“Oh… My… God!” PUMP “Zeus V4” Big News!

Adam Blair   •   December 09, 2020   •   91 Comments

Dear All, I know we’ve been quiet pretty quiet for the past six months or so… That’s because we’ve been busy working on two ‘top secret’ projects. 1) a PUMP TV soundbar (not going as well as hoped at this time!); 2) a replacement for Zeus V3 with a way more stylish design, active noise […]

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Want a PUMP Titan?

Adam Blair   •   October 15, 2020  

After PUMP Titan went out of stock last week, I dropped the factory an email to see if we had any in stock there. As it turns out, we have 80 units which were manufactured but not sent with the original order. However, only 40 of them have packaging. You can see the email from […]

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MIX ATOM Update!

Adam Blair   •   August 11, 2020  

Dear All, People have been asking why we haven’t released MIX ATOM for sale since the pre-orders were all delivered back in June…? It’s a bit of a long story, but the short version is that we’ve encountered silicone eartip nightmares! We had enough eartips for all the pre-orders, but not a single set more. We received […]

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PUMP Headphones spotted on CNN :-)

Adam Blair   •   August 03, 2020  

Dear All, An eagle eyed Friend of PUMP spotted professor David Hayes-Bautista from LA being interviewed on CNN about the corona plandemic, wearing a set of PUMP Boom :-) It gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction every time I see someone wearing PUMP out and about. My instinct is always to stop them and […]

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MIX ATOM shipping this week!

Adam Blair   •   June 16, 2020  

Dear Friends of PUMP, Just a quick update on MIX ATOM and also the potential new PUMP Soundbar… We received the MIX ATOM delivery from the factory early last week. As tempting as it was to take a look, we quarantined the boxes for 5 days, and then conducted the usual final “in house”quality checks. All looks good, […]

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MIX ATOM on the way!

Adam Blair   •   May 19, 2020  

I’m excited to tell you that MIX ATOM are now en route to us by air! Once they arrive, we’ll give them a short period of quarantine just to be extra safe. We’ll then conduct randomised final quality checks, and get them straight out to everyone who pre-ordered! I can’t wait for you to hear them! Adam […]

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MIX ATOM Delivery Update!

Adam Blair   •   April 28, 2020  

Dear All, Just a quick update to let you know that MIX ATOM have now been manufactured and are undergoing final quality checks in China. We’re expecting delivery on or around 20th May. Once they arrive, we’ll give them a short period of quarantine just to be extra safe, and then we’ll get all pre-orders out! […]

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Music is the cure..!

Adam Blair   •   March 30, 2020   •   18 Comments

Dear Friends, I hope you’re all doing okay with this craziness we find ourselves in the middle of? I’ve been housebound for a week now and — honestly — it was starting to get me down quite a bit… I was starting to get in to a state of depression. Of course if you’ve been […]

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MIX ATOM Battery Life…

Adam Blair   •   March 05, 2020  

Dear All, We’ve had quite a few questions about battery life, so I wanted to address it head on! Many brands (usually small “unknown” brands) tend to make big — and frankly untrue! — claims about the battery life of their TWS headphones. These brands tend to state the *maximum* battery life under certain conditions […]

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MIX ATOM: Sneak Preview!

Adam Blair   •   February 25, 2020   •   29 Comments

Dear All, The brand new MIX ATOM design is due to pre-launch to Friends of PUMP on Tuesday, 3rd of March 2020! What are MIX ATOM? They are the brand new True Wireless Stereo headphones from PUMP Audio. We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt about headphone design over the last 5 years and put that knowledge […]

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