Las Vegas, Baby!

As I write this I’m flying back from Las Vegas to Gatwick on Saturday evening, listening to the Chase & Status’s album “Brand New Machine” on my Audio Technica’s, which *were* my favourite headphones…

I’m case you don’t know, Audio Technica are a Japanese company who make some really nice over ear noise cancelling headphones which – in my opinion – are slightly better than BOSE Quiet Comfort.

…The problem is that they just sound tinny and rubbish for this kind of music compared to my PUMPs.

They don’t have anywhere near enough bass!

Everyone else in this part of the plane is asleep as I write…

I’m coming back from the US, where I met some really interesting people in LA, including a Grammy award winning producer, who I hope we can do a deal with (because he’s really cool and a REALLY talented guy).

I never realised before starting PUMP that these type of headphones I’m listening to now are just not suited to this type of electronic music.

It just sounds awful once you’ve heard it as it’s meant to be heard, in headphones designed for lovers of bass heavy music…

I know that the Audio Technicas probably work well with other genres like classical and jazz, folk… whatever. But for electronic and dance music that relies on a heavy bass line…. No, They don’t sound good, especially after getting used to my PUMPs!

Anyway, I’m signing off now. I need to grab my PUMPs out of my girlfriends flight bag. Hope I don’t wake her up…

P.S. Here’s a video that I took on my phone as we left Vegas. I think it’s pretty cool :-)

Leaving Las Vegas from Adam Blair on Vimeo.


  1. RJ   •   25/11/2014   •   

    sounds like you had fun in the US. I haven’t used my over ears since getting my pumps!

  2. mike   •   25/11/2014   •   

    Cool video! I’d love to go to Vegas!

    And I totally agree, tried PUMP against Bose Quiet Comfort are they are definitely way better!!

  3. Derek Byron   •   25/11/2014   •   

    Not a patch on Hatchmere and Delamere Forest. !! Best Wishes. Derek.

    1. admin   •   26/11/2014   •   

      We must be sure to visit there soon!

  4. Melvyn Weisbaum   •   04/12/2014   •   

    I have been looking for a decent pair of ‘in ear’ earphones as the ‘over ears’ are too bulky to travel with.
    You can never try any out in the shops because of infection so the only way to buy good ones is by recommendation.
    I received my new pumps this week and am delighted with the sound……really great…..thanks

  5. admin   •   29/12/2014   •   

    The video at the bottom of this blog post is from the ACTUAL plane that today made an emergency landing at Gatwick with one of it’s legs jammed… Glad I wasn’t on it today!!!

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