I’m flying to the US…

Dear All,

As I write this I’m en route to JFK from London for some medical treatment for my little girl.

It’s nothing too serious thankfully, but it needs to be dealt with, and America leads the World in this field.

It seems like every time we do a product launch — which is always a little stressful — there is some other major thing going on in my life!

Anyhow, what I like about long flights is the time it gives you to contemplate life

On this occasion, I’m thinking about the biggest investment of both money and energy I’ve made in my own life – PUMP Audio.

I’ve been thinking about how we’ve marketed new headphone models in the past and – to be honestit makes me cringe a little!

We’ve often done “flashy marketing” in the past to launch new models…

Particularly when we’ve used platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

You know…the ones with the cheesy music and professional voiceovers?

These sort of productions can cost a lot of money to produce!

You sort of have to when you use platforms like Kickstarter, otherwise you just won’t attract Users who are new to the brand.

The downside to all this is that the cost of doing “flashy” (I tend to call it “cheesy”) marketing is that the cost has to be covered by the sales price, making it more expensive than it otherwise would be…

Well, I’m happy to say that this time, we’ve done it differently.

Put simply, we’ve done it much more naturally (and cheaply) …or as Snoop Dogg might say, we’ve been “keepin’ it real”! :-)

That’s not to say that the development hasn’t been expensive (it has!) …as well as massively time consuming.

But the marketing has pretty much been me with my laptop, and the help of our web designer Adrian.

In other words: low cost.

PUMP Aurrus are a seriously high quality set of headphones, with a huge amount of development that’s gone in to them, and I’m PROUD of them.

I want as many people as possible to be able to afford a set of Aurrus, and this straightforward marketing is – I think – the way to go to help keep the price as low as possible for our long term supporters.

I may need a couple of days to get settled in the US (we’re going to be here for 6 weeks) but I’ll be in touch very soon!

The plan is to get the Aurrus pre-launch live this week.

> If you haven’t already, you can get on the Earlybird List here :-)

All the best,

P.S. If you want to swat up on Aurrus before the pre-launch this week, you can check out the “micro site” we’ve made here.