My Evening In a Shipping Container…

Hi All,

I had an interesting evening at a music studio last week.

I went to meet one of our latest recruits, Omar (aka “Chalk”, a songwriter/producer and former rapper who has worked previously with Professor Green, Wiley and NDUBZ).

We had a long chat with his Sound Engineer, James Carey (aka “Bootlicker”, who’s previously worked with Snoop Dogg, Sam & The Womp, Lee Scratch Perry to mention a few).

We met in their studio in a shipping container of all places!

We were discussing how to create the “perfect” sound.

James was telling me about the science behind a conventional studio (with speakers), and how ‘First Angle Reflection’ is so important.

Ideally the first thing that any sound wave should hit should be your ears, rather than — say — the floor, the table the speakers are sitting on, furniture in the room, or whatever.

If a sound wave hits something other than your ear first — which there is no way to avoid — then you need to make sure that that this item absorbs the sound rather than reflecting it, so that it doesn’t bounce back to your ear and mess the sound up.

It reminded me of when we were first developing PUMP in-ear and how the slightest change to the internal architecture would completely change the sound signature.

Exactly the same principles apply in a set of headphones …just on a much smaller scale.

In a sense it’s a lot more complicated to get right in a recording studio because there’s a lot more “stuff” in there for sound to bounce around on.

But we agreed that, really, it’s much harder to get right in headphones – especially in ear headphones, because you have such a tiny space to work with!

It reaffirmed to me that our new company slogan: “Sound. Above All Else.” is the right one.

Sound always overrides every other consideration for us and we have an attention to detail in this area that I truly believe few other headphone companies have.

We’ve been hiring recently.

In the past (for my other businesses) we’ve always found it really hard to find great people.

But this time around we’ve been absolutely spoilt for choice!

People really want to work for PUMP and I think the primary reason is that we are the real deal – as a company we are obsessed with creating the “perfect” sound.

Everyone who’s joined us recently at our new HQ in Maidstone, UK (Calum, Edie, Grace and in the coming week Ellie and Omar) absolutely LOVE music and the vibe in the office is really quite special.

We’ve got some major Dance Music artists scheduled to review the PUMP range and we have some really exciting CAD designs and early stage prototypes for the next generation of PUMP products.

More soon…

P.S. We’ve always been rubbish at social media in the past, primarily because I don’t really like doing it myself :-)

But now we’ve got all this new young blood at PUMP HQ, we’re starting to use it properly, so I’d like to invite you to “follow” us on social media…

I’ll no doubt be putting some weird and wonderful pieces up myself (probably after a few beers!) that wouldn’t normally make the Friends of PUMP newsletter, and we may even decide to do the odd offer from time to time on there, so it’s probably worth your while “following” us:

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  1. Jayme   •   06/08/2016   •   

    Been great seeing the facebook posts its a great way to spread the word

  2. Regina Kelley   •   04/08/2016   •   

    Can’t wait to hear! !!!

  3. Jimmy   •   04/08/2016   •   

    looking forward to seeing more news on your social!

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