We did it!

Dear All,

It seems like forever that we’ve been tinkering, testing and going back to the drawing board to create the new PUMP Bluetooth Speaker…

It turns out that it’s really difficult to get great quality sound from a small portable speaker.

However, I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally got a working prototype we’re happy with!

We’ve been down many blind alleys — including designing and testing an external passive sub-woofer box to increase bass…

We’ve tested prototypes from lots of different factories, and thoroughly tested models from well known manufacturers, as well as “no name” products from all around the World.

Anyhow… we’re now in possession of a finished prototype Bluetooth Speaker that we’re happy to put the PUMP Audio name to!

There are a couple of minor details to iron out before we launch but essentially we are 99% there :-)

The plan is to do a pre-sale to Friends of PUMP with a major discount, as we did recently with Zeus V3.

I’m hopeful this pre-sale will go live in October/November… More soon.

What about opening up again to allow Users to Invest in PUMP Audio?

I know we’ve been talking about this for a while now…

We were intending to do the Investor round first, then launch the PUMP True Wireless Bluetooth headphones, and then the PUMP Bluetooth Speaker.

However, with the big steps we’ve made recently, I think it makes sense to get the speaker out first and then launch the Investment round after that.

I’ll be in touch with more details on the new PUMP Bluetooth Speaker very soon!

Keep it PUMPed!


Comments welcome :-)


  1. Drw   •   24/09/2019   •   

    Be interested to see what the differences / improvements are over the floating Bluetooth speaker you made some years ago.

    1. Adam Blair   •   24/09/2019   •   

      Hi Drw, the sound is a LOT better :-)

  2. Calvin   •   24/09/2019   •   

    Can’t wait!

  3. Ross   •   24/09/2019   •   

    Good work Adam, great to see the way your Pump brand is growing and keep it up.

  4. Mark   •   24/09/2019   •   

    Can you say anything about dimensions ? Maybe even something about the technical specifications :)

    1. Adam Blair   •   25/10/2019   •   

      Hi Mark, info to be released soon :-)

  5. Del   •   24/09/2019   •   

    Just know that’s gonna be more money flying out my wallet….also know its gonna be well worth it as well.
    May as well make it into double figures of pump products I own

  6. Dave   •   24/09/2019   •   

    Will it have a built in microphone so you answer calls as well

  7. Roy   •   24/09/2019   •   

    If it sounds as good as the UE megaboom or the JBL your on to a winner

  8. Ad’s   •   24/09/2019   •   

    Excellent news
    If it is anything like any of you headphones sound and quality you cannot go wrong.
    Looking forward to it.
    One plus would be they should be water/shower proof

  9. Tim   •   25/09/2019   •   

    If its as good as the JBL, water proof, with a good battery life between charges, then you will have a class leader!

    I look forward to more information…… :-)

  10. Grant   •   27/09/2019   •   

    Any pictures Adam?

    1. Adam Blair   •   25/10/2019   •   

      Hi Grant, here are the pics!


  11. Richard Morris   •   25/11/2019   •   

    Hi, for 2 pump titans instead of a left and right stereo can they be synched as individual left and right? ie have them synched in different floors and not have the left on one – right on the other?

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