2019 Plans…

Dear Friends,

We’ve been far too “quiet” recently.

But over the last months we’ve worked out exactly where we’re taking PUMP Audio in 2019…

Here’s what we’ve got planned!:

We’ve been quietly working on a brand new design for a PUMP Bluetooth Speaker!

It’s going to be a home/office speaker with a lot of power, high volume with no distortion.

It’s going to look really classy and have the PUMP sound signature.

You’ll be able to “daisy chain” multiple speakers together in different rooms, or the same room, to create a whole sound system.

Recently we’ve been working on the bass response and how to achieve the PUMP sound signature in a Bluetooth speaker — something no one has managed to do before.

The latest prototype sounded AWESOME and the next prototype (which is en route from the factory as we speak) should incorporate some design tweaks that will hopefully make it sound even better…

We’re going to price it really keenly as well (see below!).

I don’t think we’ll be doing a crowdfunding launch, where more than 10% of the sales price goes in fees to the platform and payment processor.

We’ll just launch it directly to our Friends by email, probably with a Launch Discount code.

The plan is to do a name competition for the new speaker — if you have any initial ideas, please leave them in the comments below!

We’ll be making PUMP products cheaper

We’re already redesigning the packaging so that it’s cheap for us to make and cheap to ship.

That’s so that we can sell them to people, well, cheap!

I go in to detail on why and how we’re doing this in the Investor Memo (called “The State of PUMP” that we’ll be releasing to Investors soon) but suffice to say that we want to be much more price competitive so that more people can afford PUMP headphones.

What we’re NOT going to do is alter the sound or build quality of the headphones themselves, or reduce the service to our Friends and Users.

PUMP headphones will still have the same “wow” factor, but it will be done in a smarter way.

We’ll be introducing new colours

In October we polled our Friends to ask which colour headphones they’d like to see from PUMP Audio in the future.

The answer was pretty conclusive.

The vast majority (87.7%) wanted to see more than just Orange and Black from PUMP.

One of the possible colour combinations we’ve been tinkering with…

For this reason, and also feedback from retailers, this is exactly what we plan to do (again, more info on this can be found in the State of PUMP memo to be released soon!).

We’ll be doing a “mini” Investment round…

In early 2019 we’re planning to do a mini Investment round to allow our Friends to become shareholders in PUMP Audio.

The funds from the mini-round will be used to drive forward with the plans we’ll outline in the State of PUMP memo.

We’re hoping to have the memo printed and delivered to current Investors by the week after next.

If you’re not a current Investor in PUMP Audio but are interested in getting details about the next funding round, you can do so here.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re up to!



  1. Azat   •   13/02/2019   •   

    Hi! You know, I want you to make TWS earphones or earbuds if possible. Perfect if they will hav aptx support and will be waterproof. Just think about it =)

  2. Joel   •   02/01/2019   •   

    Hey, this sounds awesome, looking forward to hearing more, Pump meets Bluetooth boom box;
    Don’t just pump up your beats, bump it up

    Bump (my name suggestion)

    Or even Pump, Bump it

    Like bop it but obviously cooler.

  3. Hiroyasu Hayashi   •   02/01/2019   •   

    How about “PUMP STAR”? With the sound spreading to the universe, and that it becomes the star of a future new speaker, put it in the meaning.

  4. Faraaz   •   01/01/2019   •   

    I like the idea of using

  5. Phill Warren   •   01/01/2019   •   

    In these times of division, how about calling the new speaker “Unite”, which also refers to how music brings people together, and also to the ability to link the speakers together.

  6. Carl Cross   •   01/01/2019   •   

    Or if you buy 2 or more
    Pump ROOM duo or link

  7. Carl Cross   •   01/01/2019   •   

    Name: Pump ROOM
    Extra feature: wireless charging dock on the top for easy smartphone charging ;)

  8. Ronnie Gill   •   01/01/2019   •   

    How about the PUMP EUPHONIOUS?

    Thanks, by the way, for sacrificingyyour previous life in order to create an extraordinary product!
    Have a stupendous new year.

  9. Michael Wood   •   01/01/2019   •   

    Why don’t you just call it “PUMP AROUND” as a simple name!
    As most of the speaker are round and your always dancing around when you listen to the music!

  10. Steve Burnett   •   01/01/2019   •   

    It’s simple…


  11. Nigel Quinn   •   01/01/2019   •   

    Pump maxx

  12. Frederic Laurent   •   26/12/2018   •   

    How about : Pump UP ?

  13. Frederic Laurent   •   26/12/2018   •   

    How about : Pump UP ?

  14. Frederic Laurent   •   26/12/2018   •   

    How about : Pump UP ?

  15. Frederic Laurent   •   26/12/2018   •   

    How about : Pump UP ?

  16. Mike   •   25/12/2018   •   


  17. David Hughes   •   25/12/2018   •   

    As an investor in pump really looking forward to this .Great to see more in inovations in the pipeline with an expanding company. Glad to be part of it.May I suggest Pump Anyzone for the Bluetooth speakers, just thought the name would stand out on any packaging label .Plain and simple just like the other names used.

  18. MARC A PIERRE   •   25/12/2018   •   

    We Pump

  19. Harvey   •   15/12/2018   •   

    How about “Pump It Up” for your Bluetooth speaker

  20. Derek   •   11/12/2018   •   

    Not sure on a name but can’t wait to get my hands on one.
    Just a though but will this be able to be used as a kind of soundbar,that would really kick arse

  21. Conrad   •   10/12/2018   •   

    I’ve spent all weekend and the best idea I could think of is “S-BOOM”. I had thought S-PUMP but none of the other products actually have Pump in their names so I crossed it out. The S could be short for many word as Surround, Superb, Special, etc.
    Or maybe just “PI-BOOM”. And yes I extreamelly hold the surround sound or multi-like as important.

  22. Andy   •   10/12/2018   •   

    As suggested keep it simple – how about PUMP SOUND. Not sure why it came to me, but I do smile at PUMP WIND!

  23. Darren   •   09/12/2018   •   

    If the bass is as good as you hope it will be then its got to be called the “Thump!”
    -The Pump Thump-

  24. Stan   •   08/12/2018   •   

    PUMP SPEAK, nice, short and sweet, or you can expand to PUMP BLUESPEAK or PUMP SPEAKTOOTH. Anyway Adam, great idea to do a Pump speaker, looking forward to it.

  25. Rance Martin   •   08/12/2018   •   

    How about “Bass Unplugged” for a name?

  26. Bernd Heberer   •   07/12/2018   •   

    I’d like to suggest Pump BANG because it goes so well with BOOM, MIX and DUO.

  27. Alan   •   07/12/2018   •   

    Hi guys, how about “Pump Accord” or “A-cord” – relating to Harmony, multiple speakers working in Unison, with a little play on the fact that it’s cordless!

  28. Brian Bamford   •   07/12/2018   •   

    Why not call the bluetooth box Pump Expand as it takes the low level sound that headphones have and expands it to fill a room.

  29. Ashton Sventek   •   07/12/2018   •   

    How about for the Bluetooth speaker BoomX or the Pump Union. Or perhaps the Pump Rector.

  30. Andy   •   07/12/2018   •   

    Pump Dragon – because it breathes fire into your music,,,,,
    How about a stereo version (remember stereo – proper music?) – as most BT speakers are naff mono – sounds of the 60s….
    – and a great USP having stereo. Check out Creative Roar, iRoar etc – best stereo / portable / BT speakers around – can you top that or at least equal it?

  31. Paul   •   07/12/2018   •   

    PUMP – Now , PUMP – Together
    PUMP – Up , PUMP – Ass , A few suggestions

  32. The Surveyor   •   07/12/2018   •   

    Pump LINK as it will be possible to link in the speakers? And how about Electric blue for a colour? Maybe in future rollouts, a changing colour for the speaker; 1/ for genre 2/ for favourite lists? 3/ mood.

  33. Rob Hemsworth   •   07/12/2018   •   

    Pump Apollo (god of Music and the son of Zeus), or Pump Leto (his mother). Or Pump Hera (wife of Zeus). Or how about something really classic like Pump Dave.

    1. Adam Blair   •   07/12/2018   •   

      PUMP Dave – love it!

  34. Ian Todd   •   07/12/2018   •   

    A name for the new speaker could be a tribute to the 80’s when portable music was just evolving.
    I suggest to you the…..

    1. Jonathan   •   26/12/2018   •   

      Having a previous Bluetooth speaker from you, the pump air I look forward to hearing the new one. I used the air in school recently whilst watching a film, the kids were really impressed with the sound quality and were asking me if they could buu it off me!!!…

      With regards to the name, how about PUMP ONE, or PUMP SOLO.



  35. Caleb Barrepski   •   07/12/2018   •   

    All of the other PUMP products havee short and sweet names that fit the nature of their use. Boom, mix, mix duo… how about a speaker names the Link, since it’s bluetooth but also can be linked to other speakers? Or the Element, as in it’s one of the elements of a great-sounding speaker setup. Or the Ally, since it’s your pal but also works well with others.

  36. Clive Edwards   •   07/12/2018   •   

    How about class in education ‘varsity’ or even Cambridge or Oxford????

  37. Andy Goodson   •   07/12/2018   •   

    What about the name PUMP React for the new Bluetooth speaker!

  38. Jim Graham   •   07/12/2018   •   

    How about the Latin name for (sound box),

  39. Cliff Jordan   •   07/12/2018   •   

    Hi Adam
    How about keeping the name of the PUMP bluetooth speaker nice n simple…PUMP TOOTH or PUMP TOOTH SIGNATURE or PUMP SIGNATURE TOOTH or PUMP SIGNATURE or even just “THE” PUMP…a few ideas for you…

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