On 5th November 2015 we conducted a blindfold test at Westwood Cross shopping centre in the UK.

The objective was to find out which earphones people preferred the sound of; PUMP Audio IEM or SoundMAGIC E50S.

Consumers were asked to put on a blindfold and listen to 2 sets of earphones, and then choose which ones they preferred the sound of: first or second set.

There were 2 data sets, meaning that sometimes PUMP was listened to first and sometimes SoundMAGIC were listened to first.

People taking the test were told that the volume could be adjusted up or down as they wished.

42 people took the test.

These were the results:

– 1 of the tests was void (*see explanation at the bottom of this page)

Of the 41 valid tests:

– 2 said they preferred SoundMAGIC E50S

– 39 said that they preferred PUMP IEM

We conclude that in this test, 95% of people preferred the sound of PUMP Audio IEM to SoundMAGIC E50S.

We filmed the test continually and although we don’t plan to make the video public (because there were private conversations and the people taking the test did not sign a broadcast release), we will make it available to any governing agencies who ask us to substantiate the claim.


* The 1 invalid result:  this result was invalid because the person said (paraphrasing): “Oh, everyone else has voted for that one” (PUMP), “so I’ll vote for the other one” (SoundMAGIC). When the person was told that they would be entered in to a competition to win a set they said “oh, you’re not going to send me the s**t ones are you?”. We enquired which ones were the “s**t ones” were and he indicated SoundMAGIC.