Sound …or Gimmicks?

We exhibited at Gadget Show Live at Birmingham NEC at the start of April.

One of the Friends of PUMP who approached us at the stand for a chat was Darren.

He told James how he’d backed the Bragi Dash headphones Kickstarter project last year.

They raised a cool $3.4M in the crowdfunding campaign.

Darren said that the headphones sounded amazing

…on paper.

But when they actually arrived, he said that the sound quality was “disappointing” compared with PUMP.

He emailed us after the show as well:

“I am returning my Bragi Dash today of which I was part of the kick-starter Group due to their disappointing sound quality! It is the most important feature of any sound producing device with wireless being a close second now. And I feel like you have nailed both” (referring to the wireless PUMP Zeus he tested at the show)

It reaffirmed my belief that the ONLY things that will EVER really matter with headphones (in order of importance) are:

1) Sound; 2) Comfort; 3) Usability

If we can add features in future — whether they are gimmicks or not — to assist usability then great, and I have no doubt we will do.

But what PUMP will always stand for is SOUND.

Above all else.


P.S. Maybe that could be our new slogan…?

P.P.S. In case you’re wondering, yes, Darren has now become an Investor in PUMP Audio :-)

P.P.S. Bragi raised $22M in venture capital in November 2015. In my opinion this makes our initial funding round offer look incredibly attractive by comparison. If you haven’t yet become a founding Investor, here’s the link!


  1. Sally   •   25/04/2016   •   

    This is so true. So often these days companies cram features in to products at the expense of the core function. Keep up the good work PUMP!

  2. Ed   •   25/04/2016   •   

    Couldn’t agree more!! Like the idea for the new slogun as well!

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