From the founder of UGG…

Last week I had an email from Brian Smith, who is the Founder of the World famous sheepskin boots brand, UGG.

This email means so much because UGG are known above all else for the extreme quality of their products.

Here’s Brian’s email…

Brian Quote

What an amazing compliment to receive from the man who created one of the most recognisable and highly regarded brands on the planet… :-)

Keep it PUMPed!

P.S. I was in the gym last week and saw something out of the corner of my eye…

It looked like the PUMP logo!

I looked, then looked again — a bit like in a bad comedy — and yes indeed, there was a Woman… Tara… wearing a PUMP Audio shirt!

Tara in Gym



I *promise* you that this wasn’t staged. I had never met Tara – she was more surprised than me :-)

Seems like we’re slowly but surely making our way in to the mainstram…


  1. Alan Marsh   •   14/12/2015   •   

    I use my pump earphones everywhere I go. I wouldn’t be without them. The color sets the conversation going which quickly turns to the quality of the sound. Crisp, with the right balance of mid and bass. I love that my music is always pumped.

  2. Micky Finn   •   13/11/2015   •   

    Great comments from a great boot maker. The headphones that keep your tunes warm.

  3. Jo   •   12/11/2015   •   

    I love my UGGs and I love my PUMPs! You are right, both are just amazing x

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