PUMP Price Decrease!

I’ve been ‘hemming and hawing’ about this for some time now…

But we finally decided last week to reduce the price of PUMP In-Ear from £100 to £69 (about US$104 / EUR€97 as of today’s exchange rate).


Well, it’s a reality that a large part of any products price has to cover such things as advertising costs, also known — in rather boring business speak — as “customer acquisition costs”.

We’d priced PUMP previously at exactly £100 (rather than £99, or £99.99, or whatever) for two reasons:

To (hopefully!) cover the customer acquisition costs and;

By placing it in the ‘3 figure’ price bracket, we hoped to convey the quality of the product (or in business speak “demonstrate perceived value”)…

Well… even though blindfold tests have shown — and continue to show — that PUMP outperforms leading brands, I’ve had to concede that as we are not widely “known” yet, we need to be much more price competitive.

It’s been suggested to us enough times now by retailers and distributors that it’s finally sunk in…

We need to “go in cheap(er)” in order to really get the brand and products out in to the World.

If that means losing money on each sale after “customer acquisition costs”, “distributor and retailer margins” and so on, then (within reason) so be it!

So today I am officially announcing the price decrease:

PUMP Audio In-Ear are now 31% cheaper than they were last week at just £69.00!

All the best,



  1. David   •   07/12/2015   •   

    I was seeing these in the Internet and was wondering if there is a v1 and v2 of the in ear versions or is there only 1 version of these earphones. Best regards, David

    1. admin   •   07/12/2015   •   

      Hey David,
      The difference between the V1 and V2 is all in the packaging and accessories included.
      V2 comes with a carry case, memory foam earbuds and instruction manuals.
      The headphones themselves are the same.

  2. Melanie   •   01/12/2015   •   

    Previous comment update…. Headphones arrived prompt & are great! Black Friday blip cleared up and resolved, I would definitely recommend/ buy more products from pumps.

  3. Douglas Cheever   •   11/11/2015   •   

    Is the price you indicated the retail price going forth and if so does that affect the wholesale price any? I love the earphones very much and agree that the major problem at this point is becoming more well known. i for one will work at trying to use social media more to spread the word.

    1. admin   •   12/11/2015   •   

      Hi Douglas, yes, the wholesale price has indeed fallen in line with the MSRP!

  4. Ronald   •   11/11/2015   •   

    I don’t see the price decrease in your online store. When does the decrease take effect?

    1. admin   •   12/11/2015   •   

      Hi Ronald. It should take effect from now. Can we suggest you click “refresh” a few times as your browser probably has the old price cached.

  5. Jeffrey Anthony   •   10/11/2015   •   

    I reside in Malaysia & I’m very interested in purchasing a pair of earphones. Is there anyway you would consider shipping it here to Malaysia. Thank you

    1. admin   •   10/11/2015   •   

      Hi Jeffrey. Absolutely, we ship worldwide :-) Any problems just drop us an email.

  6. Bente M Lund   •   10/11/2015   •   

    This is the best in-earplug sound ever! I have already bought two sets- and will but even more as a gift to my music-lover family and friends.

  7. michelle   •   10/11/2015   •   

    they were great value at £100!

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