PUMP TV Commercial Shoot…

Hi All,

Here’s a few exclusive pictures of the PUMP TV commercial we shot in London this week.

The production team and the artist (JFB) did an incredible job and I’m quietly confident that the finished product is going to be the best TV ad for headphones that’s ever been made.

I’m serious – this thing is going to look next level!

The photos really don’t do it justice, but here they are anyway…

PUMP TV ad 1
PUMP TV ad 2
PUMP TV ad 3
PUMP TV ad 4

We’re hoping to have the final edit by September and be airing on dance music channels and Youtube in time for Christmas!

More soon…


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  1. Marco   •   18/08/2016   •   

    Best headphones I’ve ever had! Love the quality! Love the sound abd the the power. Better than my bose AE and beats.

  2. Rance   •   18/08/2016   •   

    Very nice. I like the vynl.

  3. Jen   •   18/08/2016   •   

    Looks like it’s going to be amazing!

    1. andy   •   18/08/2016   •   

      It’s not much good having a set of top end headphones when you are relying on the quality of the music output. Most people put music on their phones which is mostly mp3 format, which is a compressed file, not full hi-fi quality. Will have to wait and see…..

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