30 Zeus Available

Dear All,

We’ve got a real treat for 30 of our Friends this week…

A couple of years back we launched PUMP Zeus.

They were our answer to Beats Studio, BOSE QC35 and so on.

They are wireless Bluetooth (you can also use an audio cable if you want) and are my personal favourite PUMP model we’ve ever made.

I’ve got two sets at home and one at the office which I use daily. We’ve tested tens of sets of really, really expensive headphones over the years from all the major brands and Zeus are genuinely my favourite of them all.

The sound is immense — that’s the only word that does it justice — and they are super comfortable which, surprisingly, many top end headphones are not.

However, retailers didn’t really share my enthusiasm (although PUMP users absolutely did).

Apparently they didn’t care for the slightly quirky design of Zeus (although, again, PUMP users seemed to disagree).

So it was with a heavy heart that we discontinued Zeus on 27th February 2018.

However, we held back a small quantity for a) PUMP staff (to demonstrate what we can do with over ear headphones); b) warranty replacements (which have been few and far between); c) nostalgia.

During our recent warehouse sort out we found 3 cartons of Zeus (10 in each box) and we’ve decided to make them available to our Friends this week.

In case you don’t know, these are the real deal.

The retail price was £249 / $299 and to put in bluntly they are way better headphones costing 2-3 times the price.

Anyhow, we’re making the few sets of Zeus we found in the warehouse last week available with a significant discount this week.

They are the last ever Zeus we have and I maintain they are the best on ear headphone I have ever heard (I know that sounds a little arrogant but it’s my honest opinion).

We’re going to make the 30 Zeus available this week, as soon as the order page is back from our web guy Mike.

Keep an eye out for the launch email as I expect these to go really fast.

Have a great week!



  1. Rance Martin   •   11/09/2018   •   

    I would love to get a pair of Zeus headphones!

  2. Rance Martin   •   11/09/2018   •   

    I would love to get another pair of Zeus headphones!

  3. Marion   •   11/09/2018   •   

    I would totally like those! I don’t like using headphones with wires, they get in the way of my dancing. Plus my grandkids will
    think I’m über cool!

  4. Lorraine Falconer   •   19/09/2018   •   

    Come on Adam! Waiting on the release :)

  5. Lorraine Falconer   •   28/09/2018   •   

    Maybe you’re just teasing us!

  6. Adam Blair   •   02/10/2018   •   

    Hi Lorraine, this promo has been and gone (they sold out really fast!). Sorry you missed out!

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