OMG, have I become an Audiophile?!

I’ve been learning a lot about sound just recently.

I know that sounds like a strange thing for the owner of a headphone company to say…

But I started PUMP as a lover of music rather than as a sound engineer or an Audiophile.

We’ve been working in secret on an over-ear version of PUMP that was originally intended to rival the Beats Studio model.

I’ve listened for hours and hours to PUMP prototypes in recent months, comparing them using all kinds of different music to Beats Studio, BOSE Quiet Comfort, Audio Technica (which I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post), as well as Sennheiser, Quincy Jones AKGs and SMS Audio Streets, amongst others.

Over ears on testWhen you really get in to it, you start to understand the subtle differences that you hear Audiophiles talk about.

Except they start sounding like major differences rather than subtle ones!

I had previously not really been able to hear what they were talking about, and I actually found a note in my phone saying: “Audiophiles seem to love maths more than music!”.

…Sorry about that consider yourself to be an Audiophile :-p

Anyway, I’ve been in the “lab” (the music room I’ve created at the top of my house) a lot recently and we’ve come up with something that I think is at least as good as the best of those models I mentioned, and frankly tramples all over the worst of them, which out of courtesy to their makers I won’t mention here.

We’ve got the sound of the new PUMP over-ears just as we want it for all different genres of music, and the bass is really tight – not “muddy” like the Beats Studios – which I had previously considered were close to audio perfection!

We’re just working on the finer details of the design and packaging and I hope to have them ready for you by mid 2015, possibly sooner!

More soon…

All the best,



  1. Mark S   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Hi Adam

    Looking forward to the over ear model…

    Just want to say thank you for your above and beyond level of customer care with the black headphones recently.


    1. admin   •   15/01/2015   •   

      My pleasure Mark, thanks for the comment :-)

  2. Benny   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Cool, cant wait to see new over ears. If their as good as the in ears i’m in!

  3. Alan   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Adam, great news, but can I ask if you are considering headphones with microphone? – now that would be much higher on my priority list :)

    1. admin   •   15/01/2015   •   

      Hi Alan. Yes indeed, they will have an inbuilt mic and bluetooth!

  4. Ralvero   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Can’t wait!!! The in ears are awesome!!!

  5. Stephen   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Sounds great, I try and find a balance between being a music lover (and player) and an audiophile (maximising the listening experience with the right equipment appropriate to ones budget as I see it, however I do admit it is easy to get drawn into the gear, design and stats etc, just remember its all about the ears, listening!). I look forward to news of the over ears, my only regret is not buying a few pairs of the original pump when the initial discount offer was on! All the best with your new company Adam.

    1. admin   •   15/01/2015   •   

      Stephen, drop Adam Knight or Becky a mail and they will sort you out a deal. Ask them to check with me if they are reluctant :-)

  6. Peter M   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Adam, just to reinforce what the other delighted customers are saying…….the PUMP earphones are amazing with unbelievable sound quality. I missed the orange ones bit got 2 pairs of the black ones and they are super !! My wife loves hers and wears them constantly……so thanks for the peace and quiet !!

  7. Andy   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Hi Adam, Please make the muffs/cups/cans big enough to get the whole of the external ear (pinna) into, and deep enough to contain sticky-out ears without bending them over! Ergonomics is very important when it comes to ear comfort, particularly for long-term wearing. Anything which presses onto the ear will quickly cause discomfort. Also, the best design will leave the ears cool – they get uncomfortable when heated up.
    Will you be incorporating noise-cancelling circuitry?

    1. admin   •   15/01/2015   •   

      Hi Andy

      We’re not planning noise active cancelling for this first model (they don’t need it when music is playing) but we will no doubt investigate it for future. Thanks for your other comments as well!

  8. roert j baker   •   15/01/2015   •   

    hope they are as fantastic as the in ear ones i purchased of adam i will be the first to test them and buy a pair thanks robert

  9. Chris Minter   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Adam.I have to say I love my orange pumps.I bought 2 pairs when you had the offer on at launch.I then bought my wife a pair of black pumps.If that was not enough I came back again and bought my daughters a pair each of Pink OMG’s.As a family we are all into our music and they are giving us hours of great listening.Keeep up the development of Pumps and I will look forward to the over-ear-version some time this year.

  10. Chris Manvell   •   15/01/2015   •   

    I found the original PUMP in-ear phones to have excellent sound, but they just keep falling out of my ears unless I hold them in. I was considering attaching them to an old head headband. Now I have an alternative option if the price is right. Thank you.

  11. Christopher Yellop   •   15/01/2015   •   

    Please ask Beky to send promo code that was promised Regards chris

    1. admin   •   16/01/2015   •   

      Hi Chris, Becky has said she has called a few times but no answer – could you call her on 01843 235 914 when you get a chance? Thanks!

      1. Christopher Yellop   •   17/01/2015   •   

        Adam thanks for your reply,there are no messages on my answermachine so there is every chance she has the wrong number it should be 01243xxxxxx(edited)kind regards and good luck with the new pump if they are as good as the in ear we will probably get a few pairs of those as well

  12. Steve Lingwood   •   16/01/2015   •   

    Hello Adam, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the black Pumps. I have compared them to others I posess and I must tell you that there up there with the best of them. I very much look forward to your new over ear editions.
    Best wishes & huge success for your company for 2015 and into the future.

  13. Peter Rae   •   17/01/2015   •   

    Your Orange Pumps are great, look forward to the over ear ones

  14. Tony Bray   •   20/01/2015   •   

    Hi Adam,
    Would I be able to purchase one of your headbands when available and fit my current Pumps into the ear muffs?

    1. admin   •   22/01/2015   •   

      Hi Tony – not sure how that would work to be honest! The new product are full headphones so I don’t think there would be any need.

  15. Christopher Yellop   •   21/01/2015   •   

    Received the in ear pumps today thank you Becky excellent service as usual .Regards Chris

  16. Cazi   •   25/01/2015   •   

    That’s exciting news as I definitely would be interested in over-ear headphones as I find them more comfortable. Saying that your Pumps are incredible; the best and most comfortable earphones Ive EVER used (review coming soon).
    The fact these will be Bluetooth too Im sure my readers will love them too. cant wait! ;-)

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