PUMP Audio MIX Duo | Wireless or Wired In-Ear Headphones | 90 Day Trial | 2 Year Warranty |  5 Year PUMPreplace Guarantee

How do you enjoy the comfort and movement of wireless earphones without worries about battery life?

Welcome to DUO, the in ear headphones that mean you can Keep On Listening™.

PUMP Audio brings you our iconic in-ear earphones, now in a convenient Wireless or Wired design.

Cut the cord and be free of movement with a playtime up to 12 hours. When the battery is flat either recharge or plug in the Keep On Listening™ Audio Cable and go wired!

When you’re travelling or you just forgot to charge, the integrated wired option means you can Keep On Listening™

Lightweight and developed from the PUMP Audio MIX wired earphones that are loved by DJ’s and music lovers for their Amazing Bass™ and excellent detail and separation throughout the range, DUO are especially preferred by lovers of Electronic and Dance Music.

DUO earphones will delight your ears and make your favourite dance music tracks sound incredible.

Strong attention to detail delivers a high quality product, backed up by the 2 year Warranty and 5 year PUMPreplace Guarantee.

DUO come with extra earbuds in both memory foam and silicone to ensure you get the optimum comfort and sound isolation as well as a flat tangle free neck cord and a hard case to protect your earphones when you need to store them in your pocket/bag.

The Jet Black colour is typically for the more subtle music lover while the iconic PUMP Orange is for the more flamboyant user who wants to show the world they choose: Sound. Above All Else.™

DUO come with a 2 year Warranty, 5 year PUMPreplace Guarantee and 90 Day Trial so you can test us on our claims about the awesome sound risk free.

Your MIX DUO | 1 PUMP “Clamshell” Carry Case | 3 Silicone Earbuds (S, M/L) | 3 Memory Foam Earbuds (S, M, L) | Lapel Clip | PUMP Guide & PUMP Warranty Booklets

Unique Wireless or Wired design | Weight: <18g | In line microphone & volume control | Aluminium casing | Frequency response: 12hz-28khz | Sensitivity: 102dB (+/- 3dB) | Impedance: 18 ohms | Passive noise isolation | Silicone and Memory Foam earbuds for small, medium and large ear canals | Bass response like no other

by Ashley on Pump Audio
Product: 844

Fantastic set of in-ear wireless headphones. I've tried a few over the years and always struggle for anything with decent quality and a bit of bass (for the gym). These arrived next day and really can't be faulted. I use a pair of Bose QC35s for flights etc but for in-ear these are brilliant. I can highly recommend.

by Jayme on Pump Audio
The bass
Product: 844

Im a big fan of pump, i own zeus , pure , boom and thanks to the offer i own a set of mix duo and they are absolutely fabulous. Cant recommend these headphones enough

by Del on Pump Audio
Not an expert
Product: 844

Started off with a set of pure and absolutely bloody love them.
Unfortunately I can't wear in ear headphones as they keep falling out but have brought 2 sets of duo and 1 set of mix for my kids and they love them...as they are teenagers they have headphones in nearly all day.
I have tried them myself and the sound is out of this world...the base just rocks.

by Hanne Utby on Pump Audio
Great sound, funky design
Product: 844

I ordered yet another headset from pump. The quality of the sound is awesome, I love the funky orange look, and what I love about the duo design is that it makes it possible to listen wireless, but at the same time if it runs out of battery you can keep playing your music. Love my pumps, and personally have one set of each

by peter on Pump Audio
pump up the sound with the best
Product: 844

with out the best sound of any ear phones i have ever purchased, i bought 2 pairs of the pump mix duo , one for my wife and and for me, i can"t recommend these ear phones enough, all together i have 5 different sets of pump ear phones and head phones. may i give a special mention of the excellent customer service their promise of 100%customer service is absolutely true, i was sent the wrong pair of ear phones by mistake, i let the team at pump know and boom i sent the ear phones i purchased and told to keep the other pair in good faith by the team at pump, so from me it's five stars and 100% customer satisfaction

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