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by Tim B on Pump Audio
A sensation
Product: 178

Don’t waste time reading reviews, just buy some. By a long shot my favourite headphones, fallen in love with music, audio books and anything which needs a quality speaker to enjoy. I doubt anyone will beat these so thanks for saving me a lifetime of headphone shopping also.

by Daniel on Pump Audio
Mix & Boom Review
Product: 178

Fantastic headphones, easily the loudest I have ever used with a really crisp sound and clean bass. I now have a pair of MIX & BOOM, apart from the extra foam tips and the clamshell case and metal aesthetic, sound quality wise the MIX & the BOOM are very similar in my opinion, both are really good.

I'm on the hunt for some over-ear bluetooth headphones that aren't interested in being 'quiet' and 'cancelling noise', a Pump set in future would be ideal! (Please!)

by Stal on Pump Audio
Product: 177

Everything about these headsets screams HIGH QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL from the great packaging down to the headsets themselves. Extra ear buds and the compact stowaway zippable holder. Fantastic sound quality. Absolute bargain at the price, can't recommend them enough. Thank you guys at pump..

by Jamie on Pump Audio
What a product
Product: 178

Never bought anything from Pump Audio before and stumbled across an ad on Twitter. Signed up for their newsletter as I’m always a bit dubious about random ads.

They had a special weekend price drop and I thought I’d give them a try as they were selling the in ear headphones for silly money.

Few days later they arrived in a brightly coloured parcel.

The packaging the headphones are in is very good quality and looks very ‘high end’ this goes for the headphones themselves. Well made, quality build.

Most importantly the sound quality is EXCELLENT!! All this AND a five year warranty for a bargain price!!

Sorry for the essay but I can’t help but HIGHLY recommend this product!!

by Steven on Pump Audio
Product: 178

Great sound quality, comfortable fit, nice packaging.

I paid £26 for the mix's in a promo, which is a total bargain.

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PUMP Audio MIX: In-Ear Earphones The All NEW replacements to our much loved V2’s

– 90 Day Trial

– 2 Year Warranty

– 5 Year PUMPreplace Guarantee

– Immediate Shipping

– Longer 1.4 Meter cable

– “L” Shape jack plug

– Lapel clip

– In-line Mic and Media/Volume Control

– Microphone moved closer to your mouth for crystal clear conversations

– “L” and “R” Symbols now Orange for easy visibility

– Your PUMP Headphones!
– 1 PUMP “Clamshell” Carry Case
– 3 Silicone Earbuds (S, M/L)
– 3 Memory Foam Earbuds (S, M, L)
– PUMP Guide & PUMP Warranty booklets.

Weight: under 15g
3.5mm gold connector jack
In line microphone & volume control
Specially designed to be suitable for exercising
Aluminium Casing
Frequency range: 12hz-28khz
Sensitivity: 102dB (+/- 3dB)
Impedance: 18 ohms Passive noise isolation
Silicone and Memory Foam earbuds for small, medium and large ear canals
Bass response like no other