What we’ve got planned at PUMP!

Dear All,

We’ve got five exciting projects for you in the works at PUMP Audio at the moment!

Well, four projects plus one idea really…

1- PUMP Zeus V3

The order is currently in production after the recent pre-sale to Friends of PUMP.

There have been a few things to sort out with the factory after they decided to increase the minimum order on us, but we quickly reached agreement and things are now running smoothly :-)

We’re currently on track to hit the target shipping date of Tuesday 11th June for the UK and Friday 15th June for the rest of the World.

2- PUMP Bluetooth Speaker

We’ve been working back and forth with the factory to perfect the sound.

This a new factory we haven’t worked with before so we’re taking our time to get it right.

The only effective way to do this to have a sample built, shipped to us in the UK, review the sound, request changes, wait for the development, another sample is built, and so the process repeats — over and over again!

As you can imagine, this is a frustratingly slow process…

So why do we do it?

Because that’s how we get the sound that our Friends and Users expect.

What I can tell you is:

a) we’re on the case;

b) we’ll only launch a PUMP Bluetooth Speaker if and when we’re 100% happy the sound meets our standards.

As I said, we’re on the case and I’ll let you know when (if!) we’re ready to launch it.

3- Secret project: TWS Headphones!

We’ve kept this a secret until now, but we’ve been working on a TWS earphones design.

We’re at a similar stage as with the Bluetooth Speaker project — i.e. we’re working on getting them to sound as amazing as the other headphones we make.

Again, I’ll keep you updated as soon as they’re ready…

Both the PUMP Bluetooth Speaker and TWS in ear headphones will probably be made available in a Friends of PUMP in pre-sale deal, like we did with PUMP Zeus V3 recently.

It worked REALLY well, and it allowed us to offer significantly cheaper pricing by doing the Launch this way!

4- Idea: Should we release an album?

Last, this is an idea that I’ve been playing around with in my mind for a while.

What if we released a compilation album?

I had the thought we could do it as a semi regular thing — maybe three or four albums per year with music we love.

If successful, we could even use it as a platform to bring talented new artists along in the future…

This is just an idea in my mind at the moment but what do you think of it?

Let me know in the comments below!

5- Invest in PUMP Audio!

It’s looking like we’ll soon be opening up to give our supporters the opportunity to buy shares in PUMP Audio!

It will be only the third time ever we’ve opened to allow Users to Invest in the company.

If you want to be notified when we are open for Investment, you can get on the early notify list here.

Keep it PUMPed!



  1. rich   •   25/05/2019   •   

    Really love the idea of a Bluetooth speaker. All the pump products I have, have been more than i have ever experienced with any other product!!! I know of u would do all the work needed to bring to market a Bluetooth speaker it will be the speaker I want!!! Hope u choose to and if so count me in for at least two. (Work and home)

  2. Ian Tomisson   •   09/05/2019   •   

    Producing music even as a compilation can only be a distraction,however minor, from Pump’s main business. Get our business properly established and making some decent profits before digressing into a basically vanity undertaking. Don’t see how producing any sort of music promotes Pump’s headphones business. Stick to the knitting–for now!

  3. Dave   •   07/05/2019   •   

    I like the idea of a playlist, sound of pump, if you need a name. Use tracks to show off rather than wasting money on an album. TWS needs battery life not just sound, have given up on them for now, but some decent battery would get me interested. Anything that says 3hrs tends to be 1

  4. John Kieser   •   07/05/2019   •   

    Excited about the blue tooth speaker and the TWS headphones. My two cents: make the bluetooth speaker water resistant which will allow for usage in all sorts of applications (shower, outdoors in threatening weather); and the TWS headphones will hopefully not have ear hoops or at least make them optional!

  5. Derek Bassell   •   07/05/2019   •   

    With the amount of pump products I own I will definitely be interested in getting shares in the company.
    So looking forward to my Zeus being delivered… hopefully delivery will be a week after my birthday so a lovely belated present to myself.
    I’m 99.99% sure I will be getting the speaker…. who am I kidding…. it’s 100% certain.
    The tws headphones I have to admit I’m not a fan of them at all and unfortunately will be the only pump product I won’t be buying.
    On a side note…. once again customer service have done me a solid… broke my 3.5mm headphone lead and got sent a new one out free of charge.
    All the time you are making great products and continue having great service then I will always be a customer

  6. Jonathan   •   07/05/2019   •   


    Really like the speaker and can’t wait for it to be in production. I have one of the original pump air speakers which my teenage son has commandeered so need a replacement. Album sounds like a great idea especially if on Spotify, Amazon or SoundCloud. Can’t wait for my Zeus to arrive.

    Great products by the way

  7. Jennifer Chun   •   07/05/2019   •   

    +1 for Spotify type playlist. I’m hoping that your TWS is small and fits into ears. I have TWS that are not comfortable for more than an hour and find myself going back to Mix Duo (although I no longer have a phone with a headphone jack). Excited to see the final products!

  8. Rich Edmonds   •   07/05/2019   •   

    What about blue tooth speaker which will link together. One for each room or put them all together ,freinds get together have a party bring a speaker.

  9. Fearlessleader   •   07/05/2019   •   

    TWS is great, only if you do it RIGHT: volume controls, on/off hear-through, pair w/ two devices at once, great isolation, and a case that allows full size alternative ear tips to be used (ideally to use custom molded tips too).

  10. Scott Hawkesworth   •   07/05/2019   •   

    TWS headphones so many around so these would have to be keenly priced. Album sounds great do we get to input? Also are you going to be using up and coming DJ’s to mix it? How about doing a collaboration with Defected House?

  11. Michael R Green 1101 Csokasy Street   •   07/05/2019   •   

    Love the ideas so far especially headphones. Keep me updated.

  12. Nick Morley   •   07/05/2019   •   

    I really like the compilation album idea – I have a suggestion for those wanting to check and adjust bass response in their system using a track that is great for this….
    Rythm and Sound by Mango Drive… It’s repetitive which is great for doing adjustments without having to reset and play again but its also quite “addictive” in its own way


  13. Daniel McDonnell   •   07/05/2019   •   

    I’m assuming TWS is truly wireless? I hope so anyway! I’m already regretting missing the Zeus pre sale!

    The album you mention, would this be a Spotify based playlist or a CD\Vinyl? Either way it could have legs.

    Shares also sounds a good option! Interested!

    Keep the updates coming

    1. Adam Blair   •   07/05/2019   •   

      Hi Daniel, this is to be decided! We had to order more that expected so if you want a set just contact support they’ll sort you out :-)

  14. Rob   •   07/05/2019   •   

    I really like the idea of releasing some music and introducing new music. I’m always on the lookout for something new to listen to. Rather than as an album though I’d sooner see it shared as a playlist on Spotify for example. I’d be all over that. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to receive my V3s.

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