Here’s to 2015…

Adam Blair   •   December 29, 2014   •   1 Comment

Isn’t it strange how we always get so reflective at this time of year? (or is that just me? :-)) I just had a look back at the email I sent to our customers and Members of my other businesses at new year last year. And the one I sent the year before that… The message is […]

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Jumpin Jack Frost signs for PUMP!

Adam Blair   •   December 16, 2014   •   3 Comments

Dear Friends of PUMP, I’m excited to announce that we’ve just today signed an endorsement deal with Drum & Bass legend Jumpin Jack Frost. More news on this, and other exciting endorsement announcements to follow in the coming weeks! Adam

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Headphones for dogs?

Adam Blair   •   December 12, 2014   •   5 Comments

I just watched this weeks “Gadget Show” on channel 5 over here in the UK. One of the presenters was doing some product reviews with The Guardian newspaper, and one of the products they tested were the Grado PS1000e headphones. I’ve never tried them myself, so I’m in no position to comment on how good […]

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Las Vegas, Baby!

Adam Blair   •   November 25, 2014   •   6 Comments

As I write this I’m flying back from Las Vegas to Gatwick on Saturday evening, listening to the Chase & Status’s album “Brand New Machine” on my Audio Technica’s, which *were* my favourite headphones… I’m case you don’t know, Audio Technica are a Japanese company who make some really nice over ear noise cancelling headphones […]

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