Looks like we’re bringing ZEUS back!

Dear All,

A fortnight ago I sent you a poll, asking Friends of PUMP:

Should we bring ZEUS back?

Well, the results are in:

Overwhelmingly Friends of PUMP want us to relaunch PUMP Zeus!

PUMP Zeus Poll Results

That’s 91.8% of respondents who would definitely or probably order a set.

This genuinely surprised me.

Of course I knew that Zeus was extremely popular among Friends of PUMP, but I was actually shocked how overwhelmingly users want them back.

So… We’ve started work on a new batch of Zeus!

The plan is to do a limited production run with a big “pre-sale only” discount for Friends of PUMP.

We’re aiming for significantly cheaper price than they were before (I’ll explain how/why soon!).

We’re also thinking about making some small design tweaks.

The biggest one visually is that we’re going for a slightly more subtle colour.

I personally like this:

That’s not a great quality image, but it gives you the idea…

But more importantly, what do YOU think of this more subtle colour palette?

Let us know in the comments below!

More soon,



  1. Rikki Caine, B.mus., Obe.   •   05/03/2019   •   

    I’d love another pair but I have gone completely deaf in my left ear……anyone with a sensible suggestion? It’s sodded up my musical career and I can’t finish my new dance album! My last four dance albums sold 30,000 copies each here and on the continent. Someone PLEASE help with a hearing cure. I’ ve got deaf aids but they’Re bloody useless, All i hear is frequencies between 18 – 22Khtz and nothing under that PLEASE HELP !!!……… Rikki.

  2. Daniel Causton   •   04/03/2019   •   

    I agree with a lot of the comments here – I have been waiting for some new ones for a long time as mine are perfect but the leather on the ears is flaking off! The only thing I would change apart from that is to have a matte finish instead of a glossy one, and maybe different colour buttons as silver looks dated. (Rubber black?) – definitely would say to keep the orange!

  3. Ibraheem Adam   •   04/03/2019   •   

    would feel pretty uncomfortable wearing these in public – I think the headphones should be a bit more low key, reduce the bulk if possible and definitely sort out the appearance of those buttons. i understand that it makes navigating with the headphones easy but they just stick out like a sore thumb. either way looking forward to the release of these headphones

  4. Daz   •   04/03/2019   •   

    The only thing that puts me off buying these is the button layout. A more modern layout that we see on most headphones nowadays would look a lot better!

  5. Jonathan   •   28/02/2019   •   

    Having had in ear headphones i have been really impressed by the sound quality that they produce. I had a pair of decks which were amazing until one side stopped working so would love a pair of over the ears headphones. These look great but think just a hint of orange somewhere in the design would be a nice finishing touch. Buttons in black would look good as well. Thanks Jonathan

  6. Matt   •   28/02/2019   •   

    If these were to be re-released, I would love to see the size of the frame slightly enlarged. When I wear my Zeus, I have them extended fully and they sit right against my head, which gets uncomfortable over time. I also agree with the comment about the size of the earcups. Looking forward to the release! Love Pump Audio!

  7. Conrad   •   28/02/2019   •   

    I’m very glad to see that they are being re-released.
    But the truth is I’m not into the black and silver (white?) letters, I think it needs more color like maybe a gold, burnt orange, or silver lining on the edges or maybe even the buttons and letters.
    Also, like a few have said, I honestly think that the ear cups need to be bigger so that they can be complete over-ear headphones and much more comfy, or maybe just sell special cups on the side for those who need them.
    Last think I think the looks can be changed a bit so they don’t look like antiques. Either make them look more slick or more geometrically complex. Personally I think that they should look either more modern or futuristic, since the truth is they have one of the most incredible sounds for headphones, no point in making something so great look old.
    Thanks a lot. Conrad ^ _^
    p.s. they still look great though

  8. Matt   •   28/02/2019   •   

    Although I am a fan of black, please not ‘Piano’ black, It may be a desirable finish on a Steinway, but IMO when it comes to plastic gloss finish just looks cheap. A textured/matte finish would be prefered (carbon if very limited prototype run would permit viability). As the outerband is not too complex a shape a (online) custom printed skin might be a consideration to personalise & protect? I agree regards round control buttons looking dated, maybe a shape & colour which would complement that of the headband shape/colour. Perhaps some (Orange anodised aluminium accents) if signature colour is desired.
    The encircled lightning bolt element of ZEUS logo would look good if it was made a more prominent focus of design.

  9. Dan   •   27/02/2019   •   

    Someone commented about changing the control buttons I agree they look a bit dated but I also think you should keep the orange colour for the writing it makes for a great contrast going for the silver font is just going to make them look samey samey pump is different from the rest the orange will catch the eyes and help spread the word, well that’s my 10 pence thanks for listening

  10. Adam   •   27/02/2019   •   

    I love the pump Zeus, yes a lil bit of orange would be nice as I believe orange is the stand out of pump.
    I would also like to see slightly larger ear pieces as they are a bit on the small side ( I have small ears too)
    The sound is spot on, battery life is spot on
    So bring it on Pump ;)

  11. DC   •   27/02/2019   •   

    I have these from before. They still work well, despite a small crack in the plastic casing on one of the earcups. Not sure I would buy these again tho’ unless they did tweek the design more than just a simple color change (which I do like better than the black & orange, btw).

    IMO, the earcups on these are too small for an over-the-ear headphone. I’ve found these to be painful to wear for extended periods of time, as in after a couple of hours, sometimes even less. My ears actually touch the insides of the cup. I suppose it could be a matter of the shape of my ears, which do tend to stick outward more than most people.

    Still, I continue to use these because I really like the added loudness these have compared to other bluetooth headphones I’ve owned.

    Sometimes I like my music really loud. I’ve tried Sennheiser’s Momentum II and PXC 550, and Shure’s Bluetooth cable for their IEM line, and all three had lackluster loudness. I returned the Shure BT cable and the PXC 550’s because of it. I’ve wondered if it’s some kind of issue with aptx support. However, the guys at Pump solved whatever that issue is, completely destroying the competition in that regard.

    If the Pump crew tweeked the design to increase the size of the ear cup, then I would consider purchasing again.

  12. Shabaz Ahmed   •   27/02/2019   •   

    Looks good to me

  13. Mark   •   27/02/2019   •   

    Looks good. Hopefully a slightly lower price will entice with the new colour scheme.
    Think it is a wise move.

  14. Roger   •   27/02/2019   •   

    If possible, I would ask if the extension on both sides would have another 1/2 inch each, they would fit more of my friends who tried them.

  15. Jennifer Chun   •   27/02/2019   •   

    How about all black buttons?

  16. Craig Bennett   •   27/02/2019   •   

    Hi, I have bought a few of your earbud versions over the last couple of years and I really appreciate the quality of them. Just have couple of questions about the Zeus. i have recently committed to getting a pair of B&B Wireless Headphones ion Kickstarter and wanted to check whether these have the same range of features, i.e. Bluetooth 5, Codecs supported etc but can’t find any info on the web quickly, would it be possible to send me some details? I am considering getting a pair for my wife as she travels a lot and would like a set of over ear phones (she has been borrowing my old Bose QC 3 noise cancelling ones but they are starting to perish a bit). Any help much appreciated. Cheers,


  17. Tony Harper   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Be useful to see both designs side by side

  18. YediydeYah Omar Allen   •   26/02/2019   •   

    If you’re going for a more subtle color AND this is going to be a limited production run – why not make the color something UNIQUE other than black! There are various shades of gray that are subtle, navy blue (or a darker hue of blue than say sky blue or royal blue), heck even white would be better than black.

    Again, if this is going to be a limited production run – MAKE THE COLOR UNIQUE!! Black is so basic and egregiously overdone on everything..

  19. Robert Newell   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Will these be both Bluetooth and wired? I’d like the frame a little narrower by the ears I think. Looks maybe a little too chunky. Also, I agree with the comments about the button layout. Could look a little more aesthetically pleasing perhaps. Not that I’d noticed. But now I have I can’t un-see it… but that’s nit picking. Fingers crossed they come to fruition. Best of luck.

  20. Ian Moring   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Still got to be available in burnt orange surely

  21. Michael Cole   •   26/02/2019   •   

    If they was good and popular before why change what people wanted. Just change what’s absolutely necessary I’d say.

    If people want them but in a different colour then offer out this option.

  22. Peter   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Looking good to me, go with it

  23. Patrick Dolan   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Much better colour. I got the Orange ones. She want be seen with me when I’ve got em on (Bonus)

  24. Mr M Richardson   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Look awesome any other colours??
    Does look like a butterfly tho but good finger placement for no look action’s

  25. Mez   •   26/02/2019   •   

    I believe incorporating a little orange would most definitely bring out the black, follow the theme and identity of the product.

    Just using black and piano black is nothing different to the next run of the mill high street headphone. I mean even the generic emoji says it all!

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  26. Del   •   26/02/2019   •   

    I’m always about the black…loud,brash in your face colour would always put me off buying a product no matter how good the product was

  27. Chris Hexter   •   26/02/2019   •   

    I only voted “no” as I already own 2 sets, the orange beta with the bluetooth issue, and the last release, so I’m pleased you are considering staying in the over-ear market. I love the sound from these, but do have concerns about their longevity, which I’d be happy to talk with you about on here or via email if it is of any help :)

  28. Faraaz   •   26/02/2019   •   

    So are we not going to hear anything about restocking the Mix Duos?

    1. Adam   •   26/02/2019   •   

      Hi Faraaz, we are planning that soon!

  29. Lorraine   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Would live to see these with a swivel arm so can be used comfortably to dj also be nice if they had a telephone type wire for flexibility

  30. David Hughes   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Yes looks good and have to agree with the butterfly comment. Need to drop that bit and try something else there.Would like to see something different than black though.Understand where your aiming for and with the price so I am assuming you have picked black as should suit the majority. Will be interesting to see what price you come up with & as a shareholder am obviously interested

  31. Mike   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Looks very good and I’ll definately buy one.
    Just some feedback, that side design kind of looks like a butterfly, may attract some people and may put some people off, thanks

  32. Fenton   •   26/02/2019   •   

    I do think the subtler black colour would appeal to more people. Sometimes less is more :)

  33. Tom   •   26/02/2019   •   

    What’s the progress with the speaker?

    1. Adam   •   02/03/2019   •   

      Hi Tom, we’re still working on the sound! It is happening though.

  34. Birgit Fienemann   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Looks GOOD! Go on with it.

  35. Stal   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Looks good, would be happy with those.

  36. Barry Clarke   •   26/02/2019   •   

    Looks better toned down but could REALLY do with more modern buttons as I believe this makes them look dated and therefore slightly clumsy (even though I use mine regardless as they are incredible!). Possibly a touchpad with hidden buttons as I’ve seen around. That for me would change the look quite considerably. First impressions last as they say! Can’t wait!

  37. Drw   •   26/02/2019   •   

    I like the colours. Just a note on the survey, I said no I wouldn’t buy a pair only because I already own two pairs and don’t need any more. Wasn’t any reflection on the product which I really like.

  38. Hayley   •   26/02/2019   •   

    I like the black but you need some of the iconic orange on there. Maybe even the Pump logo in orange

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