Keith Richards Quote

I was watching a documentary about Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones the other day and he made what I thought was a beautiful quote.

So I thought I’d share with you…

“For me, music is like the centre of everything. It’s something that binds people together through centuries, through millennium. It’s undefinable. And nobody’s ever going to have the answer to it. But it’s great fun exploring…”

Nicely said Keith :-)

We crated a nice wallpaper with this quote that you can get right here:

Portrait (for phones etc):

Landscape (for tablets, computers etc): click for full size version



  1. Ken Lewis   •   26/12/2015   •   

    If music be the food of love play on.

    Who said that ?

  2. Ray Bettany   •   25/12/2015   •   

    An absolutely brilliant quote and well worth remembering.

  3. John Johnson   •   25/12/2015   •   

    As a person who lives in UK and China my wife and I have a variety of tastes I am English and she is Chinese but we love each others music and that says so much that words cannot say yes music is for everyone to explore and enjoy.
    John and Xiaohui

  4. martin   •   25/12/2015   •   

    Great words from a legend

  5. CJ Manvell   •   24/12/2015   •   

    Just as applicable to all forms and genres of music, world wide and timeless. I’ve no idea who he is but he hit the nail square on the head.

    1. Ray   •   25/12/2015   •   

      CJ Manwell, your joking right?

      One of the legends basicallly saying he doesn’t understand it, it just IS!

  6. Natalie   •   21/12/2015   •   

    This guy is tooooo cool! x

  7. Michael Liddington   •   21/12/2015   •   

    Brilliant Quote brilliant music thats my era

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