Zeus to be discontinued :’-(

Adam Blair   •   February 27, 2017   •   19 Comments

Hi All, I’m just writing to let you know that my personal favourite ever PUMP Audio product — PUMP Zeus — is to be discontinued :-( Why? Well, over the last 10 months — since inviting external investors to invest in the company — we’ve been gearing up to be ‘retailer friendly’. It’s included doing such […]

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Snugs on Dragons’ Den last week…

Adam Blair   •   February 21, 2017   •   3 Comments

If you’re in the UK, you may have seen Snugs on Dragons’ Den on BBC2 last week. In fact if you looked very closely you would have seen a set of PUMP V2s on the table behind the founder, Paul :-) Snugs make custom moulded ear tips and PUMP are one of the select few […]

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That was 2016…

Adam Blair   •   January 02, 2017   •   2 Comments

Dear Friends, 2016 was an incredible year for PUMP Audio… It started with us doing our first ever equity raise with help from our friends at Seedrs. It meant that the people who believe in us the most – PUMP users – had the opportunity to invest in the business and become shareholders. Frustratingly we couldn’t […]

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Interviewing Kiss FM Presenter Charlie Hedges!

Adam Blair   •   December 16, 2016  

Hi Charlie, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do an interview with us! Ahh thank you for having me, hope you’re all well x   Is it true you first began working in the music industry when you were 13? Yep that is true, I used to freelance for a magazine […]

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Slowly, but Surely…

Adam Blair   •   December 04, 2016   •   8 Comments

We were exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show Christmas in London (England) last week. It’s become sort of an annual tradition for PUMP, with this being our third time attending the show. The show gives us the chance to let a wide cross section of people try PUMP out. By sheer co-incidence, one of the […]

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Sitting In a Traffic Jam…

Adam Blair   •   November 21, 2016   •   3 Comments

Hi All, I received a set of headphones out of the blue on Saturday. They’re a Bluetooth over ear model that would technically be a rival to PUMP Zeus in terms of size and features. I actually saw them a couple of years back at a trade show in Germany when they were in the […]

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Our “Reaction” to new iPhone 7…

Adam Blair   •   September 09, 2016   •   6 Comments

Hi All, We’ve had a lot of emails in from our Friends over the last day or two about the new iPhone 7 not having a 3.5mm headphone socket. A lot of people have asked what our reaction is. Well… We’ve been expecting Apple to remove the 3.5mm socket from their latest phones for quite a while now. […]

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PUMP TV Commercial Shoot…

Adam Blair   •   August 18, 2016   •   4 Comments

Hi All, Here’s a few exclusive pictures of the PUMP TV commercial we shot in London this week. The production team and the artist (JFB) did an incredible job and I’m quietly confident that the finished product is going to be the best TV ad for headphones that’s ever been made. I’m serious – this thing […]

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My Evening In a Shipping Container…

Adam Blair   •   August 03, 2016   •   3 Comments

Hi All, I had an interesting evening at a music studio last week. I went to meet one of our latest recruits, Omar (aka “Chalk”, a songwriter/producer and former rapper who has worked previously with Professor Green, Wiley and NDUBZ). We had a long chat with his Sound Engineer, James Carey (aka “Bootlicker”, who’s previously worked with […]

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Virgin Media VOOM 2016

Adam Blair   •   May 09, 2016   •   6 Comments

On April 20th Virgin VOOM contacted us to invite us to be a part of their 2016 competition. Apparently they’d seen PUMP at the Gadget Show Live, and then again on Seedrs… It’s a competition for both starups and early stage businesses who want to grow, and apparently has a prize fund worth £1M! At […]

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