Weekend In Amsterdam

Dear All,

We spent this weekend in Amsterdam filming 2 new PUMPChallenge videos:

PUMP BOOM vs Shure SE846


MIX DUO vs Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2

I won’t announce the results just yet — that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it? — but suffice to say that even I was a little shocked by them, particularly in the case of BOOM vs Shure SE846.

As you’ll see if you do some cursory research online, both of these models are extremely highly regarded.

So much so that the SE846s cost a whopping £849 / $999 at the time of writing!

I tried both sets out myself before we went out and was fairly impressed with the sound of both.

While not quite as nice a sound as PUMP to my taste, I thought that they would surely (OK, that may be a poor choice of word :-) give us a good run for our money.

I wondered if perhaps the Shures might edge us out, given the fact that they cost £819 more than BOOM and that not everyone’s sonic taste is exactly the same as mine.

Well, how wrong I was.

At risk of spoiling the videos, BOOM beat Shure SE846 by a comfortable margin and the B&W C5 barely registered against MIX DUO.

My biggest concern was — and still is to some extent — that people who don’t already know the PUMP brand may simply not believe the results.

I can tell you with 100% confidence, because I was there throughout filming, that the tests were absolutely fair and conducted properly.

In a weird sort of way I was actually hoping for a few people to say they preferred the competing set — particularly with the SE846s due to the price difference — because I’m concerned that it seems beyond belief that a set of headphones that cost more than 28 times as much don’t sound as good as their cheaper rival in the opinion of “average users” *

 * one of whom told us that he was a professional musician

Anyway, we’re working on getting the edits done so that we can publish the videos during the the (hopefully) imminent Kickstarter relaunch of MIX DUO this week.

If you’re not yet on the Earlybird list for the launch, here’s the link:

Earlybird list for MIX DUO

Keep it PUMPed!


P.S. Just for fun, here’s a screenshot from the step counter on my iPhone showing how far we walked around Amsterdam over the two days to get the footage. As you can see, I’m really not used to doing so much exercise :-)

MIX DUO relaunch this Thursday, 2nd November (subject to no approval delays from Kickstarter). You can get on the Earlybird list here


  1. Mike P   •   30/10/2017   •   

    I’m not surprised by this at all. Most headphone companies are all about marketing.

    While this seems to be true of pump as well, you have the products to back up your claims.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Gordon   •   30/10/2017   •   

    Cant wait to see the vids!

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