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by Kyle on Pump Audio
Absolutely phenomenal headphones!!
Product: Zeus V3 Headphones

I am madly in love with these headphones!! Sound quality is exceptional!! And my go to daily headphones for everything because everything sounds so crisp and clear! Build quality is excellent as with everything Pump produces. Great packaging and a perfect case to keep them protected. Easily pairs with my mobile or iPad and battery life is amazing!! Highly recommend these!!

by Eddie Brown on Pump Audio
Pump Zeus V3
Product: 1639

Finally got my Zeus V3's and they are good! Slight issue with my ears in that I have to wear them at just the right angle on my head to get them comfortable due to the squareness of the ear pads and the shape of my ears. If there is ever another version made, maybe a slightly rounded hexagonal shape might help?
These headphones have been to a few countries now and connect perfectly to my Samsung Note 9 and various other mobile phones. However when I tried connecting to my laptop I had no joy. Emailed the help desk and after a few exchanges of emails and trying various options, Louisa at Pump agreed to send me another pair to test. I thought that it would take a week or so to arrive but they arrived in a couple of days and connected first time!
I give Louisa 5 stars for customer service!!
Thank you!

by Rob H on Pump Audio
Pump Zeus V3
Product: 1639

I just received a set of Pump Zeus V3 (my 8th Pump delivery to date going right back to the original V1s). Zeus V3 are really good! They connect easily and hold the Bluetooth signal from my S10. To my ears, soundstage is impressive; highs, mids and lows are balanced, and the V3s sound excellent with any music genre (not just bass-heavy EDM). I find them comfortable to wear and relatively easy to carry in a hard, quality case. Noting some earlier concerns I would perhaps just add that in my own experience service from Pump has always been spot on. A set of Boom had to be replaced recently, with the delivery arriving by post almost overnight. As a Pump enthusiast I continue to be very happy, and am looking forward with much enthusiasm to the upcoming Bluetooth speaker.

by Derek on Pump Audio
8hr battery life
Product: 1639

Having used these nearly every day since I received them on pre launch I must say the 8hr battery life that is stated is a BIG FAT LIE.
I have watched Kingsman movie and all 4 of the Hunger Games
about 4hrs of YouTube and 2hrs of radio and I'm still showing 60%.
When the hell are these things going to need charging.
I honestly think I love these more than I love my wife.
Roll on the bluetooth speaker.

by Lee Jones on Pump Audio
Worth every penny
Product: 1639

I've had (and still do have) a set of Boom and a set of Mix, both of which are awesome, but I decided to invest in the Zeus (V3). The sound is incredible, unrivalled in my opinion, I put on an album (It happened be Fear Innoculum by Tool) and it literally gave me goosebumps, you hear things you'd never heard before, like a random hi-hat or a subtle bass note, I cannot recommend them enough. The one minor dislike, is that I find the ear pads a bit small and square for my big ears, but other than that they are great.

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