Blindfolding Strangers In Carparks (on Valentine’s Day)

Hi All,

Bit of a strange thing for us to be doing on Valentine’s Day… but we were blindfolding strangers in a car park on Saturday.

We were at Westwood Cross here the UK with the Battle Bus and we conducted a blindfold test on random people.

They were asked to put on a blindfold and listen to 2 sets of earphones, and then choose which ones they preferred the sound of.

We had 52 people take the test in the six or so hours we were there, and these were the results:

2 of the tests were void (because one person said “I don’t like beats” and the other one removed the blindfold too soon).

Of the 50 valid tests, 13 said they preferred Beats Tours and 37 said that they preferred PUMP!

So that’s 74% in our favour :-)

We filmed the whole test continually in case anyone wants to interrogate the results and method.

I’m hoping to do more of these blindfold tests in future, and I’m willing to have a pound bet with anyone that the numbers will go even more in our favour with the more people that take the test!

All the best,



  1. Christopher Yellop   •   16/02/2015   •   

    They are very very good had some from the early days and they are still going strong

  2. Stuart Worth   •   17/02/2015   •   

    I got the kids, adult kids a set each for Chrimbo they both swear they are the best earphones they have ever heard their music played through, it’s impossible to be dissapointed with these get a pair now now while Adam has got the price low.

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