Music is the cure..!

Dear Friends,

I hope you’re all doing okay with this craziness we find ourselves in the middle of?

I’ve been housebound for a week now and — honestly — it was starting to get me down quite a bit…

I was starting to get in to a state of depression.

Of course if you’ve been effected by Covid-19 — or any other serious illness for that matter — I know mild depression is nowhere near as bad, but it’s still not very nice!

All I’ve been listening to is politicians… forecasts of impending financial doom …and dark theories on what might be truly behind the Covid-19 epidemic…

The night before last I lay awake for most of the night, with maybe 2 1/2 hours of broken sleep.

Then last night it occurred to me as I sat starting blankly at my laptop that I hadn’t really listened to any music for an entire week!

I suddenly had the realisation that I needed to unplug the voices and plug in the music.

And you know what? Everything was INSTANTLY better!

Talk about music being an *incredible* antidepressant!

So do me — yourself really! — a massive favour

If this Coronavirus situation is getting you down, go and pick an album you haven’t listened to in ages and plug in your favourite set of headphones.

Kick back and just let yourself become immersed in the music.

You’ll thank me big time ;-)


P.S. What’s the situation in your particular corner of the Universe?

Let us know in the comments how the Covid-19 panic is effecting you, and where you are in the World?

Stay safe and lets get through this together.


  1. Frantz   •   30/03/2020   •   

    Bonjour Adam,
    En France le confinement est effectivement difficile. Nos vies trépidantes et stressantes en arrivent à nous manquer
    Nous nous tournons vers d’autres occupations ( études, sport, divertissement en famille) pour passer cette étape dans les meilleures conditions
    A propos , cette crise sera t elle a l’origine de retard pour nos MiX Atom ?
    Demain sera meilleur pour nous qui pourrons profiter de ces écouteurs et diminuer notre stress …..
    Bon courage

    1. Adam Blair   •   30/03/2020   •   

      Salut Frantz, non il ne devrait pas y avoir de retard avec MIX ATOM!

      How do you like google translate….I mean my French? :-)

  2. Alan Gates   •   30/03/2020   •   

    From Hove, Sussex, UK.

    This strange ‘new normal’ is just odd at the moment. Myself, wife, son (home from Canada), two language students – one from Japan and one from S Korea and our dog Twiglet. We consider ourselves lucky in that we have a back garden we can go into for exercise/distraction/gardening etc. I hate to think what people confined to a 1 bed flat on a higher floor are coping with!

    I am trying to work from home on a company laptop via VPN and Skype, but multiple technical issues have meant I haven’t been able to speak to a single customer yet.

    Plenty of food in as we always were well prepared for at least a 1 month duration disaster scenario. Amazon Prime video and Netflix are getting hammered in our house and are a great distraction. I only watch BBC News once per day as having it on constantly is deeply depressing, and yes Adam – music is definitely a great saviour.

    Keeping in contact with other family across the world via social media and ICQ has become a regular necessity and very welcome. In our family in the past no news was considered ‘good news’, but has become the polar-opposite now.

    Just read an article re. symptoms and experiences from those who have the disease – not comfortable to read, but I prefer to know in advance. Your choice if you wish to know more:

    1. Alan Gates   •   30/03/2020   •   

      Update: I have just been furloughed on 80% pay for 2 months minimum. Shit situation, but survivable – just have to tighten the belt another notch !

      1. Adam Blair   •   01/04/2020   •   

        The good thing is that we’ll be spending less money Alan! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ronnie   •   30/03/2020   •   

    Thanks for your thoughts. Absolutely Music is my solace. It’s my “safe” place.

  4. Jp   •   30/03/2020   •   

    Truth is its been very rough, the struggle has been real especially on my new meds. The other day I even tried to login to get a second pair since I ordered one as a gift thought to get a second but it’s no longer being sold. Music on my Zeus headphones only thing getting me through since I use them all the time but since I run out of battery as a result thought I’d get the new wireless earphones no luck. Sweden as a whole might not be taking it too seriously but I’m following the isolation and social distancing and to say the least I feel you on sleep, and the emotional distress it brings. Imagine being on Prozac as well sigh… My emotions are all over. Been a supporter since the 1st earphones and will continue to only buy your products and even gift them to friends as family as well as Reccomend them highly to all.
    Lots of love and sending good spirits to you and your family stay safe and as always stay awesome!

    Just another friend of the pump audio family,

    1. Adam Blair   •   01/04/2020   •   

      Hi JP, thanks for the message. Sounds like the meds aren’t doing their job?

  5. Birgit Fienemann   •   30/03/2020   •   

    I am bed-ridden and in need of care – so I don’t leave the house more than 2 times a month anyway. Therefore, I’m not affected at all, personally. In Germany generally, ppl *should not * leave their houses (suggestion(!) from the authorities) but ppl do their own thing anyway..

    Best regards from Germany, Biggi

  6. Graham   •   30/03/2020   •   

    Listen to music as Adam suggests, and look out in the garden if you are lucky enough to have one. The birds come and go if you sit still, you can get some of them to feed from your hand!
    There is no excuse not to have a weed free garden now! Some seed suppliers still produce plug plants, so you can plant something even if you suck at seed germination.
    Thanks Adam

  7. Conrad   •   30/03/2020   •   

    Life has been slooowww, especially since I can’t go play volleyball and get some exercise in. We are heading into the 3rd weak of being locked up, not cool. Btw I’m from Honduras.
    At the moment I was thinking about making a new case for my headphones sry not 100%pump they were just a pair that I wanted to make, ussiyng Beatsaudio speakers from an old headphone and the Bluetooth part from my Mix Duo that were destroyer by bromine :'( only thing salvageable was the Bluetooth part, I was thinking making them out of wood well at least the cuff parts just to see how the bass works with wood instead of plastic.
    Thanks for the update. And best of luck to you all.

    1. Adam Blair   •   01/04/2020   •   

      Hi Conrad, would be interested to see the results of your experiments!

  8. ATOM   •   30/03/2020   •   

    Hi Adam,
    So, I live in London and Corona has hit us quite heavily – I must know over ten people who have caught it in the music scene I work in and unfortunately a few fatalities have occurred. Its testing times out there for sure. Its affected me in a number of ways, not only have all bookings and events been cancelled I am also unable to do my radio show for the foreseeable future. My income has been severely affected. Ive had to make adjustments and learn to keep myself active to keep my mind sane. As always, music is the answer – if not just by listening to it but by being in the studio and trying to produce as much as I can. There are some blessings that have come with isolation I must add – its given me the time to focus on certain areas of my production, I’ve taken the team to learn more about piano , guitar and general sound design plus Ive started to learn things Ive always wanted to but just never had the time – drawing for instance . Daily exercise is also great for keeping the blues away, strongly advise you all try your best to do something daily !! On another note Its also made me appreciate what I did have on the outside and the extra time with my family has been wonderful. I think we can all learn from this experience as dire as it is and all come out better, stronger people the other side. As I see it our grandparents were called to war , we just have to sit inside and wait for it to blow over – its not that hard an ask!!! We can all do this, stay strong people

  9. Adam Edwards   •   31/03/2020   •   

    Hi Adam,

    I’m in Central Florida about 45 minute north of Disney. The happiest place on earth is empty. Daytona beach is almost empty. I’m in IT so working at home is not out of the norm though this morning I was on a call with a few of my co-workers; a couple in the UK, a couple in India, one in MA, one in CA, and one in China …..we were all working from home and living by the same social limitations. For the first time in my 40+ years I REALLY felt as though we were all equal. It was a great feeling for a second. I really just wish it was under better circumstances. Another good feeling was brought on by the fact that there were 4 Adam’s on the call. :)

    On a more personal note, I’M READY TO GO BACK TO MY OFFICE. I love my wife and 3 kids though 2400 sq. ft. is not enough room for my wife, a teach, to teach from home, my 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter to take school from home and my 2 year old to roam around the house in her underwear as the rest of us try to work/teach/learn. On the up side it’s been 90F+, 32C+, for the lat couple of weeks so we’ve spent plenty of time outside playing and in the pool.

    Adam keep up the great work and just remember how many happy people are out there enjoying your headphone and how many more will be ecstatic when we receive our wireless earbuds ;)

    1. Adam Blair   •   01/04/2020   •   

      Adam’s obviously like to communicate with each other! :-)

  10. Trevor Cato   •   03/04/2020   •   

    Yes, as well as social distancing you need to practice media distancing as well, to preserve your
    sanity! and listening to your favourite music is one way of doing that. As for this virus I reckon it will
    disappear as mysteriously as it appeared. Don’t forget it’s been here in the UK since late December
    at least, so I’m pretty sure it will burn out soon when it runs out of hosts. By now most of the
    population will have been exposed to it so the restrictions they have recently brought in are a bit
    like shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

  11. Thomas Weston   •   03/04/2020   •   

    I play with three bands and haven’t had a blow for a while, so I’m suggesting we go find a field and as long as we keep two meters away from each other we can play away to our hearts content.

  12. Sme   •   08/04/2020   •   

    Listen to BBC Soundtrack of My Girl on Zeus V3 , couldn’t ask for a better compilation to reveal the quality of the Headphones. Just try it. Haunting, compelling, deep and calming tracks.

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