PUMP Price Test: Explained!

Dear Friends,

The continuation of the PUMP Price Test is going live tomorrow (Thursday) at:

UK: 3pm
US Eastern: 10am
US Pacific: 7am

Whats available:

We’ll be releasing 85 MIX Black first.

Once those have gone, we’ll send another email to release 185 (yes, 100 more!) BOOM Orange.

How cheap will they be?:

Very :-)

Why just MIX and BOOM?:

We’ve had to limit the test to MIX Black and BOOM Orange because of low stock levels on other models.

Why are you doing this?:

A few weeks back we did a survey of our Friends to ask them what prices they’d like to see PUMP headphones available at in the future.

We had over 800 responses and it was clear that the answer of the majority was “cheaper than they are now”.

We calculated the average prices that people voted for (removing joke votes :-) and came up with a number for MIX, MIX DUO and BOOM.

There is a lot we can do to get down to these prices without affecting the quality of the actual headphones, most of which involves making the packaging much cheaper and lighter.

But to actually *TEST* the demand at these low prices, we made the current range available (in very limited quantity) at the voted for prices and they were snapped up quickly.

We’re re-running the test — with more available this time — to:

a) double confirm the demand at low prices (it’s a big decision if we decide to make this change);

b) let our Friends who missed out before (because we didn’t re-announce the deal last time) have the opportunity of getting in on the action.

Hope that answers all your questions but if not, just ask :-)



  1. Michael Cole   •   17/10/2018   •   

    Adam whilst it is good for you to guage what price us investors would pay it does not necessarily mean that Joe bloggs the music geek would pay it.

    I have a friend that would quite happily pay upto £300-400 for a set of headphones etc as its the sound quality of the music that matters to him. So I guess it comes down to the section of the market you are trying to capture. Forgive me if this is something that has already been said.

    Kind regards Michael

  2. Adam Blair   •   18/10/2018   •   

    Thanks for the comment Michael! We’re planning to involve Investors with the decision making process with deciding future strategy.

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