MIX ATOM Battery Life…

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We’ve had quite a few questions about battery life, so I wanted to address it head on!

Many brands (usually small “unknown” brands) tend to make big — and frankly untrue! — claims about the battery life of their TWS headphones.

These brands tend to state the *maximum* battery life under certain conditions — generally achieved by listening to “light weight” sound, at a relatively low volume.

Larger manufacturers tend not to do this so much, because they care deeply about their brand reputation — as do we…

For example BOSE’s SoundSport 3 (nearly 3x the price of ATOM!) claims a fairly realistic 5 hours of battery life.

And Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless (more than 4x the price of ATOM!) don’t seem to make any claim on battery life, although What Hifi puts it at 4 hours

…the same as MIX ATOM!

It seems that even industry giant Sony may ‘exaggerate’ the battery life of their WF-1000X (more than 3x the price of ATOM!), claiming 6 hours. What Hifi claim have tested it to be more like *3*:

MIX ATOM’s battery life is extremely good when compared to models costing several times the price.

And it’s very likely to be as good or better than “unknown” brands offering “8 hours battery life” who prefer to stretch the truth to get a one-off sale rather than over deliver.

ATOM weigh just 4 grams each, but still give 4 hours *plus* playtime on each charge.

There is also more than 75 hours of standby time.

The MIX ATOM Charging Case

ATOM also come with a small and extremely light charging case which has a built-in charging battery, so you can get up to 16 hours of playtime at decent volume without ever having to go and find a plug socket:

They also have “intelligent off/off”, meaning that you don’t have to think about switching them on and off:

When you take ATOM out of their charging case, they instantly switch on and pair with your phone or music player.

And when you put them back — or just stop using them — they automatically switch off.

The Best Sounding TWS Headphones In The World?


But the party piece of MIX Atom is — just as with other PUMP Audio headphones — the SOUND.

PUMP TWS headphones have been a long time coming and our Friends have been asking for them for years now!

Finally we’ve managed to put it all together and come up with what we believe will be the best sounding TWS headphones in the World.

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