MIX DUO: Important info (if you want a set)

Adam Blair   •   April 18, 2018   •   6 Comments

Dear All,

To be fair to all our Friends and users around the World we’ll be releasing MIX DUO in batches during the coming week.

There will be at least 3 batches, the first of which was yesterdays North American batch which sold out in just 53 minutes.

They will become available (with a big launch discount) at midday in different time zones around the World.

We’re planning to release a certain allocation for each timezone and once that allocation is reached, MIX DUO will show as “sold out” on the PUMP website.

Each time we release a new batch, we’ll send an email to let you know.

This is a new way of launching a new model for us. But due to the limited stock it seems like the fairest way for everyone in different parts of the World.

Can I order from the next batch if I missed out?

Yes, but shipping may be slower. There are no “rules” about who can order (we don’t like rules!) but I would advise ordering from your local batch to ensure the quickest delivery.

Look out for the second batch to be released around mid day UK time tomorrow!

They will have a significant discount and the number available is very limited.

All the best,


MIX DUO Preview


  1. Dan   •   18/04/2018   •   

    Any idea how many time zone you will do? So we can pick which one is closest to us? Specifically an Australian time zone perhaps?

    1. Adam Blair   •   19/04/2018   •   

      Hi Dan, we’re have an allocation for Australia, although they will be sent from our UK distribution centre.

  2. Sebas   •   18/04/2018   •   

    Hi, I don’t understand why we have to order and pay here? We already paid on the kickstarter page, how come we have to order and pay again? Thanks,

    1. Adam Blair   •   19/04/2018   •   

      Hi Sebas, not at all. If you pre-ordered on Kickstarter you will receive your MIX DUO in the next few days!

  3. Jess   •   03/05/2018   •   

    Can you please email me the manual? I can’t connect ro my phone via Bluetooth

    1. Adam Blair   •   05/05/2018   •   

      Hi Jess, sure. You can also find the manual at: http://pump-audio.com/mix-duo-user-guide-warranty-booklets/

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