PUMP Audio in Walmart

Dear Friends,

We have some big news that we’ve been holding off on announcing recently until it was 100% confirmed.

Today we’re excited to announce that PUMP Audio will be stocked by Walmart in their online store, with a view to launching across their US stores soon.

Walmart are the World’s largest retailer, and this is the latest validation of the all the behind the scenes work we did last year to make PUMP a true alternative for major retailers.

The links to the product pages on the Walmart site are below:

PUMP BOOM at Walmart

PUMP MIX at Walmart

PUMP DECKS at Walmart

Walmart are just waiting for stock to arrive and are due to start selling this week or early next.

P.S. If this news has tipped the balance on helping you decide to become an Investor in PUMP Audio, here’s how to do it…

To Invest in PUMP Audio:

> I’m in the UK / EU

> I’m outside the EU



  1. Paul   •   04/09/2017   •   

    Well done guys.

    1. Adam   •   04/09/2017   •   

      Thanks Paul. Dave has been heading up this deal for a year now so we’re pretty happy it’s finally happened!

  2. Jonathan   •   04/09/2017   •   

    Does this mean that we will be seeing them in Asda stores

    1. Adam   •   05/09/2017   •   

      Hi Jonathan

      Not just yet. Walmart’s US and UK operations are run completely separately, which is understandable as they are subtly different markets.

      Obviously all major channels are on the agenda for us though.


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