Aurrus Launch Cancelled

Dear Friends,

It saddens me to let you know that we’ve decided to cancel the Aurrus pre-launch.

It seems that there is just too little demand for Aurrus among Friends of PUMP…

The pre-orders have been lackluster, and although its a bitter pill to swallow, it just doesn’t make sense to proceed if the demand from Users is low.

We put a huge amount of effort in to developing Aurrus, but for whatever reason not that many people want them

I could theorize on why (and have been at length!) but ultimately, the numbers speak for themselves.

We’d be better to realise now that demand is low and switch our focus, rather than pursuing a model that has little demand.

I guess Zeus was a hard act to follow!

If you have any insight as to why Aurrus had such low demand from Users, feedback would be really appreciated in the blog comments below.

Thanks so much to everyone who did pre-order, and I’m sorry to let you down on this one…

Your refund will be processed automatically in the next 24 hours.

All comments/suggestions would really be appreciated in the comments section below:

All the best,



  1. Adam P   •   19/08/2021   •   

    I have many pump headsets. In fact all the range,
    I am so happy with your products. I cannot find a better sounding base’y headphone on the present market.
    It is very sad that you have had to withdraw the presale. I was really looking forward to having a set of aurrus. I did try to preorder but the website kept failing on me and every time I rejoined I had the old count in my basket. It got to 4 so due to the website not allowing me to put it back to 1 set without crashing I gave up. BUT I do want a set.
    Also I do think you should have a tech suppt line so people can talk to staff at Pump rather than wait for e-mails. GL in getting it all sorted.
    Hope it is sooner rather than later.
    Adam P

  2. Ian Robinson   •   18/08/2021   •   

    Hi Adam,
    Sorry to hear this disappointment for you and the team, do not be downhearted. My reason for not partaking of this new product offer is simply that I have wired & wireless ear buds, a set of Zeus and a Titan. I really don’t need any more right at this time.

    All best wishes,


  3. Michael   •   18/08/2021   •   

    Could not complete the pre order and tried a number of times I think you need that sorting before any other product launch.
    Good luck

  4. Martin Cullen   •   17/08/2021   •   

    Hello, firstly could not order this item on your order page. While looking for the problem I noticed that the delivery time would be some time in November I find this to be to long of a wait. And if tales is anything to go by it might be even longer, sorry to sound negative but the delays with tales leaves me unsure that your company can produce items in a timely manner

  5. Brian   •   17/08/2021   •   

    Hi Adam,
    I’m so sorry this launch did not go well and after reading all the comments, you have some great feedback to help you set your direction.
    I will reorder if you do get the production solved and I’m not at all worried about the price. I’ll pay full retail as I love helping businesses in the early (I know you will not think of this as “early”) stages of development.
    Hang i there! I had a lot of worse setbacks in building the UGG business all those years ago.
    Best wishes,

  6. Will J   •   17/08/2021   •   

    Hi Adam

    Sorry to hear Aurrus sale was cancelled.
    I didn’t order for pretty much the same reasons listed on this blog.
    First was price, just a bit to much of a stretch for a product with few unbiased reviews.
    No cable
    Already got 2x Zeus V3. Use them in noisy machinery as ear defenders, Quite effective and can wite them in when the battery conks out. Noise cancellation sounds promising for this use.
    Bought Pump in ear wired headphones but was disappointed as one side stopped working just as warranty period ceased. I would take some persuading to shell out on a fairly untested product.

    That said I love my Zeus and Titan, please don’t stop challenging the competition. I think you need to be in more market places online.

  7. Tony   •   17/08/2021   •   

    Could not order as system would not let me input card data

  8. Andrew Taylor   •   17/08/2021   •   

    Hi Adam,
    Sorry to hear the news after your efforts, time and investment. My reason simple – my interests are entirely Talex; I do not use in-ear or on-ear devices.
    Best wishes,


  9. Craig Thorp   •   17/08/2021   •   

    Price too high, and did not need another pair

  10. Josh Moses   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I’ve been a fan of Pump Since 2015 with the original wired buds. Some of the best sound quality I’ve ever had the pleasure too listen to. I also bought the one ear headphones back in 2018/19, great sound quality but poor ergonomics, but I stayed loyal and continued to follow your innovations. Furthermore, I then purchased the Titan Pump Small Speaker with high hopes after reading the reviews but was left bitter disappointed, especially for the price point. My titan had no subwoofer response at all and sound incredibly tinnie/echoey when turned up 75% or above. This made be very reluctant to purchase another new line up in your products. However, I’m still a firm believer in Pump’s vision and mission in the audio industry and remain hopeful for the return to your former glory.

  11. Adam   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Hi Adam
    Im really sorry to hear that you are withdrawing the Aurrus headset. I have been a long time customer of Pump Audio headsets.
    I have multiples of all your models and was looking forward to preordering the Aurrus.
    The web site I was ordering off crashed then when I tried again it had two sets in the order box. When I tried to refresh the page after changing to order one set it froze. I started again then there was 3 sets in the order box!!
    At this point I gave up and sent a private e-mail explaining the problem hoping to resolve it.
    Now I cannot order order at all.
    I feel a bit disheartened of this whole saga to be honest.
    Hopefully Pump Audio can get back on track.
    Regards Adam P

  12. Lee   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I think a lot of the fans will already have Zeus V2 or V3 and maybe can’t really justify spending that much on a new pair. Also covid has affected a lot of people financially … and I suspect a lot of Pump fans are more into creative arts who are probably the most affected.
    Sucks, sorry guys, I just couldn’t justify spending on a new pair when my Zeus V3’s are still great.

  13. Martin   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I tried to order one but your web site wasn’t working so I gave up after a few emails to your staff stating all was ok it just didn’t work

  14. Sam   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I’ve been with Pump since 2016, and do my best to pre-order every new product you guys introduce. I did pre order Zeus v3 but never received them, so I was a bit apprehensive to putting an order down for Aurrus at first, but moved forward with the order anyway. With the amount of travel my work requires, I was head over hills excited for Aurrus, but when I saw the price I had a feeling it’s launch may not go as you guys would expect, and sadly that seems to have been the case. Regardless though, if y’all ever release them in the future, I’m still buying.

    1. Barrie   •   16/08/2021   •   

      I tried to order but he discount code that was meant to be sent to my email did not arrive.
      If that was half price you had no chance of selling them at full price. I was repaired to buy at the half price.
      You must have a stock so why cancel people who did order.?? There is obviously a stock sitting some where.

  15. Brian   •   16/08/2021   •   

    At the price point even with the discount I would want to hear or at least see some independent reviews to assist my choice to buy. Big bass outdoor speaker is what is needed in the range. Good luck

  16. Luke W.   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Cost, Website issues, Talex delay have taken my confidence in your company ability to provide what you promise.

    There’s also a wealth of competitor products out there literally on the shelf today!

  17. Herman Resto   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Had the wired ear buds, but on all, 3 pairs, the sound has gone out on one side. I also have the rechargeable Pump Bluetooth earbuds and I obsolutely love them. Then I got the Sony wireless headphones that cover my ears completely without fatigue and have sound cancelation with 3D support. If I did not own the Sony, I would had probably gone for these new Pump headphones.

  18. AHMED   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Your products always sound great. But the price is so high this time even with the half price.

  19. Eddie Brown   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Firstly, I am a fan of Pump Audio and have supported you through Seedrs since early on.
    I have the Zeus V3 and although I liked them very much, the ear pads are not very comfortable and I have to wear them in exactly the right position or they will hurt after a few minutes. It would be nice to be able to get some thicker and softer pads.
    I would have to say that some of the other premium brands that the headset competes with win big on comfort. But I can’t say for other Pump products as I would have to buy them to check.
    One of my main uses for the headphones are for travelling and one of the big plusses with the Zeus V3 was that the shape allowed for more comfortable wearing around the neck. They score well here but they are a bit awkward to store in their case as it feels like I have to squash them in.
    The sound is great but I think perhaps more user testing whilst in development might be useful.
    We are also buying on faith a lot of the time as there is not much unbiased comparison testing that can be found out there. Not just sound but look and feel as well as comfort and endurance. Maybe some food for thought for new releases?
    I did have a pairing problem with the first set but you guys were quick to send me a replacement set – so +10 for customer service!
    Other thought I had if they are possible are:
    – Variable tension on the headband. Not everyone likes them tight and better for larger heads.
    – Option to change the headphone colours. Maybe you could have changeable inserts and ear pads? Perhaps be able to print off your own designs to slip behind transparent covers?
    – I think a previous comment mentioned the ability to run with a cable.
    – Rather than a hard shell storage case, have a quality soft bag with storage for smaller items such as wallet and phone.
    – Opportunity for existing customers to participate in beta testing of products. Feedback helps with developing the final product.
    Keep it up and don’t get disheartened!

  20. Andrew   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Sorry guys, the several different pump products o have inc. Zeus are very good and could not justify a change !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dennis   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Currently, all the speakers on your website are sold out except for the atom and titan. I can’t even replace the speakers I currently have which are not working and out of warranty, I’m certainly not going to order something that does not yet exist.

  22. Paul Irving   •   16/08/2021   •   

    As many have said it simply boiled down to the high price. Even with the discount I simply couldn’t justify the outlay and no available reviews was the final nail in the coffin. Having said all that I’ll still look forward to seeing any new products you and your team will I’m sure come up with. Sympathies and kindest regards.

  23. Ani   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Very disappointed that the Aurrus has been cancelled. I was very much looking forward to using them (Have been a loyal customer for quite some time now).
    My take would be the lack of promotion outside of loyal Pump Audio users like myself, somewhat lack of social media presence, somewhat botched launch (I was able to purchase mine, though), and the price could all have been contributing factors. Pandemic also, but that goes without saying.

    With all that being said, if you were to relaunch them tomorrow, I would purchase again, no questions asked.

  24. Matt   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Was interested, but currently have a functioning pair of Zeus as well as several various earbuds – Mix Atom, Mix Duo, Boom, Mix. That along with the lack of clarity regarding the use of a wired listening option as opposed to only wireless and uncertainty about the sizing of the actual device – my Zeus are slightly uncomfortable on my head; would be nice if they extended just a bit more so the earpads could sit fully on my ears and not pull up on the bottom of my ears.

    All things, as well as the price that went into the decision to skip this time. Good luck with future products.

  25. Michael   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I live in Switzerland and the import fee is too much, if the price is over CHF 62.-
    And also when there is a problem with the product – the shipping is too expensive from Switzerland to the UK.
    I’am really happy with the Mix Duo and would be happy to buy/try/use the Aurrus. But the import fee could be about CHF 35.- … and then it’s too expensive, also with the 50% reduction.

  26. Chris   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I have 4 or 5 different Pump products that fulfil different uses. The Zeus i have are excellent, and still working fine as I would expect. I have in ear pumps and the original wired – all stored in different locations when I need them (Work bag, gym, ps4 etc.)

    Looking at the posts above, one thing stands out – your loyal fan base is saturated. And the products are so good, we don’t need any more (or cant justify it)

    I think you need to get the name out in a more varied market and grab those new users.

    Probably teaching you to suck eggs ;-)

  27. Jhodi   •   16/08/2021   •   


    Sorry to hear about the launch cancellation. I did consider pre-ordering. If sound quality was as good as I was expecting I think pre-launch price point would be V competitive but RRP did seems little high. Also not having a cable/dac where lossless audio is now easily accessible, seems an oversight. Strange that people are reverting to cables again but if sound is your thing then it makes sense to be able to get the best into and out of your headphones.
    Good luck with everything, keep up the good work and I look forward to buying some more pump products in the future.

  28. Chris   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I have read some of the above comments, and I can relate to most of them. The cost is one thing, especially as, although it is not made very clear, it is to some extent a crowd funded product, so is not available immediately. I use phones mainly for travel, and not doing much of that just now, and I have already bought 2 Pump headsets which continue to give good service. The fact that the Talex 3 has been well over 12 months in development has not given me much confidence in delivery promises – though I do appreciate that it has been a difficult time for you as well as us all. I also wonder with the Talex delay how current and relevant it will be when it does finally arrive, as I can get a fairly similar service from Waze now, with no direct cost or subscription. Obviously quite a few people share my disappointment with the Talex situation, and I feel it would have been more prudent to deliver on this before embarking, or at least announcing, another project, however good it may be.

  29. Dan   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I did pre-order, but I did think twice about it first.
    I have a couple of sets of atoms now. Have had multiple MIX variants in the past and also have the Zeus. The Zeus is a bit blocky but the sound is great. The aurrus was not cheap, and a slight upgrade in sound and ANC it was going to be a little redundant.
    In the end I mostly use my atoms. They are quick and easy and portable to use. I have had a little trouble with the case easily coming open. Now if you could somehow get ANC in an in-ear option, we would really be talking.

    1. Martin   •   16/08/2021   •   

      Was unable to order as your web site wasn’t working a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to owning one

  30. Simon   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Simply put the price is the big issue for me

  31. Richard   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Hello to all the Pump Team
    Tbh the price is a little too much.
    I’ve already got 3 different pump earphones for different uses.
    I’ve recently brought a pair of soundcore life Q30 and their amazing.
    It would be very hard to beat their price and build quality for the £80 they cost me.

  32. Jonathan   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Hi Adam for me it was more a case of where will I use them. Have just got my atoms back from my son who is now using air pod pros with his new phone and really happy with them the atoms that is. I also have Zeus which are great and love it being wired for my old iPad. I have the titan for listening outdoors, Zeus and atoms for indoors. Would normally have brought some for wife but she has Bose ones she has recently bought. So couldn’t justify buying anymore, now a sound bar with 5.1 or 7.1 would be a different matter.

  33. PETE   •   16/08/2021   •   

    As others have said I have bought various Pump products and found them excellent. I would have bought Aurrus it the offer price was £100 or below but I could not justify the purchase as I do have Zeus v3, but Aurrus looks to be a more practical design. Keep up the good work tho as your products are excellent.

  34. Harvey   •   16/08/2021   •   

    They don’t look appealing and at the pricepoint suggested why not take a JBL TUNE 600BTNC at a fraction of the price. JBL has also pumping bass.

  35. Kyle Carter   •   16/08/2021   •   

    It’s sad to know this launch hasn’t gone as planned as I was excited about these. One thing to keep in mind for future release of these types of headphones is always keep the option of 3.5mm jack, this is essential for most people as not all devices are wireless and it is definitely a highlight of my Zeus V3’s which enables me to use them in any situation. Although I did order the Aurrus, it would have severely limited where I could use them. Best of luck in the future and I will continue to support your awesome products as I’ve not been disappointed with the ones I do own.

  36. Craig Ward   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Have a pair of Zeus and a bit underwhelmed compared to the AirPod Pro I Also use.

    Old fashioned charging cable, heavy on the head and hot on the ears.

  37. David Ranford   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Still waiting over 12 months for my Talex 3 stops me ordering anything further and I’m happy with my in ear phones from you.

  38. Peter Cobb   •   16/08/2021   •   

    As many others said I have bought various Pump products and they are excellent and to be honest I would have purchased the Aurrus if the offer price was £100 or below but above that I could not justify the purchase as I do have Zeus v3 although the Aurrus does appear to be a more practical design, and November was a tad too long to wait. Keep on keeping on tho as your product is excellent.

  39. YediydeYah Allen   •   16/08/2021   •   

    As a few others have commented, Pump Audio needs to focus on building out a bigger fanbase to accumulate more buyers so that those that already have Pump Audio products aren’t the only ones supporting the brand/company. Also, there was not much press, pre-release videos, first thoughts, real-world input, etc. etc. It’s time for Pump to become more social with its marketing.

    The pricing may have had an issue as well, however, the friends of Pump Audio have not had an issue with paying a premium price for other Pump Audio products (and I still question the price for some of the products in the past).

    I will say for me personally – I need a color other than black! PUMP AUDIO NEEDS TO BREAK AWAY FROM USING BLACK AS THE ONLY COLOR OPTION!!! It’s 2021 and color options are IN and I mean VERY IN.

    Also – launching a product with BT 5.0 at the pricepoint that Pump was asking for is a hard pill to swallow (we need to keep moving forward with technology so that the products aren’t antiquated from the beginning). BT 5.2 should have been the BT version used for the slight gains in power efficiency.

    I wouldn’t give up on Aurrus just yet, maybe focus on building up hype and relaunch the pre-launch with a bigger marketing campaign and some real-world usage videos and you’ll have a home run with the Aurrus! And come out with some different colorways

    1. YediydeYah Allen   •   16/08/2021   •   

      Also – to help recoup the costs associated with building Aurrus – I would continue the pre-sale or have a firesale to sell the units that have been produced already and then proceed with a relaunching of Aurrus incorporating the feedback received.

  40. Volker   •   16/08/2021   •   

    As I live in the EU, it makes no sense for me to order from UK as it is just a hassle with customs.

  41. Sam   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Already bought the wireless pump audio, pump mix and the atom.

    Tried the Zeus before and was underwhelmed to be honest. They felt heavy and the sound quality wasn’t what I was expecting. I’d returned those back to you.

    So really, wasn’t looking for another pair.

    I would be interested in a TV sound bar or 5.1 cinema system.

  42. James Halliday   •   16/08/2021   •   

    More pressing demands on my funds right now and existing products owned still very good. I also think it is just bad timing as this time of year is usually a bit slow with many on holiday or not spending due to the extra holiday expense.

  43. Brad   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I went back and forth with many of the reasons already listed; the webpage and basically no information to “sell” the product to me (no pics, no videos, no specs, etc), the price point is a little high since I already have many of your other products, the lead time is just too far out, but ultimately it came down to your website not even allowing me to place an order because it simply didn’t work.

  44. Darren Fowler   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Hi guys, I really want you to win, but I would not purchase from this website. The purchase journey needs to be frictionless. You are only getting passion buyers right now. Speculate to accumulate and all that, PLEASE stop bringing out new products and instead invest in your base, social strategy and storefront first! (I aim to be constructive and supportive here, right now you are way below power on the simple stuff)

  45. Dean   •   16/08/2021   •   

    1. It’s bad timing for me and seemingly many others at the moment, money-wise.

    2. I bought the Zeus and given I only use those occasionally (my usual go-to is my Mix Atoms as they’re small and easy to carry around), it doesn’t make sense at the moment to buy another pair of headphones. Tying into that is the fact that, sadly, there’s no resale value in any Pump products because nobody out there knows anything about Pump… otherwise I’d sell my Zeus and buy a pair of Aurrus instead. Might be something to factor into your marketing strategy.

  46. jonathan hurford-potter   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I concur with others. Even discounted they were quite expensive for an untested new product. Your website would benefit from an upgrade and you need to find a way to offer independent testing and benchmarking of the product.

  47. John Waddelow   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Perhaps too many potential users like myself have bought your previous products and are quite happy with them with no motivation to upgrade.
    I only use my Zeuss at home out of respect for neighbours and have been most happy with them.
    Now if you could produce a quality over ear headset that I could use to listen to TV without noticeable latency audio delay I would buy them without hesitation, perhaps along the lines of incorporating Bluetooth 5.0 with A/V sync and a separate compatible dongle for the TV?

  48. Tony   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Adam I am not surprised,when it has taken so long with talex3 and still no supply date,perhaps you should have given as quick a refund to talex users who pre-ordered.

    1. Adam Blair   •   16/08/2021   •   

      Hi Tony, T3 is something TALEX perused, whereas Aurrus is being cancelled. The small percentage of people who have asked for a refund have been given one immediately. I’m glad to say that T3 is basically done now and we will be ordering from the factory very shortly! :-)

  49. Stan   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Sorry to hear the sad news. For me it’s just that I didn’t need another pair of headsets.

  50. Ian Timms   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Materials. My current favourites are Beyer D770, Sennheiser Momentum and Beoplay H9. They’re all based on metal headbands with leather/velour ear pads. While I love the pump sound, my cans have to be durable and comfortable. The demo model Aurus pics looked too plastic/pvc oriented (a fault shared with Beats and Bose tbh) and the lack of a backup cable counted them out. Sorry, because I know they’ll have been sonically great.

  51. Tony Bray   •   16/08/2021   •   

    The web sight did not work so I gave up trying to order.

  52. Peter Rae   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Was looking forward to these as they looked nice size rather than the Zeus I already have .
    Yes the three month wait was scary but ideal timing for Santa
    Best of luck peter

  53. Chris Hexter   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Lack of wired support prevented me (at least, it looked like it didnt have 3.5mm from the pics), many of the devices I would use them with simply don’t have bluetooth support, sorry to hear the news :(

  54. Mik   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Price is one
    There are much more competitive headsets on the market, which include leather earpads.
    If you are going to put such a great amount of work into this product, it’s ESSENTIAL you pay attention to small details.
    Earpads are one.. This changes the product into a MUST HAVE instead of a maybe.
    Also balance the price

    1. Adam Blair   •   16/08/2021   •   

      Hi Mik

      Aurrus did have leather earpads. You are right – we should have pointed this out as a feature…

  55. Andy   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I’m not financially in a position to afford them. Also I’m fairly happy with my current headphones. Maybe an upgrade scheme or payment scheme? I do understand the price reflects the research, production and profit margins.

  56. Peter Steingruber   •   16/08/2021   •   

    In principle I was interested. But if I spend money on a product is that I either need it or want it as soon as.
    To wair 3 month minimum, potentially till 2022 is to long.

  57. Andrew   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I loved the idea of the Aurrus, and am a great fan of previous products. The slightly muddled launch may not have helped; these things really need a smooth and slick big bang. But I think the biggest thing that suprised me was the price point. I’m not sure Pump has a big enough name and brand visibility to be pitching at that proce point (yet), at least not to achieve the kind of sales numbers that will drive the brand forward. Direct website orders and internet presence are all good and well, but the brand needs wider distribution through recognised sellers to achieve the knind of brand trust that would allow a big launch at that proce point. Just my humble opinion, and I shall continue to be a huge fan.

  58. Kev   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I think it’s a timing question… personally I use headphones when travelling, and I’m not travelling or likely to start again this year. Nothing wrong with the product, but at this moment it’s not something I need…

  59. Jesse   •   16/08/2021   •   

    For me, it’s hard to shell out even the reduced price without knowing how effective the ANC is from third party, unbiased reviews, plus I really would prefer to know how neutral the sound is via at least a frequency response graph prior to buying any over ears.

    The actual launch page has minimal details on it outside of pictures of the product and a very short blurb, and if I can be absolutely brutally honest, what doesn’t help prospective buyers is just how poorly laid out/designed the webpages on this site are. It doesn’t feel like the place to buy a PREMIUM product in all honesty.

  60. Lawrence   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Hi Adam, with three pairs of Pump in-ear ‘phones and my Zeus I just don’t need any more headphones right now.

  61. Jay   •   16/08/2021   •   

    The simple fact is, if people already have a working product, then they’re unlikely to go out and buy a new similar product to replace it.

  62. Jocelyn F   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Honestly, I just am not in a place financially to buy new headphones no matter how much I like them especially if it’s not a necessity. Otherwise, they were nice. I liked them. I hope in the future when I’m more stable to be able to make such a purchase.

  63. Neil Fennell   •   16/08/2021   •   

    I gave up trying to preorder as you website was unworkable
    It still sounded like a good product but the date was too soon if it’s not due out till November (and likely getting further pushed back into 2022.

  64. Frantz   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Personnellement je trouve votre casque trop cher alors que je ne peux pas le tester avant. Je sais que vous avez votre garantie mais c’est contraignant de le payer entièrement si je ne dois être satisfait. Désolé que votre produit ne prenne pas mais difficile d’imaginer un son alors que personne ne peut en parler ou le comparer. Il vous faudrait des testeurs et des retours qui indiqueraient aux clients potentiels si l’investissement est valable. Votre ANC n’ pas été testé non plus. Cela fait beaucoup d’inconnues à gérer. Difficile d’investir à l’avance.
    Je suis à votre disposition si besoin
    F Gérard

  65. Derek Bassell   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Was really looking forward to these….I found the zeus a little to big so when these were announced I was over the moon,noise cancelling was a huge bonus as well.
    My personal belief as to why pre order was slow is we are just coming out of the pandemic and people haven’t got the money to splash on a luxury item like these.
    It’s a shame but here’s to other things….good luck

  66. Barry Spooner-Barlow   •   16/08/2021   •   

    Currently off work due to ill health. ( Not getting paid)

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