MIX DUO Update & New “Sports” Eartips!

Dear All

Happy 2018 :-)

Like many people in the UK this year, we’ve all been a little under the weather over Christmas and the new year but thankfully we’re now all back up and fighting at full fitness!

MIX DUO shipping update

Just to update those of you who ordered MIX DUO during the recent Kickstarter campaign, we are indeed on schedule for February delivery.

…That’s subject to no unforeseen delays with customs etc, but we’re 95% sure you’ll be listening to DUO in February!

New PUMP Sports Eartips!

We’ve also been secretly developing sports earbuds for all PUMP in ear models over the last few months.

They’ll fit BOOM, MIX, MIX Wireless and MIX DUO.

They are a development that has often been requested by our Friends over time.

But rather than rushing them through, we’ve made sure to design them so that your PUMPs will sound exactly the same whether you’re using the original silicone or memory foam tips, or the new sports buds, with no loss in sound quality.

We don’t believe that other manufacturers can make this same claim based on the competitor models we’ve tested.

The sports tips make it next to impossible for your PUMPs to fall out of your ears, even during extreme exercise.

You’d be surprised at the intricacies involved with developing such a seemingly simple component, but we now feel they are up to the PUMP Standard and we’ve placed the first production order with the factory!

They’ll come in a test pack of 3 sizes so that you can find your perfect size.

You’ll then be able to order your size if you want more than one set whenever you like :-)

More soon…

All the best,




  1. Jemelia   •   16/01/2018   •   

    This is great news!!! The missing link to making Pump headphones perfect.

  2. Caroline Skitch   •   16/01/2018   •   

    Happy New Year to you all….looking forward to February when we can see the testers!

  3. Ali Yasin   •   16/01/2018   •   

    The sport eartips is just what i needed! Thank you

  4. Monique   •   16/01/2018   •   

    Oh, I’m so excited for these. More head movement with my Booms, yaay!

  5. Fernando Botto   •   16/01/2018   •   

    New PUMP Sports Eartips
    There will be a Kickstarter’s campain for that matter?

  6. Marcelline Wijesuriya   •   16/01/2018   •   

    That’s fantastic news

  7. Emma   •   16/01/2018   •   

    Great news!! I have to buy the ‘ over the ear ‘ headphones because in ear headphones just drop out no matter what I do. My Fiancé has 2 pairs of pump earphones and the sound quality is Amazing! So I really hope these work for me!!

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