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Best Earphones Guide

“Simply stunning: 5/5 – do we really need to say more?”
Best Earphones Guide
[Their first EVER 5 star review!]

Artist Endorsements

Rob Diggy Morrison

Rob Diggy Morrison - Pump Audio
“Pump Audio Headphones are the answer hands down I love them and the bass, man, off the chain… An unbelievable sound, if you get a chance get yourself a pair of PUMP Audio, you won’t be disappointed. The best baby, that’s what I’m using, that’s what you should be using.”
– Grammy recipient musician and arranger on the chart topping dance remix “Crazy In Love” Beyonce’ feat. Jay-Z. Rob Diggy is also known as a talented film composer working on many films in the states and abroad.


JFB - Pump Audio
“These are great! Fit very comfortably and really nice sound.. also find that they don’t fall out of my ear when on the move.”
– JFB is a 3 time UK DMC Champion (2007, 2011, 2015) as well as a RedBull 3style World Finalist 2016.

Ragga Twins

Ragga Twins - Pump Audio
“Headphones are an essential part of our life. PUMP Audio does not fail to deliver. Quality sound, heavy bass and good noise reduction. All round perfect headphones for any occasion.”
– Ragga Twins / RTC are a legendary ragga and jungle group from Hackney, England who are regarded as pioneers of jungle.

DJ Ironik

DJ Ironik - Pump Audio
“Thanks to Pump Audio for these new headphones.. They sound great! My new fav headphones! Check them out peeps!”
– DJ Ironik – Winner of ‘Best UK act’ at the Habbo Music Awards 2009, Ironik has been noted as a hugely influential DJ and rapper in the British music industry. His first hit single ‘Stay with Me (Everybody’s Free)’ went into the UK charts at No.11 on downloads alone and charted at No.5 on its physical release. Since then he has provided fans with huge hits including, ‘Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) feat Chipmunk and Elton John (No.5), and ‘I Wanna be your Man (No.35).

Matty Mullins

Matty Mullins - Pump Audio
“In love with your In ears and over! Want it to be my only headphone finally! I’ve been seeking bass heavy ones.”
– Matty Mullins is an American rock musician, and the lead vocalist of Dallas-based metalcore band Memphis May Fire. The band formed back in 2006, and have released five studio albums and two EP’s to date. Their fourth album, ‘Unconditional’, debuted at No. 4 on the US Billboard 200.

Lady Leshurr

Lady Leshurr - Pump Audio
“The pump headphones are very loud and bassy and louder than most headphones I’ve ever tried! Definitely a must buy and perfect for gym and training.”
– Lady Leshurr – Described as ‘the one to watch’ by Paul Lester of The Guardian, Lady Leshurr won second place at the ‘Best Female category of the Official Mixtape Awards’ 2011. Her musical influences include Eminem, Missy Elliott, and Lil Wayne.

The Qemists

The Qemists - Pump Audio
“We all have Pump headphones for listening to music, they are the best sounding in-ear headphones we’ve come across, especially for the bass-end. We even have a pair in the studio for referencing!”
– The Qemists – With the band’s roots in heavy rock music and their of combination electronic rock and D‘n’B, The Qemists are often compared to bands such as Pendulum and The Prodigy. In November 2015 they signed to Amazing Record Co and this year released their album titled ‘Warrior Sound’ which went to No.1 in Japan.

Pink Panda

Pink Panda - Pump Audio
“We road tested the headphones in Glasgow on Saturday and they’re really good, loving the memory foam :) Passed the Panda test !”
Pink Panda are a trio of producers & DJ’s consisting of Ardell Mafi, Rob Porter and Michael Casino. Together they have created their own style of progressive and electro music which has caught the eye of big names such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Tiesto.

Damon Hess

Damon Hess - Pump Audio
“Just received these @Pump_Audio Headphones, the quality is unreal, best I’ve tried, amazing, check em out”
– In 2011 Damon formed rock/pop band ‘Littlecrazy’ with Jamie Pringle. The band achieved global recognition with the hit ‘End with you’ which racked up almost 450,000 views on YouTube. He went on to create a solo album titled ‘About Time’ which he describes as having an electro / mainstream dance/ synth-pop vibe.


Crissy Criss - Pump Audio
“These earphones are amazing! They sound incredible, its all about the Bass! These definitely do what it says on the box, PUMP!”
– Crissy Criss – Crissy Criss is a British DJ, Producer & the youngest presenter who was part of the BBC Radio network BBC Radio 1Xtra. Crissy has played D’n’B all over the world, including Norway, Switzerland, France, and Germany.

Alice Olivia

Alice Olivia - Pump Audio
“They (PUMP Zeus) sound really, really good and they are so comfortable to wear! I’m going to use them for all of my videos going forwards!”
– Alice Olivia is a British singer, songwriter, and composer from Cambridge. She gained success after posting her own acoustic versions of popular UK hits on social media site YouTube; her cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘I see Fire’ has had over more than 9.5 million views. Alice officially debuted on independent label Soko Records, with her first single ‘Lovers’ in November 2015.

Harry Shotta

Harry Shotta - Pump Audio
“Tried them out with loads of different genres of music and as you promised they do sound sick!!!!”
– Harry Shotta is now recognised as one of the most gifted and versatile MC’s in the UK. Harry has won multiple awards including ‘Best Breakthrough MC’ at ‘The National Drum N Bass Awards (2009) and Best Newcomer MC at The Drum N Bass Arena Awards (2009). His debut studio mix (with KG) resulted in over 100,000 downloads.

Micky Finn

Miky Finn - Pump Audio
“I have to say the crisp highs and the big bottom …still puzzles me how they have got it that big. The best in ears by far from this crazy collection I have for DANCE MUSIC.”
Micky Finn – Known amongst his peers as ‘King of the Jungle’, Micky Finn is one of the original rave scene Hardcore and Jungle pioneers. He travels the world, spreading his love for music in countries like Japan, USA, Australia, Holland, Spain, Germany, Finland, Israel and France to name just a few.

Macky Gee

Macky Gee - Pump Audio
“I have tried Zues, Pure and the earphones, And i can honestly say, They are extremely great products. They have a wicked resistance to extreme volume and a very accurate sound. A BIG MUST HAVE!”
– Macky Gee – An international DJ & producer who has smashed his way onto the D’n’B scene, Macky Gee has spread his music all over the world. With some big tracks under his belt such as ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Pissed Off’, he is always guaranteed to put on an amazing show.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Drumsound and Bassline Smith - Pump Audio
“Very well designed, quality pair of Headphones! The clarity is great – The Bass is deep!!”
– Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Drumsound & Bassline Smith are a British electronic production group consisting of Andy Wright, Ben Wigget and Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith. In 2004 they released ‘Odyssey’ which became one of the year’s strongest dance tracks in any given genre.

Team Frost

Team Frost - Pump Audio
“PumP are the ultimate earphones in the world right now . The bass is amazing and the clarity on all levels is second to none”
– Jumpin Jack Frost – When the rave scene exploded Frost was at its forefront, mixing funk, hip hop and original breakbeats. Considered by many to be “The Godfather of Drum & Bass” Frost has headlined many legendary events including Sunrise and Energy.

Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jefferson - Pump Audio
“The best in-ears I have ever heard…”
– Marshall Jefferson – Originally a record producer at Universal Recording Studios in Chicago, Marshall Jefferson is a House Music legend. His single ‘Move Your Body’ (The House-Music Anthem) 1986 was the first house song to use piano; becoming a significant track within the genre.

The Artful Dodger

The Artful Dodger - Pump Audio
“The sound from them is unreal”
Artful Dodger – Named after a character in the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist, Artful Dodger is an English garage band based in the city of Southampton. Now consisting of MC Alistair and DJ Dave Low, their tracks are seen on UK garage compilation album series, Pure Garage, mixed by DJ EZ.


Ralvero - Pump Audio
“Just 1 word I have to say: INCREDIBLE. The sound is so clean, the bass is so deep. I will definitely use them in the studio to work on new projects. Pump Audio delivered a awesome product!”
– Ralvero’s first release ‘Party People’ in 2009 hit the world hard, and listeners were loving every minute of it! The Dutch DJ & Producer has since been working with likes of Quintino & Bassjackers; releasing quality productions. He is heavily supported by superstars Tiesto, Hardwell and David Guetta.


Andrew Roachford - Pump Audio
“The Pump Audio in ears are pleasing on the eye and sound surprisingly good too..great clarity”
– Andrew Roachford is a British R&B singer-songwriter who was Columbia records biggest selling domestic artist for over 10 years; the first artist to sign a staggering seven-album deal. Andrew’s trademark has been his ability to dig deep by putting feelings into lyrical words. He states, “It’s one of the reasons why I make music”.


Tenishia - Pump Audio
“Pump-Audio in-ear headphones offer supreme clarity, ravishing detail, and astonishing dynamic expression. Whether you’re an adventurer, a music lover, or something in between, these should be on your shortlist. Having a good balance between affordability and quality sound, exhibiting a brilliant upper register matched by powerful low end force. Get them now!”
– Tenishia have taken the clubbing scene by storm, holding their own as the most successful DJ/Producers in Malta. Their big breakthrough came when DJ Armin van Buuren introduced them on stage whilst playing one of their tracks, ‘Burning from Inside’. Since then the duo have gained a solid international fan base.

Reece Low

Reece Low - Pump Audio
“The headphones are good quality, and I will use them for producing when on the road. The bluetooth function is handy as there is no need for cables on flights.”
– One of Australia’s most prominent and well respected artists, Reece Low has for the last two years been awarded top 25 DJ at The Mix DJ awards. Known for his bass-heavy high-energy EDM, he plays all over the world, performing at sold out floors.

Jonas Aden

Jonas Aden - Pump Audio
“The PUMP Pure Headphones sounds just like their name, they pack a punch whilst sounding clean and pure! A comfortable wear as well.”
– Jonas Aden is a Norwegian electronic music producer who is best known for the track, ‘Fall Under Skies’ which was released at the end of 2015. It resulted in more than a million streams within four weeks of its release on soundcloud, and gained the #22 position in the House Charts on Beatport. His talents have not gone unnoticed, and has garnered the support of industry’s leading artists such as Tiesto, Steve Aoki, DJ Snake and KSHMR.

Kry Wolf

Kry Wolf - Pump Audio
“They feel great!”
– Kry Wolf – Consisting of Bill Francis and Lewis Darvill, the duo originally began making waves across the UK’s South coast’s growing music scene. They are now acknowledged as one of the UK’s big underground players due to their creative and strong production style.

Dynamite MC

Dynamite MC - Pump Audio
“P.U.R.E = Powerful, Unblemished, Robust, Escapism! As soon as I put them on I was lost in the music.. my favourite place to be!”
Dynamite MC – Originally from Gloucester, Dynamite MC is a performer who gained prominence in jungle/drum and bass, working alongside Roni Size and Reprazent. He has collaborated with a range of artists including The Nextmen, High Contrast, Caspa, Netsky, and DJ Skitz.

Danny T

Danny T - Pump Audio
“In ear ones are incredible! Been using them a lot on flights since I got back, the noise cancelling on them is awesome and sound quality is top notch!”
Danny T – Danny T is making his name in the UK music industry by creating the biggest remixes of the year ‘Maila Mix 2016’. We expect to see his continued success after he takes some of our favourite songs, for example, LMC vs Take me to the Clouds Above, and shows us a whole new side to them.

Yves Jean

Yves Jean - Pump Audio
“Bass is very important to me. These are my favourite headphones to use. Im glad to have these as part of my weapons of mass creation!”
– Yves Jean – This style of melody is a mixture of alternative rock, world beat and electronic. Yves Jean’s albums, ‘Rise Above Your Surroundings’, ’For Love and Desperation’ and ‘Hope For the Best.. But expect Nothing’ embraces a range of sounds and reaches out to the world through social media sites, Facebook, YouTube, music blogs and Twitter. He worked with Grammy award winner and major label producer and Ken Lewis in 2008.

Mollie Collins

Mollie Collins - Pump Audio
“The sound quality of the wireless headphones are wicked. Bassy & loud!”
Mollie Collins – One of the biggest up and coming Drum &Bass Artists in the UK, Mollie Collins has been playing out since May 2015. She has played all over the country and now finds herself in other countries.

Richie P

Richie P - Pump Audio
“Pump has a very crisp sound even when heard at max volume on the mixer, never distorted and bass is fantastic. Light weight on the head and that’s very important plus the frame is flexible enough to contour. Big ups to Pump for putting out a great pair for djs to feel comfortable doing what they love.”
– Richie P – Richie P is the founder of ‘the number one underground station in the nation’. With genres from all the hottest musical forms like techno, trance and others like these Global Mixx Radio is always a very happening platform for online music.


DDark - Pump Audio
“great headphones!!”
– D-Dark is a British producer and rapper specialising in a range of genres from rap, trap, hip-hop and grime. He has appeared on many established pirate radio stations, underground songs, as well as many viral YouTube videos. In 2012 D-Dark released a mixtape for free download which accumulated over 10,000 downloads.


“Best in-ears i’ve heard yet for sure… defo gonna see a lot of use <3”
– Feint (Andy Hu) has long been a fan-favourite mainly through showing the world that the best drum and bass music still emanates from the UK. Drawn to the high tempo, energy and real variety in D’n’B music, Feint has done everything in his power to embrace the genre and become a huge part of the D’n’B community.

Hybrid Minds

Hybrid Minds - Pump Audio
“Its safe to say these are the best sounding in ear headphones I have ever plonked in my ear holes.”
– Hybrid Minds – Comprising of Josh White and Matt Lowe, Hybrid Minds are a forced to be reckoned with within D’n’B. Their track, ‘The Place’ became one of the biggest liquid tracks of 2011.

Mark Sherry

Mark Sherry - Pump Audio
“The Pump Zeus headphones really caught me by surprise! The power output of these badboys is ridiculous and to be honest you would never use more than 60-70% of the volume, they’re THAT loud. Loudness, as we all know, isn’t everything, but with the great frequency range you get a really crisp, clean & punchy ‘big room’ sound from the relatively small cans. On top of this, there are the extra super-cool functions of being able to answer/make telephone calls from your headphones whilst being connected to your phone via wifi and you can also flick back and forth between your tracks/albums, all from the buttons on the cans, amazing stuff! Lastly, the packaging and presentation of the headphones is ultra-slick and very futuristic looking, all in all I’m very impressed and will be looking out for new products from Pump in the future!”
Mark Sherry – With the highest quality original productions and remixes, Mark Sherry is a leading pioneer of tech-trance. He has headlined some of the biggest brands, clubs & festivals including Tomorrowland and Dance Valley (b2b with Ferry Corsten).

Serial Killaz - Pump Audio
“Been using them while travelling, Nice and closed back so I don’t annoy anyone sitting to me with noise spill! Been referencing mixes on them to, although not an open backed mix headphone, I found them really good for checking how pushed a mix sounds!”
Serial Killaz – have become a huge household name in the wold of raga jungle. Developing their own jungle sound Tobie Scopes and Graham Warnock have built the foundations to keep this scene alive forever.

Carnao Beats

Carnao Beats - Pump Audio
“The bass and quality on these are just dope would definitely recommend.”
Carnao Beats – Originally classically trained on the drums and the piano, Carnao Beats thought he’d try his hand at mixing. Inspired by legends like DJ EZ, he began carving a career on his own and showed the world that he’s got skills on the deck.

Roni Size

Roni Size - Pump Audio
“They look and sound amazing…”
– Roni Size is a record producer and DJ who emerged back in 1997. Described as someone ‘who distilled the very essence of British music’, Roni is said to be ‘responsible for the way our nation sounds to this day’.

Jozef K

Jozeff K - Pump Audio
“Crisp and clear sound from both sets of headphones, love the designs too!”
Jozef K is one of the main DJ’s for the legendary Tribal Sessions, playing across London, Manchester and Ibiza. He was the winner of ‘best Ibiza newcomer’ at the Sankeys awards in 2014 and in 2015 received runner up in both ‘tech-house’ and ‘resident’ categories.


Sammy Porter - Pump Audio
“Straight up these are the best in ear headphones I have used, the bass and clarity is unreal”
– Sammy Porter (Machine Made Records) is an international DJ and producer who’s online presence is one to be recognised. His iTunes podcast reaches a subscriber list of 36k, his smartphone app has over 10k installs and Sammy’s twitter page boasts over 51k followers. Sammy – along with Crissy Criss – have recently had a single & EP in the Top 40 iTunes dance chart.

DJ Prestige

DJ Prestige - Pump Audio
“I love the personal headphones a lot that fact they don’t tangle and the sound is awesome.”
– An award winning international urban DJ who has gained recognition by winning both ‘Malia’s Best MC’ and ‘Malia’s Special Achievement’ award at the SunDance Pool Party. Since 2003 he has been performing at Malia’s biggest clubs, with some of the biggest artists


Bensley - Pump Audio
“Had a thorough listening session with these, and I think they’re the best in-ear headphones I’ve tried. They’ll be coming around with me from now on!”
– Bensley – Influenced by his talented Jazz musician grandfather, Bensley’s knowledge of chords only helps him to create a distinctive contemporary feel to D’n’B music. RAM Records signed the 21 year old Canadian within weeks of him sending in a demo and is now seen a reputable artist despite being relatively new to the label.

Nate Maingard

Nate Maingard - Pump Audio
“The colour’s a bit intense, but the sound is great!”
– Nate Maingard has been playing guitar, writing songs, and appearing on stage since 1998 and has been playing as a professional musician since 2011. His aim is simple – to share his music which comes from his truth; inspiring open hearts. The Rolling Stones magazine describes his voice as something which “creates an intrinsic beauty in every vocal tip and pitch”.

Louy Fierce

Louy Fierce - Pump Audio
“Got these badboys in the mail from @Pump_Audio and i gotta say the quality is amazing for earbuds. Bass bumpin with these.”
– Louy Fierce is a hip hop artist from Long Island, New York. He has gathered a huge fan base through regularly releasing self-produced music. In 2013 Louy released his first full length album entitled ‘Planet Fierce’. His popularity has since grown and in and 2015 Louy gained more than 700K Twitter followers.

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson - Pump Audio
“Loving these @pumpaudio audio headphones. The bass and clarity is unbelievable, you need to try them to understand!”
– Jamie Johnson – At the age of 16 he released his first album that sold over 1,000 hard copies. Three years later he won the hearts of millions of TV viewers after finishing in fourth place on The Voice 2014.

Evil B

Evil B - Pump Audio
“A tangle-free nightclub experience in your ears. Perfect for the gym and everywhere else!”
– Evil-B – Stepping away from the traditional style of D’n’B MCing, Evil-B incorporates a refreshing lyrical flair that has never been seen before. His uniqueness has been noted, winning ‘Best Lyrical MC’ and ‘Best Crowd Hype’ at the ‘Drum and Bass Awards’ 2015, as well as becoming a UKG award winner.

5 & A Dime

5 & A Dime - Pump Audio
“I am a huge audiophile, and these in ear buds are honestly top 3 ive ever used in my life.”
– 5 & A Dime is a well-known mash-up artist whose musical abilities have thrived in the electro and progressive house genre. After creating mash-ups that took off the second they were released, 5 & A Dime is now producing his own original tracks.


Brooks - Pump Audio
“These headphones are great, amazing sound! I always use these as reference when I walk back home from the studio so I know what to change the next day!”
– Brooks – Born and raised in the Netherlands, Brooks has created his own innovative style of rhythmic Electro House & hard melodic Progressive House. Handpicked by Showtek (which is accomplishment in its own right) and collaborating with big names such as Martin Garrix and Bassjackers, this young star is likely to become a household name.


Fourward - Pump Audio
“These are some of the best earbuds / in-ear-headphones around. Very good bass, clear highs, punchy mids and comfortable to wear. A great package overall!”
Fourward – Arguably the most breath-taking drum & bass outfit to have emerged from Austria, Fourward have held their own within a world where drum and bass is rapidly expanding. Influenced heavily by the likes of Ed Rush & Optical, and Bad Company, Fourward formed back in 2007, and are ready to kick down even more doors in 2016.

Chris Dececio

Chris Dececio - Pump Audio
“Absolutely loving the pumps. Perfect in the studio or making music on the move. Bluetooth is perfect for the new iPhone. I’ve given my beats away. These are way nicer.”
– Chris Dececio – After mixing and producing records for over 15 years, Chris Dececio has won two US billboard No.1 singles, a BBC Radio 1 record of the week, and two Library Music Award nominations. With more than 50 commercial releases around the globe, Chris has been coined as a mix-wiz by some of his fans; by creating mixes of all styles of modern music.


BCEE - Pump Audio
“The Pump Audio Earphones are a very comfortable and convenient solution for listening to music when on the move. My job involves critically listening to music all day and I can say that the sound is very full with plenty of bottom end without being muddy, and the highs are crisp but not harsh. They are capable of going very loud without distorting although that’s not advised for lengthy periods! I also really like the fact that they come with various sizes of interchangeable rubber ear buds as well as various memory foam buds which contour to your ear. Having the hard case to protect them when not in use is the icing on the cake!”
– BCEE – As the owner of Spearhead Records, BCee is undoubtedly one of the true ambassadors of contemporary liquid drum & bass. He has created an incredibly impressive repertoire of artist releases and successful events which has allowed the label to celebrate its 11 year history.


Miss Represent - Pump Audio
“The overall sound that comes out of these headphones? Excellent. The design of the custom tuned drivers and the way these earphones snug in your ear giving complete noise isolation is great for identifying the separation in the music you are listening to.”
Miss Represent – Winning the ‘Best Female Jungle DJ’ award at the ‘We Love Jungle Awards London’ 2015, and ‘Best Female Artist’ at ‘The National DNB Awards London’ 2016, Miss Represent has been coined as one as one of the most successful female D’n’B artists (Random Concept) in the UK.


Libra - Pump Audio
“As a singer there now my fav plaything. Music never sounded so good”
– Libra – An English singer/songwriter who has proven her voice is compatible with many different genres of music. She is currently gigging and performing all over the world and has worked with many different artists including MC Neat and DJ Luck.

Billy Da Kid

Billy Da Kid - Pump Audio
“For Bass & Clarity, Pump audio are second to none. An extremely comfortable set of headphones which do exactly what they say; PUMP! – Billy Da Kid | KISS FM UK #FNK #SNK”
– Having kicked off his DJ career at the very young age of 11, Billy Da Kid has become an Award winning DJ, Producer & Radio presenter. He is known for his fresh and energetic electronic sound that’s mixed with a touch of his earlier reggae influences.

Nice One Studios

Nice One Studios - Pump Audio
“These phones are stunning looking, sound fantastic and don’t ever get tangled up.. Overall verdict…if you use headphones are lot, then these are simply stunning.”
Nice One Studios is a recording studio run by musician and producer Geoff Hayden. Based in Worthing, the company offers a range of services from learning to play an instrument to having rehearsals recorded

Earl Powell

Earl Powell - Pump Audio
“Awesome product…They sound absolutely amazing!!”
– Earl Powell – Gold certified, Grammy recognised songwriter, music producer and owner of Epstone Music productions, Earl Powell has become a notable figure within the music industry. After working with music royalty ‘The Jacksons’, and receiving a Grammy, Billboard and Gold recognition as a Writer, Producer, and Engineer on Jennifer Hudson’s “Stand Up,” Earl has participated in a not-for-profit music educational program aimed to keep music in schools.

Nic Fanciulli

Nic Fanciulli - Pump Audio
“I use lots of different headphones for traveling and these seem to be on point. There great for using the I phone and referencing music”
– Nic Fanciulli – British electronic music producer and DJ.

Charlie Hedges

Charlie Hedges - Pump Audio
“These are great”
– Charlie Hedges is a DJ/Producer of House music.

Futuristic Polar Bears

Futuristic Polar Bears - Pump Audio
“Big thanks to the guys at Pump Audio for the headphones – amazing sound! If you’re after a new pair then make sure you check them out.”
– Futuristic Polar Bears is a British DJ and production trio from London.

Josh Butler

Josh Butler - Pump Audio
“Im really impressed with the sound quality, especially with the frequency range on the in ear buds! Both well made and very comfortable to wear. I will definitely be using them to jam on Ableton whilst on the road!”
– Josh Butler – Big Tech House DJ

The Martinez Brothers

The Martinez Brothers - Pump Audio
“Headphones are really good – great frequency range on them – I was honestly surprised…in a good way”
– The Martinez Brothers are an American duo of disc jockeys, music producers, and remixers from The Bronx. Known for their long-term residencies at clubs in Ibiza.

Garrett Body

Garrett Body - Pump Audio
“I truly get lost in my music when I have my Pump headphones on. The bass,mid,highs and most important to me is having enough volume with nothing disappearing or distorting is simply amazing!!!!”
– Garrett Body aka GBody – Professional Bassist, Producer and Solo Artist

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Major HiFi PUMP Review

Major HiFi - Pump Audio
“Honestly, I’m taken aback by the overall clarity and depth of these headphones.”
– Sade Spence, Major HiFi

gadget girl

Gadget Girl - Pump Audio
“Well I have to say….WOW….they are amazing, obviously I haven’t tried every high quality earphone ever made so I cant compare these 100% BUT I have tried Dr beats earphones in the past and I feel these have a much richer and more immersive quality to them.”
– Gadget Girl


“Sound Quality. Oh yes, they deliver. Throw anything at it, and you will get it through… Comfortable, great sound, good looking, and good value for money. What’s not to like?”

Susan’s Disney Family

“Sure they’re not as well known as Beats, given time they will be, they should be… I love my orange buds, they stand out and look great.”

“Pump Headphones are the new standard to meet or beat… I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I absolutely love the deep bass that these generate.”
– Doug Bardwell, Examiner

Beta News

“What really matters of course is the listening experience. Comparing back-to-back with the Sony earphones that normally grace my MP3 player the Pump units made the bass sound more defined and the mid range less muddy.”
– Ian Barker, BetaNews

Oh Who Is She

“These headphones are very different to your normal run of the mill headphones as they completely enhance your listening experience.”
– Who is she


“Pump Audio earphones are British made and are high quality delivering banging bass and great sound performance.”
– Visual-I Gadget & Product Reviews UK

Street Gentry

“The Pump Audio earphones provide premium quality sound suitable for all who enjoy music on a daily basis.”

Black Pearl Blog

“The Pump Audio Earphones are the best earphones I have ever tried and the sound and bass that comes out of them is amazing!”
The Black Pearl Blog

Mark Green

“It’s like re-discovering music. I said it earlier. I’ll say it again: Highly recommended.”
Shake Rattle and Roll

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Digital Insight Recording

Digital Insight Recording - Pump Audio
“The headphones are great. Amazing bass response. Giving them a try at the Monitor Desk tonight.”
– Mike @ Digital Insight Recording – A top class recording studio in Las Vegas used by some big names in the music industry.

Zack Sabre Jr

Zack Sabre Jr - Pump Audio
“Music plays an integral role in my travels as an international professional wrestler. From soundtracking my workouts and training, to motivating me backstage before a match and to keeping me (relatively) sane on long travel days. Music is also my biggest passion aside from wrestling and the sound quality on these headphones is superb. As someone who listens to a lot of ambient and electronic music these headphones really accentuate the layered sounds of records that I listen to and the noise cancelling aspect is a life saver also on many a plane ride this year. I highly recommend these headphones to anyone with a passion for music and high quality sound.”
– He is the current Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion in his first reign, as well as the winner of the 2015 Battle of Los Angeles tournament. Sports Illustrated claim he is considered by most to be the best technical wrestler in the world.

Emmanuel Sonupe

Emmanuel Sonupe - Pump Audio
” I only have the in ear headphones with me, the other to are back in London, but yeah really like these ones.. Use them on a day to day basis tbh”
– Emmanuel Sonupe is an English professional footballer who currently plays for Northampton Town. The 20 year old midfielder has made appearances for both the England U16’s and England U18’s teams.

Marty Scurll

Marty Scurll - Pump Audio
“Being a globe trotting professional wrestler, I spend the majority of my time travelling or in the gym – both are essential headphone time. I’ve been through a wide range of headphones and believe I’ve finally found the perfect pair in Pump Audios – I was blown away by the sound quality. I’d listen to my favourite tracks and hear beats and sounds I’d never heard before using previous headphones. Not only this but the small details to me are also important, in that I mean they are comfortable and come in snazzy travel cases, making them practical to travel with. Without doubt, 5 stars!”
– Marty Scurll – One of the most sought after wrestlers on the UK Independent scene, Marty Scrull has been winning hearts amongst fans for his versatility and depth of character. Originally from Cambridge and currently signed to Ring of Honour, this is a wrestler who’s showmanship amongst other things will gain him much deserved success.


Rykard - Pump Audio
“not gonna lie, these headphones are sick”
– Rykard, Twitter

Brian Smith

Brian Smith - Pump Audio
“I got back from my trip and tried your earplugs with my favorite CD. WOW, within an instant i knew I had never heard sound like that! I know my CD really well, yet I heard instruments in the music for the first time. I’m a raving fan and am telling all my friends.”
– Brian Smith, UGG Founder

Sky Sports

Spencer Fearon - Pump Audio
“PUMP Titans are the best earphones on the market. I love bass heavy music and these are significantly better than others!”
– Spencer Fearon – Sky Sports @spencer_fearon


YoYo - Pump Audio
“The sound quality on these bad boys is second to none”
– Youssef Hassane aka YoYo – Twitter

Joe Delaney

Joe Delaney - Pump Audio
“Without doubt the naughtiest headphones I’ve ever owned”
– Joe Delaney, Twitter

Candy Sexton

Spencer Fearon - Pump Audio
“Just finished a workout and tried my new headphones… They are by far the best Iv tried”
– Candy Sexton – Model @candy_sexton

GJ’s Guitars

“What amazing ear phones… i love them .. used them all over christmas and new year.. i took them into the school i teaching in the kids thought they looked cool !!”
– GJ’s Guitar Emporium

Benedict Garrett

“I can now confirm that @pump_audio have the best in-ear headphones I’ve ever tried. AND they don’t slip out easily when I’m at the gym!”
– Benedict Garrett, Member of The Dreamboys @BenedictGarrett

Ethan Waller

Ethan Waller - Pump Audio
“Hell of a piece of kit for an in-ear headphone!”
– Ethan Waller is an English rugby union prop who plays for Northampton Saints

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