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Adam Blair   •   May 31, 2017   •   11 Comments

Hi All

OK, this is a slightly controversial blog post here at PUMP with some of the Team for it and some against, but please let me know what you think in the poll at the bottom…

We had a review come in around 3 weeks ago that’s been bugging the heck out of me since I read it.

In case you want to read it, I’ll put a link at the end.

The review was for MIX Wireless.

It wasn’t really that bad, with the “expert” (aren’t we all? ;-) reviewer praising MIX Wireless on several occasions.

However, the reviewer complained that at £90, MIX Wireless are “expensive”, citing that they are £20 more than SoundMagic’s E10BT…

…Seemingly disregarding the fact that the two sets of headphones are in a completely different league to one another in terms of sound quality*

ok, it’s not a “fact”, but I think we’ll make it the subject of one of the next PUMP Challenge videos to see what the public think :-)

Bizarrely, he then completely over sold MIX Wireless in terms of battery life and range, stating:

“Expect around 10hrs battery life from them and around 20m Bluetooth range when you’re in clear sight of your smartphone.” 

Where he got these numbers from is a complete mystery to me and I wonder if it suggests that he didn’t really give this review his full attention.

The part of the review that states “Tl;dr” (“too long; didn’t read”) — yes, I had to look that up — also suggests to me that this wasn’t really an in depth review…

Even stranger was the fact that this reviewer had previously reviewed PUMP V2, which were — at the time — £100.

He scored them 5/5 with gushing compliments.

Considering that V2 were the wired predecessor to MIX Wireless, I couldn’t figure out how just a year or so later, he could complain that MIX Wireless were too expensive, after we’ve moved heaven and earth over the last year to lower prices significantly while at the same time adding new user requested features!

But the part of the review that really got to me was this…

“Pump weren’t lying: these earphones are made for those who are seriously into their bass. If you’re not a frequent listener of that type of music, then look elsewhere. You’ll find the Mix far too much.”

If you are a PUMP user, I’m willing to bet that you will agree with me that this assessment of “the Mix” is — to put it scientifically — a load of absolute codswallop!

I appreciate that not everyone agrees — this chap doesn’t seem to certainly! — but when you look at the reviews that really matter; PUMP Users rather than so called “expert” reviewers, you get the real story.

Keep it PUMPed!


So what do you think: Should PUMP be talking about reviews we think are unfair, or just ignoring them?

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A copy of the review can be found here:

But we prefer this one that came in just yesterday :-)


  1. Malcolm Ewing   •   01/06/2017   •   

    I really do think you should not be giving print time to a ‘ reviewer ‘ who, by his own admission has not read all the text on the equipment. This kind of thing goes on all the time on social websites, people trying stir controversy whilst ignorant of the facts. I could go on, but I would leave things alone for a while, then throw the sales figures into the MIX!

  2. Rick   •   01/06/2017   •   

    I think it’s a mistake to associate Pump products primarily with dance music. I have enjoyed rediscovering my music collection (primarily mid-60s through mid-70s rock) on my MIX Wireless. Not only do I hear bass that was never audible before, but MIX reveals details in the music at all levels of the audio spectrum. I have been on a long journey looking for the holy grail of headphones that would let me “feel” the music as much as I hear it. I’ve gone through products from Klipsch, Bose, AKG, Sennheiser, V-Moda, Audio-Technica and even Beats. But my MIX out-performs them all. Strong bass, musical clarity at a reasonable price. How can you ask for more?

  3. Alex   •   01/06/2017   •   

    I completely agree with the bass comment and for me it’s to an extent that with some music “muddies” and overpowers a lot of the other elements. I’ve spent time listening to the same music on multiple sets of Bluetooth headsets I own and have come to the conclusion that the new pump sound isn’t for me. It’s worth adding that I had a pair of the original cabled headphones which I loved but they didn’t last long and soon lost sound in one ear.

    But I fully accept that sound is completely subjective and everyone has different preferences so I think any review should be taken in this manner.

    I currently have several pairs or Brainwavz which are generally cheaper and to my ear sound better across all types of music.

    1. Adam   •   01/06/2017   •   

      Hi Alex. You shouldn’t be experiencing a “new” PUMP sound – it should be precisely the same as it has been from the start, only with a slightly wider frequency response range. I wonder if you may have a fault with your MIX Wireless. Regarding your set that lost sound in one ear, these are covered by the 2 year Manufacturers Warranty or if outside that, the 5 Year PUMP Replace Guarantee. Just send them back to us by contacting the support team via and we’ll get them replaced for you.

  4. Chris   •   01/06/2017   •   

    Hi Adam. I think responding to reviews can work. But yes need to keep it respectful. And recognise that there is a subjective element to which sound people prefer. If possible, I think the best brand-building responses would use humour. You might want to send him a summary version of the doc that was too long. Point out the price change and say you can make him a special offer at £100 as he was happy with that price point. And ask him which bits of the super clear audio spectrum he prefers not to hear…

  5. Birgit Fienemann   •   01/06/2017   •   

    I voted for “stand up against it – with passion”. I have read the complete review and commented on it, too. The guy compared products which cannot be compared and God knows where he’s got that “technical issues”, which he ranted upon, from…

    I think it’s important, not to leave comments and review like that uncommented, defo not. If a review is still written with respect, okay, answer the same way. But this review was far beyond any balance – and even worse, critical responses to this blog post were deleted! No. I think a producer should stand up for the product he makes – if necessary, with passion, yes.
    Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my mother language :)

  6. Alan   •   01/06/2017   •   

    Interesting tho’ it is, it is also a fact that at soon as a less well-known product starts to encroach on the sales of the ‘big-boys’, then certain connected people start trolling the positive reviews and comments to deliberately skew people’s thoughts/reactions so as to make the better-known brand names appear to be of better quality and value.than they truly are. You (Pump) as a brand must always be wary of this on all forms of social media and gently but firmly counteract it.

  7. Red   •   02/06/2017   •   

    I think listening to them is a good idea wether it positive or negative and what we can learn is to take the negative learn from it and turn it into a positive. otherwise we will never see the downside of our product, lets learn from it.

  8. Jade   •   02/06/2017   •   

    One thing that irks me about this blog post is that you’re​ automatically assuming the reviewer is a male by using the pronoun ‘he’. Please don’t assume that only males use your product. I see this mistake so much and it’s really disappointing. I hope you take the time to fix your article to use gender-neutral pronouns such as ‘they’.

    1. Adam   •   02/06/2017   •   

      Hi Jade, I think you’ve taken that the wrong way. The reviewer was male, but some of the team persuaded me to not use his name and so I edited the post to remove his name and replace with “he” :-) Adam

  9. Gaz   •   02/06/2017   •   

    The fact of the matter is you’ll never please everyone and some people will have their favourites but if you are going to review any product at least have the courtesy of reading fully all about the equipment…Personally having bought my second pair of in-ear earphones from you guys I cannot fault the quality of sound at all and the case goes everywhere with me, I’ve had Beats and others but for me it’s PUMP all the way!

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