PUMP True Wireless Earbuds are *Ready*!

Adam Blair   •   February 04, 2020   •   112 Comments

Hi All, I’m extremely excited to announce that the PUMP Audio “True Wireless” earbuds we’ve been working on for so long are now 100% finished and ready! Here’s a picture of me ‘helping’ with the photography of the final prototype over the weekend… Believe it or not, this is one of the least unflattering shots […]

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Happy 2020!

Adam Blair   •   January 01, 2020  

Dear All, Happy new year! I hope you had a relaxing holiday and are ready for a happy and fulfilling 2020…? We Got a “Bit Damp” Over Xmas… If you live in the UK, you probably heard about the flooding that occurred over the last couple of weeks. Perhaps you were even effected by it? […]

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Bluetooth Speaker Name Contest!

Adam Blair   •   October 25, 2019   •   435 Comments

Dear All, I’m excited to show you the first ever images of the new PUMP Bluetooth Speaker… It’s a “True Wireless Sound” Bluetooth Speaker — meaning that you can connect multiple speakers together if you want — that has the PUMP Audio sound signature! Now all we need is a name… Leave your suggestions in the […]

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We did it!

Adam Blair   •   September 24, 2019   •   14 Comments

Dear All, It seems like forever that we’ve been tinkering, testing and going back to the drawing board to create the new PUMP Bluetooth Speaker… It turns out that it’s really difficult to get great quality sound from a small portable speaker. However, I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally got a working prototype we’re […]

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Best Bass Headphones Article

Adam Blair   •   August 08, 2019  

Hi All, We’ve just posted an article on how to choose the best bass headphones. In the article we explain the different types of frequency response you can get from different types of headphones and how we get sub-bass out of our headphones :-) You can check out the article here: Best Bass Headphones Adam

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Zeus V3 are here!

Adam Blair   •   August 01, 2019   •   1 Comment

Dear All, Just a really quick email to let you know that Zeus V3 were delivered to us at 9:24 this morning! If you pre-ordered and you’ve changed address, could you let us know by replying to the email we just sent so that we send your set to the right place? If you pre-ordered […]

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Zeus V3 on the way!

Adam Blair   •   July 17, 2019   •   13 Comments

Dear All, We finally got confirmation that the quality checks have been passed and made the balance payment for Zeus V3 to the factory today… As you know, it’s taken a little longer than expected and caused a LOT of stress, but they are now finished and (almost!) on the way! All that’s left now […]

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What we’ve got planned at PUMP!

Adam Blair   •   May 07, 2019   •   15 Comments

Dear All, We’ve got five exciting projects for you in the works at PUMP Audio at the moment! Well, four projects plus one idea really… 1- PUMP Zeus V3 The order is currently in production after the recent pre-sale to Friends of PUMP. There have been a few things to sort out with the factory […]

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Zeus “V3”: The Plan!

Adam Blair   •   March 25, 2019  

Dear All, It looks like we might be pre-launching Zeus “V3” as early as this week! We’ve ironed out all the design changes we want to make with the factory and we’re building the pre-launch page as we speak. Pre-Sale Deal: The “pre-sale” deal will only be available to Friends of PUMP. That means you need to be […]

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Looks like we’re bringing ZEUS back!

Adam Blair   •   February 25, 2019   •   40 Comments

Dear All, A fortnight ago I sent you a poll, asking Friends of PUMP: Should we bring ZEUS back? Well, the results are in: Overwhelmingly Friends of PUMP want us to relaunch PUMP Zeus! That’s 91.8% of respondents who would definitely or probably order a set. This genuinely surprised me. Of course I knew that Zeus […]

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