Our “Reaction” to new iPhone 7…

Adam Blair   •   September 09, 2016   •   6 Comments

Hi All, We’ve had a lot of emails in from our Friends over the last day or two about the new iPhone 7 not having a 3.5mm headphone socket. A lot of people have asked what our reaction is. Well… We’ve been expecting Apple to remove the 3.5mm socket from their latest phones for quite a while now. […]

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PUMP TV Commercial Shoot…

Adam Blair   •   August 18, 2016   •   4 Comments

Hi All, Here’s a few exclusive pictures of the PUMP TV commercial we shot in London this week. The production team and the artist (JFB) did an incredible job and I’m quietly confident that the finished product is going to be the best TV ad for headphones that’s ever been made. I’m serious – this thing […]

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My Evening In a Shipping Container…

Adam Blair   •   August 03, 2016   •   3 Comments

Hi All, I had an interesting evening at a music studio last week. I went to meet one of our latest recruits, Omar (aka “Chalk”, a songwriter/producer and former rapper who has worked previously with Professor Green, Wiley and NDUBZ). We had a long chat with his Sound Engineer, James Carey (aka “Bootlicker”, who’s previously worked with […]

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Virgin Media VOOM 2016

Adam Blair   •   May 09, 2016   •   6 Comments

On April 20th Virgin VOOM contacted us to invite us to be a part of their 2016 competition. Apparently they’d seen PUMP at the Gadget Show Live, and then again on Seedrs… It’s a competition for both starups and early stage businesses who want to grow, and apparently has a prize fund worth £1M! At […]

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We Did It (Together)!

Adam Blair   •   May 06, 2016   •   8 Comments

As of this morning, we’ve hit our funding goal on Seedrs, in just 15 days! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Friends who Invested, as well as the “professional Investors” from Seedrs for the faith they’ve put in us. I can assure you that this is not taken lightly. Next […]

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And The Winning Name Is…

Adam Blair   •   May 04, 2016   •   3 Comments

Thanks to all our Friends who voted for the name of the new PUMP In-Ear Bluetooth model (due in a few months time)! The winner is… PUMP Freestyle …it wins by a margin of just 13 votes over PUMP Unplugged in 2nd place, which received 93 votes. If you’d like to see the full results, […]

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Sound …or Gimmicks?

Adam Blair   •   April 25, 2016   •   2 Comments

We exhibited at Gadget Show Live at Birmingham NEC at the start of April. One of the Friends of PUMP who approached us at the stand for a chat was Darren. He told James how he’d backed the Bragi Dash headphones Kickstarter project last year. They raised a cool $3.4M in the crowdfunding campaign. Darren […]

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Competition Winners!

Adam Blair   •   March 10, 2016   •   4 Comments

Hi All, The winner from the recent “What are you listening to on your PUMPs” Survey was Olly Miles. … and here were the results of the survey: The “Pump Selfie” Winners were; Harsányi Laura Ricky Amos Anthony Hazlewood Alkas Miah Rance Martin …You can see their pictures, here All winners have been notified by email. […]

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Keith Richards Quote

Adam Blair   •   December 20, 2015   •   8 Comments

I was watching a documentary about Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones the other day and he made what I thought was a beautiful quote. So I thought I’d share with you… “For me, music is like the centre of everything. It’s something that binds people together through centuries, through millennium. It’s undefinable. And nobody’s […]

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From the founder of UGG…

Adam Blair   •   November 12, 2015   •   3 Comments

Last week I had an email from Brian Smith, who is the Founder of the World famous sheepskin boots brand, UGG. This email means so much because UGG are known above all else for the extreme quality of their products. Here’s Brian’s email… What an amazing compliment to receive from the man who created one […]

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