2019 Plans…

Adam Blair   •   December 07, 2018   •   41 Comments

Dear Friends, We’ve been far too “quiet” recently. But over the last months we’ve worked out exactly where we’re taking PUMP Audio in 2019… Here’s what we’ve got planned!: 1- We’ve been quietly working on a brand new design for a PUMP Bluetooth Speaker! It’s going to be a home/office speaker with a lot of […]

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PUMP Price Test: Explained!

Adam Blair   •   October 17, 2018   •   2 Comments

Dear Friends, The continuation of the PUMP Price Test is going live tomorrow (Thursday) at: UK: 3pm US Eastern: 10am US Pacific: 7am Whats available: We’ll be releasing 85 MIX Black first. Once those have gone, we’ll send another email to release 185 (yes, 100 more!) BOOM Orange. How cheap will they be?: Very :-) Why just MIX and BOOM?: We’ve had to limit the […]

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30 Zeus Available

Adam Blair   •   September 09, 2018   •   6 Comments

Dear All, We’ve got a real treat for 30 of our Friends this week… A couple of years back we launched PUMP Zeus. They were our answer to Beats Studio, BOSE QC35 and so on. They are wireless Bluetooth (you can also use an audio cable if you want) and are my personal favourite PUMP […]

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MIX DUO: Important info (if you want a set)

Adam Blair   •   April 18, 2018   •   6 Comments

Dear All, To be fair to all our Friends and users around the World we’ll be releasing MIX DUO in batches during the coming week. There will be at least 3 batches, the first of which was yesterdays North American batch which sold out in just 53 minutes. They will become available (with a big launch discount) […]

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MIX DUO Update & New “Sports” Eartips!

Adam Blair   •   January 16, 2018   •   7 Comments

Dear All Happy 2018 :-) Like many people in the UK this year, we’ve all been a little under the weather over Christmas and the new year but thankfully we’re now all back up and fighting at full fitness! MIX DUO shipping update Just to update those of you who ordered MIX DUO during the […]

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Weekend In Amsterdam

Adam Blair   •   October 30, 2017   •   2 Comments

Dear All, We spent this weekend in Amsterdam filming 2 new PUMPChallenge videos: PUMP BOOM vs Shure SE846 …and: MIX DUO vs Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 I won’t announce the results just yet — that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it? — but suffice to say that even I was a little shocked by them, […]

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PUMP Audio in Walmart

Adam Blair   •   September 04, 2017   •   4 Comments

Dear Friends, We have some big news that we’ve been holding off on announcing recently until it was 100% confirmed. Today we’re excited to announce that PUMP Audio will be stocked by Walmart in their online store, with a view to launching across their US stores soon. Walmart are the World’s largest retailer, and this […]

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“Why so much cheaper?”

Adam Blair   •   June 09, 2017   •   1 Comment

Hi All, A common question we’ve been getting quite frequently since the launch of DECKS yesterday has been: Why are DECKS so much cheaper than the old PUMP Pure that they replace? Surely if they are are £50 cheaper (than the original PURE price) then we must be cutting corners somewhere, right? Well… No. Since our decision to […]

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Good Reviews, Bad Reviews…

Adam Blair   •   May 31, 2017   •   11 Comments

Hi All OK, this is a slightly controversial blog post here at PUMP with some of the Team for it and some against, but please let me know what you think in the poll at the bottom… We had a review come in around 3 weeks ago that’s been bugging the heck out of me […]

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Sound vs Gimmicks…

Adam Blair   •   March 14, 2017   •   4 Comments

Dear All, We had a flying start to the MIX & BOOM Kickstarter campaign today, reaching 50% of the minimum target in just two hours! This was a really low key launch for us, with no real promotion behind it other than three “pre-launch” emails sent to existing Friends of PUMP. You may wonder why we didn’t […]

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