PUMP Price Decrease!

Adam Blair   •   November 10, 2015   •   11 Comments

I’ve been ‘hemming and hawing’ about this for some time now… But we finally decided last week to reduce the price of PUMP In-Ear from £100 to £69 (about US$104 / EUR€97 as of today’s exchange rate). Why? Well, it’s a reality that a large part of any products price has to cover such things as […]

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‘Get Togethers’ Will Never Be The Same Again!…

Adam Blair   •   September 30, 2015   •   3 Comments

There was a “get together” last week at the office complex where a few of the PUMP team and I work. I wasn’t planning on going because I’ve been so busy with the PUMP Air launch and didn’t think that getting drunk on a Thursday evening was a particularly good idea… Anyway, I got “collared” […]

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PUMP Air vs Beats Pill…

Adam Blair   •   August 24, 2015   •   6 Comments

Filmed at Santa Pod, UK, 1st August 2015  

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Sneak Preview!

Adam Blair   •   August 12, 2015   •   10 Comments

Hi PUMPsters! You might have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet recently. That’s because we’ve been REALLY busy behind the scenes working on some really exciting new PUMP designs… As you probably know, we had some technical issues with PUMP over-ear (called PUMP Zeus) which we’re now 90% of the way towards solving. But what […]

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Are FLAC players going to replace MP3?

Adam Blair   •   June 19, 2015   •   7 Comments

FLAC is an audio format similar to MP3. It stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. The difference between it and MP3 is that it’s “lossless”. The audio file is still compressed in FLAC but supposedly without any loss in quality… I’ve been meaning to test FLAC out for a while now, and finally got around […]

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Help us choose a name!

Adam Blair   •   March 28, 2015   •   118 Comments

Hi PUMPsters! The new PUMP Over-Ear model is now on order from the factory! We’re expecting the very first ones to be delivered around the end of April… The only issue is that we haven’t actually decided what they will be called yet! (“PUMP Over-Ear” sounds a bit dull, I think you’ll agree?). We’ve had […]

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Blindfolding Strangers In Carparks (on Valentine’s Day)

Adam Blair   •   February 16, 2015   •   2 Comments

Hi All, Bit of a strange thing for us to be doing on Valentine’s Day… but we were blindfolding strangers in a car park on Saturday. We were at Westwood Cross here the UK with the Battle Bus and we conducted a blindfold test on random people. They were asked to put on a blindfold […]

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Ironik Video, Harry Shotta & Jumpin Jack Frost Shoot

Adam Blair   •   January 30, 2015   •   2 Comments

Hi PUMPsters! This week Ironik has been shooting his new music video. We recently sent him a set of PUMPs and he was so impressed that he decided to feature them in his new video! Here are some shots from the day… I’ll send you the link to the video when it launches. We also […]

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OMG, have I become an Audiophile?!

Adam Blair   •   January 15, 2015   •   23 Comments

I’ve been learning a lot about sound just recently. I know that sounds like a strange thing for the owner of a headphone company to say… But I started PUMP as a lover of music rather than as a sound engineer or an Audiophile. We’ve been working in secret on an over-ear version of PUMP […]

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Missrepresent review of PUMP!

Adam Blair   •   January 05, 2015   •   1 Comment

Morning all! Last week the lovely Missrepresent did a review on PUMP Audio. You can read it here… All the best, Adam

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