Here’s to 2015…

Isn’t it strange how we always get so reflective at this time of year? (or is that just me? :-))

I just had a look back at the email I sent to our customers and Members of my other businesses at new year last year.

And the one I sent the year before that…

The message is always the same, really – to thank them, whether they’re a “paid up” Member, or they just like getting the newsletters I send out.

It’s a true fact that without them, I wouldn’t have had the means to start something that has truly reinvigorated my passion for business (I know that sounds a bit cheesy but I really mean it!).

They’ve allowed us to start PUMP Audio and it’s something that – for reasons I’m not 100% sure of – has caught my imagination. It’s taken me back to when I first started out – the 16 hour days, being at the office at 3 in the morning when everyone else is asleep …stuff like that.

At the start of 2014 I printed out some goals for the year ahead– which included business goals as well as personal goals — such as “be happy and relaxed most of the time” : -)

In the business goals section it said “Bring at least 5 new products to market”.

And we DID.

And then … I launched PUMP Audio.

My plan was to continue with more products and brands. I had investigated a quadrocopter product, a tablet computer, TVs… the list went on.

But I sort of fell in love with PUMP, and the results were twofold:

I decided to make sure that my other businesses could run properly with me giving less time to them (turns out they seem to run better, I think because I’ve empowered the people running them to do what they think is right, rather than having to ask me all the time);

I realised how lucky I was to be able to attempt a task such as taking on the big audio brands, and that business was not just about how much money you make!

I’d instinctively realised the second point when I first started out back in 2004, but somehow had forgotten it in recent years.

Money is important, yes, because it allows you to do things (such as start PUMP Audio), and it also allows you to improve people’s lives, including your customers (by offering better products and services), your families, and your own.

But money is really not the end goal in itself in my opinion. It’s more about having purpose, passion and doing things that you can be proud of.

Anyway, that was the big lesson I learned this year…

I’d like to wish you a really fun NYE and a prosperous new year filled with everything you ever wanted!

P.S. Check out out latest artist endorsements if you haven’t already seen them. It’s so satisfying to me to be associated with such talented and passionate (sorry for using that word twice in one blog post!) people.

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