert in the sound world but I know that all the items from pump audio are the absolute best that I have ever used. The range is quite fantastic and the deep bass is awesome. I hope you try these out and you will not be disappointed. I have the orange version and they look greatI have never been disappointed with pump audio, long may they continue to beat All opposition. Love, love, love tjem

by Gary Swan on Pump Audio
Product: 176

I'm not really one for doing reviews but having experienced the new wireless earphones from Pump Audio i simply had to comment on how blown away i am with them. This is my 3rd different pair from Pump but wanted to try wireless ones for doing cardio at the gym due to having less cable swinging about and was blown away with how perfect they are, I do like a bit techno house on the treadmill and Pump absolutely deliver the sound i've come to expect but it was even better with the clarity/bass phenominal and as I prefer the foam buds they never fell out my ears once during my 7k run regardless of the sweat pouring off me. So no cable dangling about, amazing sound and earbuds the fit & stay in perfectly.....can't recommend these enough - delighted with my purchase!! Will also leave a review on Amazon.

by Hanne Utby on Pump Audio
Product: 176

Just love my Pumps. Really great product, awesome quality, and great design. Amazing sound. Comes with a handy box for when you go around or they are not in use, and different earplugs to fit any ears. Love them so much I have even bought several extras as Christmas presents. Have three different designs and can't get enough of pump

by Steven blair on Pump Audio
Product: 181

Have purchased 8 pairs off pump headphones for me and my kids great sound. I have 4 different pairs can't wait to get the next generation they bring out

by Peter on Pump Audio
Pump simply the best
Product: 181

The Pump audio headphones and ear pieces are so far superior to any other manufacturers products there is no comparison to be made , equally the Pump products are very keenly priced and add to it the Manufacturer guarantee is unrivalled and the customer is dealing with the Manufacture directly , no middle man so I highly recommend Pump Audio

by Michael on Pump Audio
New user
Product: 177

I've only recently discovered Pump Audio and got into reading reviews on all earphones. After reading reviews I decided to go with the earbuds Pump Boom as these type are easier for me to carry around whilst traveling to and from work etc. First impressions are that they are really well made and look great, I went for the burnt orange.Sound wise you can hear the quality straight away and they are also comfortable, you can change the bud Suze to suit the individual and for the money you really can't go wrong!!

by larry shipp on Pump Audio
the best
Product: 180

I've been a beats person but these blow me away and the price is awesome,my first pair were defective pump hook me up with a new pair love this product you'll enjoy!!

by Tim Skidmore on Pump Audio
Pump Audio V2 are perfect!!
Product: 178

Hey I am reviewing the Pump V2 ear buds but they weren't on the product list. The ear buds are absolutely the best in the world in my eyes, no set of beats or Bose or sennheiser compare to the quality and sound of any product from pump audio, I can't wait until the day that people realize pump audio to the be. Number one, and it will destroy all competition and everyone I know will have a set of headphones from pump audio. I guess that within 5 or 10 years pump audio will be world wide and a product you see everyone wearing and using daily, similar to beats but blowing bests off the shelf. I challenge anyone without bias to find a set of headphones or ear buds that are better the any pump product, even if they are twice the price. I'll support pump audio till the day I die, and that is a fact because not only does pump audio produce top notch products, but the company it self has character, contact anyone in customer service and you will be able to feel how much they care about their company, I felt like I because a part of a family when I got my ear buds. And I continue to help spread the word of pump audio to anyone I know, I've already gotten 4 people to buy pump products and that was within a month of having mine. I know this was supposed to be a review on my specific ear buds but I got carried away, I hope people will finally see the care and love put into their products, have a great day to everyone and I hope this review convinces someone to join the pump family!!!!!!

by Matt C on Pump Audio
Product: 177

Here is my Amazon UK review. There aren't that many detailed reviews of the sound. I'd like the company to maybe suggest how the Boom and Mix differ soundwise, and not just read specs. Here is review on BoomWell, after thinking these were nothing special, i gave them a couple days to let myself get used to the sound. I have/had up to 80 sets (mostly earphones, then headphones) ranging from the budget (£20) up to £300. I bought these on a whim after there claim to have excellent bass. At first i thought it was a little too bass heavy but it does grow on you pretty quickly.Bass - Very low and mostly behaves quite well. It has decent resolution, but sometimes can be a bit boomy and overpowering. Still, it's fun and musical and works across most genres like pop, rock, hip-hop and obviously EDM/Dance as they have marketed them.MIDS - They are relatively detailed, but the dominant low end can intrude a bit and effect overall detail. They are slightly recessed, and follow the V-Shaped sound of the Boom (V-Shape means more prominent bass and highs/treble with mids slightly back in the mix). It's mainly micro-detail though that they struggle with, but they are still enjoyable and musical. Upper mids are a bit clearer than lower, and this does help with detail.Highs/treble - Fairly detailed and crisp, a little artificial at times and the way they've been tuned for more modern music can make older music a little peaky. Still, they pick out instruments well and have good clarity and they inject a bit of space and air to the mix.Soundstage - Fairly decent, not that deep. They aren't out of your head but not to narrow either. Separation of instruments is okay, helped with the upper mids and highs being pretty clear and slightly thin... which compliments the fuller bottom end quite well.Genres - Well, as advertised they work well with music like EDM. I would have liked the sub bass to be a bit more quicker and slightly thinner and not bleed in to lower mids as much. I have other sets that go for a similar sound as the Boom, but they are quicker and moer nimble and still very low (e.g. AudioSense AS 20). I'm not sure if the more expensive Mix (£60) goes a bit further and takes a bit of the colour and smoothness away from the mids and tightens up the top end. If the Boom could do this then it would be a very good IEM at £30.As it does as advertise i.e. beats Beats and is great for EDM and at £30, i must give it 5 stars. It is quite a commercial, young sound... but audiophiles may enjoy them too as they are lots of fun and do their best to be more than bass monsters. I'm enjoying hearing the bass lines get centre stage in a lot of my old music, without losing the details of the rest of the mix.Quick notes of build and accessories...Quite a modern look, and nice to look at. Plastic but feel sturdy enough. The flat cable might take a bit of time to get used to, but I'm not hearing any microphonics (noise from body movement when out and about touching them). The provided tips could be better. Two sizes isn't good enough. I'm lucky that i have over a hundred sets to choose from from other IEMs and i could trial and error til i found one that works. A smaller gap at the tip works best for me, and a more rubbery material helps with depth and isolation, allowing for bass tones to be tighter and detail to be higher. You MUST get a good seal with them. They don't provide foam tips, but the ones i have that match size wise did take a bit of the smoothness and richness away from the sound.Easy to recommend.

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